Frontier Offering A Bonus $50 Credit To Cancel, Is It A Trap?

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Frontier is offering a $50 bonus voucher per person on top of the regular voucher you can get for cancelling a flight for travel from now through 6/17. You won’t get any cash back, but you’ll have more credit to spend on a future flight.

You can’t game the system as it’s only valid for bookings that were made as of 3/20.

The $50 bonus voucher is valid through 12/31/20 for use through the end of Frontier’s schedule at that time.

It sounds like a good offer, but should you take it?

Airlines are cancelling many flights. I’ve advocated waiting to cancel flights until the last minute to see if the airline cancels. Many readers have written their thanks for that article as they have been able to get cash refunds once the airline cancelled their flight.

By cancelling before your flight is actually cancelled, you’ll let Frontier off the hook in case they wind up cancelling your flight. You don’t have any grounds to get a refund or dispute your flight charge if you voluntarily cancel it.

Perhaps Frontier is even planning on cancelling many flights after tomorrow’s deadline to accept this offer?

It’s also worth noting that the US government may not bail out all airlines and Frontier is not too big to fail. Nobody can tell you if they’ll be around to honor that voucher.

That being said, it’s certainly smart for airlines to offer an incentive to take a voucher offer. I bet we’ll see more airlines do the same, but I’m skeptical of accepting an offer to forgo a potential cash refund.

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Aer lingus offering 10% bonus if you take voucher


I have flights booked on Spirit where they changed one way to a stop and over on shabbos.
The other way is same.
What options do I have?


Please stop traveling during the pandemic.


Lufthansa offering 50€ discount for rebooking


We have Frontier flights booked for pesach. At this point they are refusing to refund, telling us the only option if we choose not to fly is the credit. Is this a reasonable excuse to dispute the charges? So I wait it out and see if they cancel? If I wait till the last minute and they still don’t cancel will I lose my chance to dispute the charges?


Can I just buy the cheapest ticket available today and cancel immediately to get the 50$?


Call your bank you used your card with to purchase the tickets a have them dispute the charge on your behalf. They will usually refund you the money and credit it back to your account

Mimi k

I had a Frontier flight to Vegas this morning I canceled on Friday and they cancel the flight this morning.
I guess nobody was left.

I’d much rather have charge back to my credit card then an extra fifty in Frontier credit


I got this offer for my flights next week. The terms say ” 50$ voucher can be Applied only to “Ticket fare” – the frontier ticket prices are made up of 5% fare price and 95% taxes and carrier imposed fees. Is the 50$ voucher able to be used for the taxes portion of the fare?


Hey @Dan it seems I was correct. Just got email from frontier that my flight tomorrow has been cancelled and one of the options is credit + 100$! Voucher pp. But in the email it says clearly that the Voucher can only be used for the ticket fare and NOT for taxes and fees! That’s the TRAP! I looked at tickets later in the year and the ticket fare was 2.97$ and the other 36$ was carrier fees and taxes! Please update this post!!


I have frontier flights booked for my entire family mid april im gnna wait it out yeshias hashem kheref ayin


I have $900 (300*3pax) credits on Frontier that expire mid April. Ugh, I guess I can kiss that goodbye.


Ask for an extension

Cc sick

Read this a minute too late! I just cancelled two AA flights 1 from Priceline. Now I only have travel credit…. any advice to get my money back?


Wizz Air offered a 20% travel credit if you refund your cancelled trip through credit, rather than cash. We didn’t go for it, though – just too much is unpredictable.


I had tickets on Frontier to Miami – I did NOT accept the incentive (though they kept extending it) and tried to watch for my flight; they were canceling some but not all. I called mid-afternoon today before Shabbat. I waited on hold for 50+ minutes, but when I got a representative, I asked if they had canceled my flight – he checked and they had. I asked him to refund the fare to my credit card and he said absolutely, and processed it with no further difficulty. He said that he sent a message to the back office, they’d confirm with me in 24-48 hours, and I should get refund in 5-7 days.
Thank you for your advice, Dan!


Today, Frontier changed the time of my fight to 3 hours later. Do they have the right to do this? Can I demand a refund on this basis? Thanks.

Miky I Kingsley

I was given a $50 voucher because frontier cancelled my flight, but when enter the voucher number it is only for $34. anyone else have this issuer?