Starwood Airline Direct Deposit-How To Earn Continental And United Miles With Starwood…


Starwood Airline Direct Deposit Linky 

Chase Bank issues the United and Continental mileage credit cards.  As such they do not allow their respective affinity airlines to accept the transfer of Starwood points at 20,000 starpoints=25,000 miles like you can do on over 30 other airlines.

The reason is simple, who in their right minds would use an $85 Continental credit card to earn less Continental miles per dollar spent than you can earn using a $45 (and free for first year) Starwood card.

There is a workaround, but it is not a good one.

You can set up your Starwood account to automatically transfer your Starpoints into an airline at a 1:1 basis.

This works even for airlines such as United and Continental!

Mind you, there are so many better uses for Starpoints that doing this i almost criminal-but enough people ask about the Continental transfer that it’s worth the mention…

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Daniel Hochman

O man! I was planning on using 2 Starwood Signups (25,000), the World Mastercard Bonus (20,000) and that Chase Checking offer (17,500)to get me to Israel with CO.

Is there anyway to get the Starwood bonus to CO? If I setup this 1:1 transfer now will it transfer the bonuses if they haven’t posted to the account yet?



It should.


nebach that’s awful
well, when is Delta scheduled to start flying to Israel?


thanks so much btw

faithful follower

what about doing a nights and fly for the 60,000 points u have mentioned in the past? would the 50,000 fly points post to continental?
thanks for keeping us informed:-)


I cant find were on the Starwood website to do this


The link is in the post.