United 25% Transfer Bonus: Transfer 18,667 Starpoints Into 31,250 United Miles, 75K SPG Into 152K Miles, Or 90K SPG Into 152K Miles And 7 Nights In A Marriott Hotel!

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Update: Today is the last day for the 25% United transfer bonus!

You can buy Starpoints on sale here.

You must call Marriott at 800-321-7396 if you want to book a miles+nights package.

Originally posted on 10/14:

You can register here for 25% bonus when you transfer hotel points to United miles.

United just massively devalued their miles by eliminating stopovers and eliminating the ability to select your own award routing. Either you like what United.com shows you or you’ll need to pay more. But that’s not to say there isn’t still value left in the program.

-The promotion runs through 11/30. It is run by United, so you won’t see any mention of it on the hotel’s points site or during the transfer process.

-United will add 25% bonus miles for all transfers from hotel programs made between 10/12-11/30. (Transfers from Club Carlson will be multiplied by 40%, and transfers from Choice Privileges will be multiplied by 50%, all other chains will be multiplied by 25%.)

-You can earn up to 20K bonus miles with this promotion per United account.

-United will add the bonus miles by 1/31/17.

You won’t want to transfer Starpoints directly to United. While 20K Starwood points can transfer into 25K airline miles with dozens of airlines it only transfers into 12.5K United miles.

However you can transfer 56K Marriott Rewards points into 25K United miles. United will add 25% more miles, leaving you with 31,250 miles.

You can transfer 19K Starwood points into 57K Marriott Rewards points, which will give you 25K United miles and you’ll have 1,000 Marriott Rewards leftover. You can convert those leftover points back into 333 Starpoints. Effectively you can transfer 18,667 Starpoints into 31,250 United miles, an effective 56.3% bonus compared Starwood’s normal 25% bonus!

The maximum you can earn is 20K bonus United miles. You can transfer 56K Starpoints into 168K Marriott points which will earn 75K United miles before the bonus and 93,750 miles after the 25% bonus.

-Don’t forget that if you have Starwood Platinum Status you can match it to Marriott Platinum which will also get you United Silver status!

-An even better deal is with Marriott’s miles+nights packages. 90K Starpoints transfers into 270K Marriott Rewards points. That can be used for 152K United miles and 7 nights in a Marriott category 1-5 hotel with the 20K bonus miles from this United promotion. Even if you don’t use the 7 night hotel certificate being able to transfer 90K Starpoints into 152K United miles is an effective 68.9% transfer bonus!

-Alternatively about 83,333 Starpoints becomes 250K Marriott points which is enough for 130,000 United miles and 7 nights in a Marriott category 1-5 hotel with the 20K bonus miles from this United promotion. Even if you don’t use the 7 night hotel certificate being able to transfer 83,333 Starpoints into 130K United miles is an effective 56% transfer bonus!

-The 7 night hotel certificate expires in 1 year, though Marriott currently will extend them for 1 additional year if you contact them. You don’t need to choose the hotel at the time of a nights+miles redemption.

-Some agents will refund 45K Marriott points (15K Starpoints) if you return the 7 night stay certificate, but not all agents will do that. If you find an agent to do that you can effectively use 75K Starpoints for 152K United miles, an effective 102.7% transfer bonus.










-If you wanted 7 nights at the tier 3 Ritz-Carlton Herzliya you would need 420K Marriott or 140K Starpoints for that stay and 152K United miles.

-If you wanted 7 nights at the category 7 Renaissance Tel Aviv Hotel you would need 330K Marriott or 110K Starpoints for that stay and 152K United miles.

American Express is a DansDeals.com advertiser

-The Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express offers 25K points for spending $3,000 in 3 months.

-The Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express offers 25K points for spending $5,000 in 3 months.

Will you be transferring Starpoints to United with this promotion?

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Dan's the Man

Does it work for Chase Ultimate Reward transfers to United or only from hotel programs?


@Dan’s the Man:
Only hotel programs.


@dan i want to do the united deal Marriott’s miles+nights but i dont have 90K Starwood points i have only 25k how can i get more to 90k points? and is it worth buying more?

thank you dan

Joe S

What’s the current transfer rate for Club Carlson – for example, I pay $60 a year and get 40,000 points – what will that now equate to?

