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This is an article that I wrote on 09/14/06, but I believe that it merits a repost…

Everyone knows that a domestic US ticket costs 25,000 miles on every major airline, what you may not know is that many of them offer discounted awards for shorter flights.

American: From September through February you can fly round-trip on non-stop flights of 750 miles or less each way for 15,000 miles in coach or 30,000 miles in first.

Continental: Year-round you can fly round-trip (including open-jaw!) on flights of 750 miles or less each way for 20,000 miles.

United: From September through December you can fly round-trip on non-stop flights of 700 miles or less each way for 15,000 miles in coach or 30,000 miles in first.

So what’s with the 50 miles difference between AA and UA? Just ask someone who flies from Chicago to New York…
Miles are calculated “as the crow flies,” see The great circle mapper for exact mileage calculations.
So, bottom line, is it worth using 15,000-20,000 miles for a short-hop award?
The answer boils down to what exactly is a mile worth…A question that I’ll leave for another time…

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I truly look forward to that post….. what is a mile worth?? ASAP thanks


Why dont you make a post about where you can sell ur miles… FOR BIG BUCKS!!


I think each mile could be sold for about 1.2 cents. right dan?


Omg dan- I have tons of miles that i would love to sell for cash or get the fullest value out of. if you would post something of the sort i would be thrilled. and probably open 10 snapfish accounts…..


You’re missing Air Canada’s Aeroplan.

They have short haul flights all year round, so for example Montreal – Chicago and Montreal-Atlanta for 15 thousand…

aeroplan (if you’re living in canada) is a great point to have.

Also the CC you can get (visa or amex) you get anywhere from 1 to 1.5 points for every dollar.


In my humble opinion, unless flying business or first, it is best to sell your miles and use the money towards a ticket (provided its not realy high season where the sale of miles wont cover the tottal cost) this way you are earning miles when flying on that flight too. Dan, you agree or disagree? please elaberate!


What is open-jaw?


An example of an open jaw would be on the outbound Cleveland-JFK and on the return Baltimore-Cleveland