Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Getting To Israel With Starpoints!

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S.B.S. has painstakingly combed through all of the Starwood airline transfer options to find the best possible deals for flights to Israel.

You can read his findings in this 8 page PDF exclusively available on Dansdeals.com!

Be sure to give him a huge thank you for his hard work!!!

S.B.S.’s Using Starwood Starpoints To Get To Israel PDF Guide Linky

Yes, there really is a way to fly non-stop to Israel with just 40,000 Starpoints or 50,000 AMEX MR Points!

Don’t have a Starwood AMEX yet? What in the world are you waiting for??? If you do any traveling whatsoever there is positively no better credit card to earn points with. And with hotel rewards that start at just 2,000 Starpoints you’ll reap the benefits of opening a card from the get-go! You’ll earn at least 10,000 Starpoints each time you open a card and make a purchase on it!

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you r the best.


That is a great article, thanks!.
But I still dont see how you can travel direct to Israel for only 40k Starpoints.


Great post!!!

Would you be able to add a list of which of these airlines work with AMEX MR*, and AMEX STARWOOD (and their exchange ratio)

*also mark the International Airlines as they do not have the excise tax


Thanks for the Israel roundup

I am looking for a way to buy either money orders, travelers checks or similar with a credit card without being charged a fee. This way I can rack up miles for expenses that only take cash or check payments.
I know you can use certain amex cards but not the “Starwood”.
I don’t think I have ever seen a post on this topic.
Any input would be great.

loyal reader

this is wonderful!
Now, if someone would open a little business to actually hold your hand through the whole process…or, better yet, actually do this for u (for a nominal fee, of course)


I want to take a mileage trip to Israel and from there to europe and back to the US. (preferably with continental)

Should I get a round trip mileage ticket to Israel and buy a flight to europe, or do you think I will I be able to find an affordable mileage reward for the whole trip? US-Israel-europe-US or US-europe-israel-US..

…or should I look to use other airlines for some of the trip…?



I have 3 cards with reward points – 1. amex business gold card 2.chase rewards 3. capital one rewards.
is there any way to combine all the points I have on the 3 cards so I can actually use the total to go to Israel?


I’m currently using the Amex Starwood, but I still have my Amex Charge card open as I have 71,000 points and I do not know where to transfer them to???


THANKS SO MUCH!! S.B.S. or Dan, Can you please advise, I am flying to Europe from the west coast on United/Lufthansa, where should I collect the miles? with United or am I better with one of the European airlines?!@?!?!?!? Which one?


so which option is 40,000 direct flight to israel?


Great article but no conclusion… Did you forget to pdf the last page?



dan,if i’d like to close a continental card after the first purchase and not pay the annual fee can they not award the 20000 bonus or is it not dependant on keeping it open and paying the $85 .also any way to get them to waive the fee (if i wont use the card much) or maybe add on a bonus to keep it open. thanx


Delta is a member of SkyTeam, therefore you can fly a SkyTeam award on AirFrance or Alitalia for 50.000 miles (which is 40.000 starpoints).

* MENDEL 10:10am:
The AMEX MR & SPG is basically the same (with the exception of EL-AL which isn’t worthwhile).

All Airlines except for: UNITED, CONTINENTAL, USAIRWAYS, DELTA & NORTHWEST are International Airlines

* FAN:
Make a SkyTeam award on AirFrance or Delta, and fly from USA to Israel direct on Delta, and return on any European SkyTeam airline thru Europe.

I don’t think that the CHASE points or CAPITAL ONE points can be combined with the AMEX GOLD.

* MENDEL 11:55am:
Transfer your AMEX MR points to one of the european airlines of SkyTeam (AirFrance/KLM or Alitalia) and then you can transfer Starwood points to those airlines too.

I would recommend transferring to SINGAPORE AIR KRIS FLYER (which is a member of Star Alliance / United / Lufthansa) and they have the option of a round-trip to Israel for 60k. Though I would recommend checking the options thoroughly.

* ME:
There is no conclusion, as each option has its benefits and drawbacks.

If you cancel the card during the first billing statement then you don’t pay the annual fee, and you still get the miles. I tried getting them to waive the fee, but I wasn’t able to.


yoizel, i had the fee waived! just tell them when you signed up you signed up with the offer for the annual fee waived for the first year and then they are going to ask you for the promotion code just tell them you dont have it anymore. good luck


S.B.S. *Thank you so much for your responses*

I have no plans to use the miles anytime soon, (I just want to close my charge card) and before that transfer my 71,000 MR Points to a overall reliable international airline(to be used for domestic or international flights… I just want to avoid the excise tax)

so which airline would you recommend?