Lemme get this str8

To make sure I understood correctly, you transfer 19k to Marriott rewards, giving you 57k Marriott points, and transfer 56k of those points to United, giving you 25k United miles. Then you wait and get an additional 25% bonus, for a total of 31,250 United miles. Correct?


Here’s to hoping the bonus posts instantly. I’m counting on that…


Do the free marriot nights need to be used for 7 consecutive nights?


@bob: Yes. So it’s likely that you’ll be throwing away a couple of those nights..


Can i transfer from Hilton program?


@Dan Can I transfer AMEX points to Choice/SPG/Hilton and then transfer to United to get the bonus? IF so, then Choice would give higher redemption, no?


Do the base UA points, thru Marriott’s miles+nights program transfer instantly?


You can buy Starpoints here:

The value will depends on where you use the hotel and miles.

@Joe S:
50K Carlson points get 5K airline miles.

@Lemme get this str8:

Why would you count on that?


Not at a good ratio.

It wouldn’t be worth it.
Just transfer AMEX to ANA, Air Canada, or Singapore to fly on United.

Within a day or 2.


which agent am i supposed to ask to refund the certificate? Thank you


Call Marriott.


dan thank you, but call them before i transfer or after?


Are there any good ways to use Chase Ultimate Rewards points for airline miles? If not on this offer, are there any other offers which I can use them to buy miles?


You need to call to book a nights+air award. How in the world do you plan on cancelling the nights part before redeeming for it?

Either way, it’s YMMV and may take several phone calls to accomplish.

Chase always transfers 1:1 to airline miles.


If I want to book a flight with my reserve points via ultimate rewards site can I also use the united miles that I just got from transferring SPG points on this site or I can only use ultimate rewards to book my flight? ( I am booking united flights)


Dan- the points I transfer from Marriott to United will the post instantly or I need to wait till 1/31? I want to book a flight this week.


Chase points can be used on the Chase site or they can be transferred into United miles.

If you transfer points from Marriott to United then you need to book on United.com.

The base points will post within a day or 2.
The 25% bonus points can post anytime between then and 1/31.


@Dan: @Dan: is it worth to book on the chase site or it’s the same value as booking thru United website?


Check both. Every flight will be different.


@Dan: I don’t have enough United points but willing to pay cash. For 3 people round trip to israel non stop is 510k points and I got 140k points.
Thru the chase website it uses all my points and charges me $1600. Don’t know what’s better


Does the marriott cert work for getting 7 different stays, or do u have to use it all at once?
Is it possible to sell the certificate?


Should I guess how many Chase points you have?

1 stay.
You can issue the certificate to anyone.


how exactly to do the 152k and 7 night certificate? You call Marriott to convert the 270k point to United mileage that will give you 132k United mileage points and 7 nights certificate, how you be able to get the 25% Bouns of United mileages this way?


Dan, can you please confirm if 5000 choice privilege points will covert to 1500 united miles (normal ratio is 5000:1000)? I have a few choice privilege points sitting in my account which I don’t anticipate using anytime soon, so this seems to be a good opportunity to convert them.Thanks in advance.


@Dan: i have 110k chase points but i can transfer it to united or just book thru chase website. not sure which one is better


i have 75k SPG. what would you recommend to do with them?
can they be used in Israel to book Marriott?
Or would you transfer to United and sell the miles?
By the way, whats the good rate to sell them at?


do transfers on the account have to be to the same name? can i use my mariott miles and transfer to my wife’s united account?



Great post as usual…going to do the 90k transfer…planning a trip to Hawaii first timer….which Marriott hotel do you recommend….need to get the right level.



hi dan just a random q if i close any amex card or chase card all the reps told me that i would have to leave at least 500 on the card before closing it even if i transfered the balance is that true? do you leave at least 500 before closing your cards even after you transfer the balance? thank you very much for your time

Dan Fan

Dear Dan,
I have 52,000 spg points and 106,000 Marriott points. Whats my best way to do as you suggest above or my best bang for my buck? I stay at Sheraton tel aviv about 2 nights annually and find the 12,000 points a night a great deal. I also have the sapphire reserve where I will transfer my 100,000 points to United which will get me 2 first class tickets to Israel (I have the remaining points already in my united account). I also have 100,000 thank you reward points which I have no idea what to do with. Thank you in advance for your help.
Wishing you and your family a great year.


