[Ends Today] Win Up To 1 Million Points Or A Companion Pass With The Southwest Wanna Get Away Day 50th Birthday Sweepstakes

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Update: DEAD! Don’t miss it if this becomes alive again. Sign up for deal notification alerts here!

Update: This offer ends today. When I tried to play today it told me that due to high volume they will email me my result within a few hours. One DDF member got this message and then got an email that he won 5,000 points!

Post your results in the comments below!

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Originally posted on 6/1:

From now through 6/18 you can enter daily to win prizes from Southwest in their Wanna Get Away Day 50th Birthday Sweepstakes.

They will give away over 6,000 daily prizes between 50 and 50,000 points through 6/17.

On 6/18 they will give away over 50,000 prizes between 100 and 1,000,000 points, plus other prizes like a companion pass valid through 12/31/22, or Southwest gift cards.

You can enter once daily between 12am-11:58pm PDT.

Prizes of 50K points or more will get a 1099 for a value of 1.2 cents per point, which is actually a pretty fair ARV.

Post if you win a prize!

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Shalom Brookler

50 points for each account


Do I have t enter daily or once I enter will be in all?


Is there a higher chance of winning if you enter at 12:00 am like people were saying by the AA Sweepstakes?


so if I win 50k or more I can refuse prize if i dont want to pay the taxes?


How do I become a rapid rewards member


You can simply create a southwest “rapid rewards” account on the southwest website

Nechemyah Rich

Just won 100 points!!!


Won 100 points.


50 points


100 points

Texas Totty

250 so far

Shmieli joe

How many accounts can I have? As many as emails?




I have 130k+ miles with a free companion pass.
what can I do with it flying from NY?


The southwest game is rigged. I entered my information to play at 03:09, and before I even selected a bag, I get an email at 3:09 stating so close. Thanks for play, ender again tomorrow. This is before I even click on a bag. Did anyone else notice this?


I had the same thing. I think it’s like a scratch-off lottery ticket. You either won or lost when you bought the ticket – scratching it is just for the excitement.


Is not working for anyone else today?


Your entry has been recorded. Due to extremely high volume, your entry has been placed in a queue.




Notified after an hour that I got…………nothing


So disappointed! Zero gains after playing from day 1 till today


I won 100 points on the third suitcase – there was no delay. The result came back immediately


It said I would get an email in a few hours. That was 24 hours ago…still nothing


B’H finally got some of the points posted to my account.