Other Guy

Wow, S.B.S. I am impressed! Do you work for a living?


S.B.S.- Since when do AirFrance or Alitalia fly DIRECT to Israel?
Wasnt that supposed to be the big chop?


For various reasons I personally don’t recommend the Alitalia program.

The best news here is the Air France/KLM Flying Blue Points transfer.

Starwood Starpoints and AMEX MR points both transfer to Air France/KLM Flying Blue.

40K Starpoints will get you 50K Flying Blue miles.
50K AMEX MR points will get you 50K Flying Blue miles.

Once they are in the Flying Blue program you can book travel on any Skyteam carrier to Israel for 50K miles.

Delta and Continental both are Skyteam members and fly nonstop to Israel.


Thanks Dan!!
& Thanks S.B.S.!!


delta is not flying direct from jfk to israel till sometime in 2008


Delta currently flies 1 flight daily nonstop from Atlanta.
They will fly daily from JFK in March.

Continental flies 2 times daily from Newark. They plan on adding at least another flight from Cleveland, Houston, or Newark when they receive their B787’s…


I have a membership rewards ($150 w/roadside) and spg ($40). should I cancel one? which is better?

no mileage flights

the only problem is if you look for any flight from May till October there is no flights availible besides on shabbos.


can you please tell me what are my options
for a round trip originating in tlv

thanks for your great work


To Other Guy:

Yes, I work for a living (from 10:30am to 7:00pm) everyday including Shabbos. (I teach in Yeshiva).

I compiled this article over time whenever there isn’t sdorim in yeshiva, the blueprint for this article was prepared sometime before chanukah, and it took until now to complete the details, and make it SOMEWHAT understandable.


I intentionally made a list of all flights to Israel with the various alliances in the beginning of the article. so you can read the whole 8-page essay and most of the questions will be answered


i still dont know how i can get non stop to israel for 50,000 amex points

confused too

Do I have to keep my new SPG Amex card open to get the 10,000 point bonus, or can I cancel and apply for a new one and still get the 10,000 points?

Confused (no longer)


You transfer 40k Starpoints to 50k of AirFrances Flying Blue Miles (each 20k Starpoints becomes 25k Flying Blue Miles).
Then you book a ticket on Continental (Who is a SkyTem Member) through AirFrances Flying Blue Program.

50,000 Flying Blue Miles will get you a direct flight to Israel on Continental, as per the following link:
http://tinyurl.com/ytaj2x (cut and paste).

Fyi- Continental only flies direct to Israel from Newark not JFK in NY.


Excellent, well-written, and thorough article. You made one mistake in saying Delta is part of OneWorld (in your description of Delta) (I know it was a typo:))
My only complaint is that I now have to do the research for a few airlines for travel from California.
Boy i feel spoiled

PS. Why is CA different for Signapore?


i want to know what i can do to get the card if i only have credit history in canada. because they denied me and said i didnt have any american credit history.so how long will it take to accumulate enough history to get the card


Im a little slow, if i have starpoints, elal points, AA points and continental points is there a way to combine and reach the goal. also is there still a bonus for the business amex


can i get a ticket NYC-TLV through combining SPG points and money? is it worth it?

thanks for your service!!!!!!!!!!!



I was wondering if any of these airlines charge less than 2500 miles for a domestic round trip.
also DAN: what’s the problem with alitalia?



THE ONLY way to get a US credit card based on your Canadian credit history would be if you have already a Canadian Amex card, then they’ll issue you a US card as well (as long as you have a SS number)… That’s what I did…


is there a online partner booking for lufhtansa? can you post a link

The Alter Ego

Lufthansa is a member of the Star Alliance which includes members like USAirways & United


I have 175,000 Delta SkyMiles. I just got my education and found out that I should have been getting Starpoints. I haven’t found any way to use the Delta SkyMiles other than to book travel on Delta. Is there any other use I can make of them?



Email me at youdontneed2knowmyemailaddress@gmail.com, I can help you with your Delta SkyMiles.



I want to transfer my AMEX MR points to an international skyteam member (thereby avoiding the excise tax) and also taking advantage of their 50K rate from US to Israel

which airline should I transfer to Airfrance/KLM or Alitalia?

which is better to deal with overall?


I have tried several times to book on lan.com and never see an option for booking a BA tkt that way. Please advise how to do it. I am sure MANY have had this problem. Thx


Do you have an updated 2012 version available?