Signup For A Copa Mileage Account And Get 4,000 Miles


Copa used to majority owned by Continental and they used Continental’s OnePass mileage program instead of having their own program. They even adopted a very similar logo to Continental’s. When Continental moved from SkyTeam to the Star Alliance they brought Copa along with them. When Continental merged with United they brought Copa into MileagePlus and the globe logo continued to be used by both airlines.

However they’ve had disagreements with Copa about the elimination of distance based mileage earning in MileagePlus and Copa is now launching their own program that will earn miles based on distance flown.  Alas most United fares don’t earn full credit for distance flown, so the program doesn’t replace Singapore as one of the best places to credit your United flights to for 100% mileage earning.

Copa’s Star Alliance award chart very closely mirrors United’s award chart.

For now you can’t transfer any miles into Copa, though I’d imagine that we’ll see transfer partnerships in the future.

You can get 4,000 miles for enrolling in the Copa program here.
You’ll get 1,000 miles instantly for enrolling and another 2,000 miles instantly for completing your profile after creating your account for a total of 3,000 miles that will post instantly. Another 1,000 miles will post with the hard launch of the program in July.

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what happens if u allready have a acct with them?
can u still somehow get those miles?


And what can you use these miles for? How do you aquire these miles, there not an airline?

Mitzva yingel

Would they match my star alliance (Aegean, Turkish) or one world (airberlin) gold status?


whats the enrollment code (optional) is it necessary?


Really disappointed with united lately. had 6-7 incidents with them in the last half a year, plus, as a 1K member, i used to get ~23k miles for every TLVNYC round trip, i barely get 12/13k now. What is your take about moving to AA?


link is not working


Dan can you make a post about COPA and how to utilize it fully?


Off topic: Does anybody know if booking websites like “Vayama” or “JustFly” exempt from the DOT 24 hours cancellation rule?


profile needs to be complete 100%?


@moshe: No. Just fill out all 3 steps.


Tnx Dan for your wonderfull work

Please tell us all the ins & outs about signing up with Singapore

Mileage Credits, transfers, Taxes, Fuel tax, Close-in fees etc….


Any reason not to proactively sign up for a few dozen accounts in hopes that there will be ways to consolidate miles across accounts once the program fully launches? Even if they charge to transfer miles from 1 account to another, it may equate to buying miles at a great rate. Is my logic off?


@Gary: possible that thell shut all accounts people r not dumb today


@Gary: I wouldn’t suggest u overdo anything


@Gary: While your logic might not be off your greed level is off the charts. You’re the kind of cheap MOFO that ruins things for everyone else. Are you proud of yourself?


@Anonymous, @brains, @Doug,
Thank you for your honest and direct feedback. After carefully considering your advice I realize how right you are and I will certainly not be opening more than 1 account. I am entirely ashamed to have brought up such a greedy idea. Thank you.


They ask for too much information is step#2…Scary

chana k

@Gary: On the other hand, there are several people in my family that will likely take advantage of this offer.


Nobody said you need to give real info.


I’m not able to fill in the city/town which is required. The drop down list doesn’t include my town.


Can you redeem for magazines?


@Dan: thnx