Transfer Avianca Lifemiles And Effectively Buy LifeMiles For 1.2 Cents Or Less!

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Avianca is offering 125% bonus miles when you transfer LifeMiles from your account to a another person’s LifeMiles account through 4/3.

You can transfer up to 75K miles year at a cost of 1.5 cents per transferred miles. In other words if you transfer 75K miles you would pay $1,125 and your friend would get 168,750 miles after the 125% transfer bonus. Effectively you will have purchased 93,750 miles at a cost of 1.2 cents per mile (1,125/93,750), which is an great rate for buying miles.

You can also get a 15% bonus when you transfer AMEX points to LifeMiles through 4/1. A transfer of 65K AMEX points would net 74,750 LifeMiles or a transfer to 66K AMEX would net 75,900 LifeMiles to maximize the transfer bonus and generate miles at a cost of just 1.2 cents each.

You can also use a card like the AMEX Platinum card to earn 5 points per dollar on purchased miles or Chase Sapphire Reserve to earn 3 points per dollar or Chase Sapphire Preferred to earn 2 points per dollar.

If you spend $1,125 on a LifeMiles transfer you can earn an extra 5,625 AMEX points on an AMEX Platinum card which could transfer into 6,469 LifeMiles. That means you can actually earn 100,219 LifeMiles (93,750+6,469) for the $1,125 charge, which is a cost of 1.12 cents per mile.

You can see this post for some awesome LifeMiles redemptions on their Star Alliance partner airlines.

Will you take advantage of this promotion?

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Can you transfer back and forth between accounts until you get to 75K?


how long till all points post?


I got an account and looked for flights to Israel on July 9 coming back July 14 on the website using smart search. Only economy available. I tried searching other dates, some were available business there, but not back. Is there another way to search? Am I doing something wrong?


with the new 12 month expiration on lifemiles, will transferring 1k miles in from amex once a year extend the miles? What other easy way will extend miles?


Is their website down?


Is avaicna allow you to merge family?


Why can’t i just keep on transferring back and forth to get the bonus more then once?


Doesn’t Transferring mean that you need to have that 75 k miles in your account and than transfer them over to a friend? that means you have to be willing to transfer your probably more valuable CC points in to LifeMiles before you can take advantage of this..


They pretty routinely (every three months or so) have 60%+ off buying straight miles…