United: Wait 12 Months For A Refund

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United has been desperately trying to avoid handing out refunds.

Previously they tried saying that your flight schedule would need to change by 25 or more hours to get a refund, but their lawyers told them that policy wouldn’t stand up in court.

Now United writes that if your international flight schedule changes by more than 6 hours you can only get a travel credit valid for 12 months from the time of original purchase. At the end of the 12 months you can then ask United for a cash refund if you haven’t used the travel credit.

This policy also applies if you need to cancel due to government quarantine policies.

If you HUCA or ask for a manager you may have better luck, but United is trying to conserve cash in any way they can at this point.

Still, this policy is not a good look for them, nor does it inspire confidence in United doing the right thing.

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Do you think they will cancel their April 1st night flight from Newark to tlv ?


They’re trying to stay in business Dan. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better for airlines. I’m not a United fan by any means but have some perspective man.


Maybe leave the travel opinions to someone who knows what they are talking about.


After this is all over, everyone will be back to flying United again, and they will not suffer one bit from any of this bad publicity.


All airlines should adopt this policy. I’d rather they keep my money for 12 months than have the airlines in bankruptcy


Can you give me a loan of 15k so I shouldn’t go bankrupt?


what do you care unless you own ual


Crazy United.
I had a direct flight from Dulles airport to Tel Aviv for Pesach
They cancelled and changed me to a connecting flight through EWR with a 4 plus hours connection
I told them i’m with my family and it’s not acceptable
They couldn’t care less and said we can only change for free for future travel.
btw i’m a 1k but they don’t care
Shame on them
I do think that EWR to TLV will also be cancelled very soon because of the increasing restrictions in Israel and hopefully then i’ll get back my money

What do you think Dan?


I was moved back by elal 12 and a half hours. can i make money for that from elal????


Wow. People are so greedy. Be happy that you have a flight!!!


As of today Delta still won’t refund my ticket to the Bahamas – even as a travel credit !!


I understand it’s frustrating, but I also see their perspective. I think offering a credit and asking for a refund if not used is fair. They need cash to pay their employees and not go bankrupt. This thing is killing travel and hospitality. If conserving cash helps them get through this, I’m ok with it. I understand it’s unfair, but the whole world is making sacrifices right now.




What about filing with the DOT or the EU under Flight Compensation Regulation?


Is aa giving a can refund?


I bought a flight to Thailand though Japan in early December for a flight in April. There was a long layover in Japan. United will only give us a travel credit valid until one year from date purchased. Can’t claim travel insurance either since not a full cancellation, without refund. Any suggestions?

Harabi MiUto

I disagree, I think it’s a very fair compromise. Force Majeure. It’s neither United’s fault nor the passengers’, but United needs the cash, probably badly, to stay in business.

Don’t forget that it’s a tsunami of refunds, not one flight’s worth. The alternative could very well be a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, where the passengers, as unsecured creditors, are LAST in line, and where even vouchers, as a balance sheet liability, will likely be voided.

Also, some compassion. United employs many thousands of people, most of whom are facing dire financial difficulties even if the airline doesn’t go bankrupt.


but you can dispute for cancelled flight ?


I cancelled my united flight from Israel because I had no confidence in it actually leaving. Got travel credit. Will that be refunded in 12 months?


Who said that united will honor this policy in a year?
PS. Im waiting for elal to do the same. Any idea on elal giving a refund?


do you think united wed morning direct to newark from israel will still go??


Let them go bankrupt. They dont worry about our bank accounts. They wont buy our families food if we need. Why would we care if they go bankrupt? I’m a top United customer as well but any day they want they take away wtvr they want. I would be happy to see them go bankrupt and loose my million miler benefits etc. Etc. Let some startups in.

CLE Rocks

What about flights booked with credit card points?


Does this count for flights booked between March 3-16 where that new 1 yr change policy goes into effect?


I have an United flight TLV to EWR booked for March 26 with a return EWR to TLV on April 22 which was not cancelled as of yet. I am considering canceling my ticket since I do not want o be quarantined when I get back to Israel. Am I entitled to a full refund?

M k

Would a credit card dispute help?


I spoke to chase to dispute, and they said that as long as the merchant is still providing the service i.e. the flight wasn’t cancelled, they can’t dispute it.


Is there a depositing fee if you cancel a flight? (Used miles tlv-ewr)


Can I get points reinstated?


you really think the goverment would let them go bankrupt b/c coronavirus? any issues will be cleared up with a bailout.

Barry D

Does anyone know about canceling a mileage ticket?


What if you bought insurance for the flight? even if it is not cancelled and there is no way you are going tlv-iad-tlv will insurance refund you? thanks so much Dan for all your updates!!

Ed Travel

That is why my top 3 is:
And down low is United…

Barry D

If I have a mileage ticket from Israel for March 23rd and I end up buying a new one on EL AL. How do I get my mileage back in my account?


i cancelled 4 tickets for my kids this week from Israel and back and have the credit posted already


Airlines have record profits for expensive fares and unfair fees and charges.! $200 change fee because you can!!!??? Let em weather it out like we have too.


Compassion for greedy airlines?
No way!
They don’t care about us, why should we care about them?

I can’t wait for Breeze to step in and deliver a “nice” airline product that cares about their customers.


Hi Dan my son scheduled on a United tlv-ewr , rumors going around airport might be shutting down on wed , I don’t know if it means tlv is shutting or us / local NY airports ……
Do u think either has substance? Anything you can recommend me doing at this point?


I have mileage tkt from delta on a virgin from ny London London tel Aviv on March 30 . At this point does not look like this is going to happen. How can I get my points back? Please advise


United has treated their customers like garbage for the greater part of the last decade or two, and is now pretty much demanding a 0% interest loan for 12 months. Considering their past track record in anything vaguely resembling customer service, they have already figured out a way to not hold up their end of the commitment when the time comes.

Michael E Alexander

just flew EWR-TLV 15 March flt# 84 barely 100 passengers
the crew told me the return- TLV-EWR is oversold for the rest of the week!