You wont find anything with the 90k transfer of category 5

@ anonymous

Gotya…which hotel/Marriott level do you recommend…Have 200k SPG points


@@ anonymous:
check out marriot.com tons of hotels to choose from. Depends on which island you are staying on. let me know if you’re willing to part with some points. I could use a few for my hawaii trip coming up.


Sure….need to plan trip…what’s your email address? Never been to Hawaii….


do i understand this correctly that you need to sell the certificate before you go ahead with the transfer?! Or it’s possible to issue the certificate to someone else’s name when you want to redeem it? Thanks


FYI. most of the reps there have no idea of that hotel & air package, but stand your ground and don’t let yourself get confused by other travel options they tell you. they might swing you around to multiple reps until you find someone who has a clue


@Dan: but can you not transfer Ultimate Rewards to Marriott and then use this promotion to United?

Moshe G

Can you please clarify. Do I need to pick and book a hotel now or I get a certificate that can be used to book any hotel in that class at a later date.


@Moshe G:
You get a certificate that you can redeem later.

Selling 7 night certs

If you can’t use them, and can’t the points refunded, maybe we can make a deal. I’m interested in Ritz Carlton.


What would 90k SPG points look like when transferred to marriott and then Southwest? (for companion pass)




@Dan: and is that a promo as well that’s expiring today?


If i didn’t start this process yet, can i still do it before the promotion expires? Or it takes a few days for the transfers to take effect (SPG to Marriott, etc)?


Can I to this promo with my Hilton points? and if yes, does it pay?


Is this the last day for southwest also or just united. I’m hoping to get the companion pass in January using this method


You can still register now.


You can do it today.

Not worthwhile.

It’s just the last day for the United 25% bonus.


If I transfer 90k spg to Mariot and then to united I will get the hotel certificate from Marriott for 7 nights, now what’s hotels in Israel are in this categorie?


Read the post.


I understand that the 7 nights must be used in one stay. Can they be used for 3 rooms for 2 nights in the same stay?




Can the nights + flights package be done online?


can you transfer the Marriott to united+hotel on line or do you have to call to do it?

Moshe G

@Dan: well, the reason I asked is, from terms on their website it seems otherwise.

To redeem for a Hotel + Air Package award:
Contact the airline you will use as your carrier. (You must be a member of their frequent flyer program.) Inquire about the number of miles needed to travel from departure location to your destination and remember to take into account the number of people traveling in your party.Once you know the number of miles needed, call 1-800-MARRIOTT to make your hotel reservation. Make sure to inform the reservation agent that you are using a Travel Package Award. After your reservation is confirmed, you can be transferred to a Marriott Rewards Guest Relations representative to complete the order over the phone.


You need to call.

@Moshe G:
It’s a generic certificate. You can use it anywhere in that category.


I was asking is there is categories 1-5 hotels in Israel


Even if I buy star points at $500 for 30k or $1500 for 90k
Isn’t than a great deal to get 157k miles and 7 nights of a hotel for $1500
Or am I overestimating the value of miles??


Any of 1-5 categorie in Israel ?




Can u please clarify? What promotion is the 7 nights stay certificate coming from? My transferring my spg points to Marriott?


Im having a hard time understanding whats the best deal, 90,000 or 83,333? What’s the difference between these options, which one is better? This is what u worte:
“An even better deal is with Marriott’s miles+nights packages. 90K Starpoints transfers into 270K Marriott Rewards points. That can be used for 152K United miles and 7 nights in a Marriott category 1-5 hotel with the 20K bonus miles from this United promotion. Even if you don’t use the 7 night hotel certificate being able to transfer 90K Starpoints into 152K United miles is an effective 68.9% transfer bonus!
-Alternatively about 83,333 Starpoints becomes 250K Marriott points which is enough for 130,000 United miles and 7 nights in a Marriott category 1-5 hotel with the 20K bonus miles from this United promotion. Even if you don’t use the 7 night hotel certificate being able to transfer 83,333 Starpoints into 130K United miles is an effective 56% transfer bonus”


@jf: u need to call


after transferring from Spg to Marriott, I see diff packages… and it s very confusing what to do next ?
please help


And even after all of the transferring and waiting, you still won’t have enough for a RT ticket in F (220k with UA).

eli s.

can i transfer from Marriott to other united accounts too like a partner to do it more than once or only into my name for a one time bonus?


