Register For Double Avios On Up To 10 British Airways And Select Partner Flights

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Register For Double Avios On Up To 10 British Airways And Partner Flights

For example Global Tours is currently advertising a discounted first class fare from JFK-Tel Aviv on British Airways. JFK to Tel Aviv in first class would normally earn 28,420 Avios, but will earn 56,840 Avios with this promotion! That’s enough for more than 7 free short-haul domestic flights!

  • Register via the link above and you will get double BA Avios on up to 10 BA flights as well as BA codeshare flights between North American and Europe operated by American, Iberia, and Finnair. The promotion also applies to travel on domestic flights within the UK, and within southern Africa (operated by Comair), Sunnair and CityFlyer.
  • Book flights after registration and no later than 12/13/19.
  • You can get credit for flights booked between 8/29 and 9/18 by manually registering them here.
  • Complete flights by 6/30/20.
  • Each flight segment is considered a flight towards the maximum of 10 flights.
  • Double Avios is awarded on the first ten Qualifying Flights that are flown post registering and booking. The order of booking does not determine the order in which Qualifying Flights are awarded.

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im having trouble reaching ba customer service about a difficult flight experience I called a few times 13128435794 their customer service and their either closed or they tell me ” were sorry all our lines are busy at the moment please call back later” in their hoity toity british accent and email is not personal enought i keep persisting to reach them because I indeed had an unfortunate unpleasent experience


The secret Avios number for British Air is 800-452-1201


Got the following error message: “Your registration has been unsuccessful, unfortunately you are not eligible for this offer.” Any reason why I would not be eligible?


So i guess that it depends on how you value Avios, I just booked “paid” BA flights (statement credit) but crediting to AS is far more valuable to me.

I do have a question @Dan or others that might know about crediting past BA flights to AS

– I booked RT on BA WTP (PE) SFO-LHR-TLV even though I requested it to be credited to AS it was credited to BA EC (they will transfer to AS) if I wait till Jan, to have them credit to AS will it count for 2019 or 2020 Miles with AS, i.e. year traveled or year transferred. Just trying to decide if I should make a miles run this year or not, we’re close depending on when it would be credited, and would prefer to have more time next year to push for another tier.


I have a question. I was just in Ibiza Spain at a five star hotel. There were gigantic roaches in the room I have been emailing the manager for a discount since this was not acceptable. She said she would give a discount to me when I come back to Ibiza. Any suggestions what I can do


Go back to Ibiza?


Would American Express do anything if they will not do anything. Why would one go back to the hotel if there are roaches and travel there if there are so many places to travel to


1.1 This promotion is only open to Eligible Participants. An Eligible Participant is a British Airways (“BA”) Executive Club Member based in the UK.


3.2. Double Avios is calculated from the base Avios, this is before any Tier or cabin bonuses are applied.


any flight with a British Airways prefix on a transatlantic flight operated by British Airways (BA), American Airlines (AA), Iberia (IB) or Finnair (AY) between Europe and North America.


do you get the points if you buy the tickets with miles?


I got the email with the offer but I am a little reluctant even for the short-haul domestic flights advantage. I find that it takes approximately the same time even with the TSA precheck and “skipping” the counters at the rental car airport. Example: 400 miles distance, 1.5 hrs flight vs 5.5 hours driving. Drive to airport (0.75 hrs) + time before the flight (1.5-2 hrs) + flight (1.5 hrs) + getting of th eplane + rental car (0.75 hrs) +getting to hotel (0.5 hrs) = up to 5.5 hrs. I do like and do not mind driving and plus I travel with my family.


Would LHR-TLV get doubled as well or only JFK-LHR?


between Europe and North America


Crediting to AS will still be more valuable 90% of the time


can i book using my avios for flights with in europe for a family if i am not traveling along with him & he is not a member of the excecutive club ?