Targeted: Earn 5 Points Per Dollar On Home Improvement And Shipping With Chase Business Cards!

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Targeted: Earn 5 Points Per Dollar On Home Improvement And Shipping With Chase Business Cards!

Check via the link above (it may also help to try in multiple browsers) to see if you’re targeted to earn 5 points per dollar on up to $10,000 of home improvement and shipping purchases through 8/31.

There are multiple other targeted consumer offers as well, so be sure to check all of your Chase cards for valuable offers!

Are you targeted for any of these offers?

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30 Comments On "Targeted: Earn 5 Points Per Dollar On Home Improvement And Shipping With Chase Business Cards!"

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Received on my United Business card. So we can say use this to buy GCs in Home Depot or Lowes and earn 5 miles per dollar?


None of my business cards are targeted 🙁


Weird. I got the email but when I went to sign up it said I was ineligible.


Your offer is activated for your card ending in: 2002
Thank you, JOSHUA

Remember, you’ll earn 5 total points on shipping and home improvement store purchases on up to $10,000 spent in combined purchases form June 1 – August 31, 2021, when you use your Chase Ink Plus® card.*


Usually I would use this to buy GC, but it isn’t so exciting since I can buy GC at Office Supply stores with 5X all the time. Only benefit might be if HD/Lowes carries a wider variety of GC. Or for those rare people that max out all their 5X at office supply stores each year (but there are many fewer of those people since MS has become more difficult and more expensive.)


Bingo. I was targeted, but I already have 2 Chase Inks and don’t ever get close to the annual 5x max, so for me this offer is meh. I wish I could give it to someone who could use it.


Is there a list of stores which qualify as home improvements ?

Dan\'s the Man

Anyone know if Wayfair qualifies?




would also like to see a list of stores


After receiving the offer by Email I was unable to activate. A call to Chase remedied the problem. I intend to use the offer to buy gift cards as well as building supplies since Lowes is much more convenient than Staples for gift card purchases.


Targeted on 6/6 cards (though I don’t spend much in home improvement / shipping)

Dan\'s the Man

I got it on my Ink Unlimited card.


Now what?


Got it on my wife’s Ink Cash card but my Ink Cash was not eligible.


Will employee cards get bonus if primary card holder was targeted?


Does home depot sell those $500 vanilla gift cards?

Mark Hafman

if im not targeted is there anyway to activate it?


I got the offer email on my three chase business cards. Activated on one. Then when I tried to activate on the other two cards the system didn’t seem to allow it. Is this offer only allowed on one business card account per cardholder?


Just tried again on those other two cards and the bonus was activated on both


This worked on all my INK cards in two business operations. 4 cards total. I rarely get these offers. The past few months we were focused on AMEX so that may have been a factor.




so to be sure i understand correctly, if im targeted multiple cards, each card can earn bonus points.


Is this 10k on each shipping plus home improvement or 10k total?


Cool an extra 2 percent on shipping, this comes in handy when you own a shipping store


Thanks! I’m targeted on INK.