I transferred 90k into 270k Marriott, going to transfer to united now, how do get the 7 night certificate?


@Mark: think u will call marriott at 800-321-7396 to book the hotel stay. Is it correct, Dan?


Can’t figure out how to transfer from marriott to united, the transfer options are really odd


There are only 2 Marriotts in Israel.

It is a great deal.

You need to call.

It’s a Marriott nights+miles package.
You call to transfer points and get 7 free nights and miles.

The extra ~6K Starpoints gets you an extra 22K United miles.

You need to call.

Where are you trying to go?

No, you need to call to book nights+miles.

You need to call.


Dan, can you please post a snapshot how to transfer 270k marriott into the 152k united and receive the certifacate?


@dan1: so the stay is already linked to my account? are you able to see that status on the account. as well the max option i’m showing for transfer is “to order 50,000 MileagePlus miles for 112,000 Points”.


do you have to book the hotel now when you call or you just say you want the package ?


You need to call.

You need to call.

Just say you want the package. You book the hotel later.


will united match marriot gold status?


um, should i save my marriott pts for a xfer to SW miles+hotels or this with a 25% bonus? too bad, SW doesn’t have intl flights other than the Caribbean?

Moshe G

Can you use a higher tier certificate at a lower tier property? for instance, lets say I have Ritz tier 1-3 can I use it at a Marriott 9 or 8.


nah, will save the pts til jan 17 for the SW xfer for the CP; 1 more month to go…


I just did it but the email from Marriot claims it will take about 6 weeks to transfer – Will I still get the bonus?

Moshe Go

@Moshe G: I want to go for the Catagory 8 package. I just want to know that i will be able to use it at a lower Tier property if needed.


@Sfooz: Where can you buy 30k points for $500


Can I transfer Marriott points to a name other than my own?


i fast will spg transfer into Marriott, and how fast into UA, if posted within in 2 days by UA, will i still get the bonus


Isn’t the 7 night certificate worth way more than 45k Marriott points making it a bad deal to return?


Thanks, Dan. I just did the transfer. SPG->Marriott was instant, but when I called Marriott, the rep said it will take about 3 business days to transfer to United. Still hoping to get the bonus 🙂



@Moshe G:


Not if you won’t use it otherwise.

It will post with today’s date to United.


hi dan – i have 73000 starwood points. whats the best way to get the maximunm united points please? is it worthwhile to buy 2000 to get to 75000? thank so much


Likely worth buying 17K to get the 90K package of 152K United miles+7 hotel nights.


hi dan there saying its 3 days to transfer to ua wont get there tilll december 1st thank you dan


Transfer dates go by the date of the transfer request, not the date it reaches the airline.


Does anyone know if you can upgrade the 7 nights from category 1-5 to a higher category later on in the year if I end up wanting to stay at a nicer property?


Moshe G

Does transferring points from Marriott to United extend the life of your Marriott points?


Thank Dan,

Called spoke to friendly rep transferred the 270k to united, rep assured me that although it won’t post for 3 business days I will still be getting 20k bonus points, and received email confirmation for the 7 night certificate, just fyi the rep made it sound obvious that if I don’t use within 12 month that I can call and they will definitely extend time.


Can I transfer Marriott points to a name other than my own? I called Marriott and they said no. it has to go to same name. is this true? I wanted to get the promotion on another united account other than my own for another family member.


To answer my own question…

According to the rep I just spoke with, you can upgrade the voucher to a higher category at any time at the same mileage rate they are now.



Do I have to book a flight to get the 7 nights hotel stay?




Moshe Traveling Jew

Guys…not that complicated…read the post….I just transferred 120k Starwood points to 360k Marriott reward…called the 800 number…and booked seven nights at Category 8 on the Big Island…will be first trip to Hawaii…THANKS DAN!


If I open a Mariott account now can I transfer the points to them right away? Also how do I make sure I get that certificate?


@Moshe Traveling Jew:

Call Marriott.


@dan thanks now how do I get them to united account? Also it means for 90k spg I will get 152k united plus 7 free nights? Sorry for my ignorance


As the post says, you need to transfer the 90K SPG to 270K Marriott.
You need to register for the United promo.
Then you need to call Marriott to transfer for the United miles+7 nights package.


