Purchase Hyatt Gold Passport Points Today at 10AM For As Low As 0.94 Cents Per Point!


Update: Sold Out!

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Hyatt New Award Chart, Eff. for bookings made on or after 06/04

This point sale is somewhat confusing because they say you are buying hotel nights, but if you read the fine print you can see that they are selling points. You can see this by clicking “view details” and then “offer terms and conditions.”

“2 nights for $225” is really 24,000 points (.9375 cents per point). 100 packages for sale.

“2 nights at Hyatt’s elite hotels for $300” is really 30,000 points (1 cent per point) 35 packages for sale.

“2 nights at Hyatt’s top hotels for $375” is really 36,000 points (1.04 cents per point) 15 packages for sale.

“3 nights in a Hyatt Suite for $700” is really 69,000 points (1.014 cents per point) 15 packages for sale.

The awkward timing of this sale is that Hyatt just announced a program devaluation with a new top-tier category 6 for the best properties. While it is true that right now you can book “2 nights at Hyatt’s top hotels for 36,000 points” come June 4th and you’ll have to shell out 22,000 points per night for those hotels.  As long as you book by June 3rd though the reservations will be honored.

And I have no idea why the price per point goes up slightly in the more expensive packages.

These packages can still be a great deal though.  A night at the Park Hyatt Paris normally sells for $1,000 per night, the Park Hyatt Sydney fetches $1,300 per night.  Or a cheaper category 1 Hyatt Place during a busy time may fetch $200 for just 5,000 points.  There are no blackout dates or capacity controls on standard rooms.

Hyatt points can be transferred into airline miles, but not at the lucrative ratios that Starpoints transfer into miles, so it’s not worth using them for that.

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what can you usUALLY SELL THEM FOR??

lakewood levi

what is the usual going rate for them?


Dan, you mean 94 cents , not 0.94 cents


No, I meant what I wrote.


It’s funny because the other listings like the choice hotels nights they tell you their giving you points.


is this a great deal?


is this a steal should i grab a not to missed??


Theyre gone


Keep on checking, they go back into inventory if people don’t pay for them quickly enough.


Just picked up 24,000 points.
Keep on trying and you’ll get in.


Now it’s Sold Out.


What is this discover america thing?