Thanks Dan for a wonderful gambit!
Took all of 10 minutes, from transferring from Starpoints to Marriott to United and 45K back to Marriott and 15K back to Starpoints.

Moshe Traveling Jew

One point I think that’s worth mentioning….for the Mariott deal cant use the seven night certificate for Starwood properties….can only be used at Marriott for now…rep said they are working on that for the future.

Dan have to read all your Hawaii trip reports now…any chance for a Shabbat minyan on the Big Island staying here for free





Once you transfer Starwood into Marriott points what do you have to do to transfer it to united?


For United miles you can do it online.
For the United miles+7 night package you need to call.


Does the miles/nights package have to be requested today or is it enough to have registered for the points bonus today? If you want just miles, does that have to be done today to get bonus?


You need to transfer points to United today to get the 25% bonus.


Fantastic deal. Just called and did it. Have been holding onto these spg points forever and had exactly 270,254 points after transferring to Marriot 😀 Next step is to cancel the voucher and get 15k back…


I called the number and they are closed! Is there a way around that? It says the rewards hours of operations are 6am to 7pm mountain standard time.


looks like its too late


Crying that I missed this… Called them numerous times and they are closed… Shoot me!


is there anyway to still call?


Marriot transaction done via Australian call center, at 10:20PM EST – The agent wished me a Good Night at the end of the transaction, so she figured I was calling from the US even!

And my account activity already hows:
Total Earnings: 270,000 points


When there is a will there is a way. I just managed.. I called the Australian number, +61 2 8298 5250 , and they were able to assist me in seconds, and done!


already transferred spg to marriot.simple enough. trying to figure out how to now transfer marriott to united! Do I “order” 50,000 MileagePlus miles???
why do they need my address? Isn’t this a simple trasfer of points like spg to Marriott was?
tried calling. after hours and no one available to do tranfers now!


Figured it out! Called the main reservations number and they brought over a rewards rep 🙂


If you use the Australian call center it it is already Dec 1 so it would not work anymore as it is already expired!


How do I transfer Marriott points to united on line. I can’t find it on united .com


shrags: As I posted recently, I used the Australian (Asian/Pacific) call center – & my Marriott account transaction history shows the transaction as 11/30/2016 – So it doesn’t matter if it’s Dec 1st on the other side of the date line. It’s still 11/30/2016 in the US, the question is which US timezone does it expire? Pacific or Hawaiian?


Sara: You will have to call Marriott call center. It cannot be done online. Since the US call center is closed, you will have to call the Asian/Pacific/Australian call center. Tell them you want to book the miles+nights package.


I’m trying to fly to Europe with my transcon flight in J or F on a non-american carrier.


any advantage to united miles over singapore?

Nick G

Had 84K SPG bought 6k for $136. I believe it was still a great deal.
Tnx Dan

Still Active?

Has anyone figured out if 11/30 is Pacific or Eastern time zone?


thanks the Australian line looked busy but Asia pacifistic line worked and in my Marriott account it shows as transferred on 11/30 so not sure if that means i will get the bonus but lets wait and see i guess

One Letter Off

Does the spelling of the last name from Marriott account to United account have to be exact?

steve b

dan, saw this one day to late on united website still allowed me to register my mileage plus account. Do you think itl still work?


Marriott->United initiated and completed on 11/30.

After reading the fine print, the bonus won’t hit for 6+ weeks.

C ‘mon United…I wanna book that Feb cruise with miles + dollars ASAP.


I know that officially they have until 1/30 to give the bonus miles. But usually you get it way before that. I was wondering if anyone else is still waiting for the bonus, I just want to make sure I did it right.


I transferd successfully 90k it to the 270k for the united 132k and 7 night certificate, could I do it again or s it limited to one per account?, also is it possible to receive points from another spg account into my Marriot account?.


I still didnt get the bonus. This is very unusual for United. Are others still waiting?


“United will add the bonus miles by 1/31/17.”

Eli Eichenblatt

I booked this package a few months back, however, now I want to book The Renaissance Tel Aviv and they won’t accept reservations in August, I’ve called Marriot customer service a few times they try to reach out to the property in Tel Aviv whom does not respond