Multiple Qantas Transfer Offers Are Back, Will They Stack Again?

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June was Qantas transfer promo stacking month. That same combo is back again, but will they stack?

You can transfer AMEX points to Qantas points here with a 20% transfer bonus through 11/30. Those points and the 20% bonus will post instantly.

Additionally I got an the same email I got from Qantas saying that an additional 20% bonus will post within 7 days. The terms exclude stacking bonuses, but so did the terms in June and everyone who transferred then got an additional 20% bonus on the top of the other bonus, making for an effective 44% bonus. Will that happen again? Nobody knows.

Qantas also targets people who made transfers with additional transfer offers.

Many people got an email with this targeted offer for 15% bonus points for transfers up to 499,999 points and 25% bonus points for 500K+ transfers through 11/30:


The terms say that transfer offers don’t stack, but only time will tell if that holds true or if they will stack like they have in the past.

You can use 37.8K Qantas points in coach, 70,800 Qantas points in premium economy, or 90K Qantas points in business for a one-way ticket on El Al between NYC and Tel Aviv.

Additional reading:

AMEX cards with transferable Membership Rewards points to Qantas include:

  • AMEX Blue Business Plus
    • No annual fee, earns 2 points per dollar spent everywhere on up to $50K in annual spending. Rates and fees.
  • AMEX Platinum Business
    • $595 annual fee, earn 1.5 points per dollar on eligible $5K+ transactions, $200 in annual airline fee credits, $200 in annual Dell credits, 1 year WeWork Global Office Space, Marriott and Hilton Gold status, 35% points rebate on paid airfare redemptions, Global Entry/Pre-check, AMEX Global lounge collection access. Rates and fees.
  • AMEX Gold Business Card
    • $295 annual fee, 25% points rebate on paid airfare redemptions, earn 4 points per dollar on your most common spending categories each billing cycle. Rates and fees.

Will you transfer AMEX points to Qantas?

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Almost no El Al availability, even in coach, with Qantas points.
Check before you transfer.

Moshe Y Rabin

I tried to get 1 ticket December from any USA airport served to TLV and there wasn’t a single seat until mid January


dec2 ewr-tlv is available


So is there a chance we will get all 3?? I got the 500k+ targeted email. That last case in June there was no targeted qf bonus if I remember correctly.


There was I believe. on top of Junes 44% transfer bonus, there was a targeted 15% -25% that Dan spoke about in an earlier post before the 44% bonus was introduced. I wonder if those ended up stacking to combine 59%- 69% total?




I regret transferring last time, It’s not really an option for LY NYC-TLV


Dan can you explain how to book elal with quantas it stopped showing up online ?


I transferred last night from membership rewards to Qantas rewards do I have a chance of getting the extra 20% or 44% ?


I won’t transfer. Really tough with availability .


Any other good redemption other than Nyc tlv ?

Rarely Post Comments

I have spent hours trying to find award space on Elal Nyc-Tlv and Tlv-Nyc without any luck I think I wasted the 110k points I did transfer


There aren’t many availabilities in the next few months, but if you check later in the year there are still many availabilities. These are great if you are flexible about timing.


I transferred last night from membership rewards to Qantas is there any chance I will get the bonus?


there is a “qantas points millionaire” raffle where every point earned from their credit card or any transferred point from a credit card gets entered into a raffle to win a million have to register first.


I transferred 400,000 points last time and it was a smart move. I was able to fly to Chicago for sukkos in business class for real cheap.
Additionally, I plan on flying to Israel in the summer with it. Tickets to Israel in the summer are going for only 75,000 qantas points. That’s A LOT cheaper than if you would buy such tickets for cash then.
I also booked a ticket for my brother and sister in law then. You can only book tickets for relatives, not for friends.
I still have a lot of points left, whenever i need to fly I plan on using them.


not so sure 75k is the best deal available in the summer. Right now you can book on United EWR-TLV-ZFV for 2 weeks in Aug, roundtrip $990. If you have Amex bus plat and United is your airline, you pay 100k points and get back 35k, so it’s 65k Amex. Plus you’ll earn some mileage for the flight. and you don’t need to pay the booking fee to qantas.


Instead of using the 65k amex points to book a ticket with united, you can transfer to qantas for a 44% bonus which leaves you with 93k qantas points. Since it costs 75k qantas points, you are left with 18k extra points. So this is indeed cheaper.
Obviously if you’d rather fly united that’s fine with me. Just pointing out that this is indeed cheaper.


may be 18k cheaper, but you have much better availability, you don’t have to pay any fees that qantas charges to book a ticket, and you do get miles for flying on a paid ticket


your link you posted has to be for people who are targeted? i want to transfer lots fo citibank points but did not get the targeted email, but you posted a link to the offer so im a bit confused? some insight would be appreciated thank you


Yeah, but has ElAl shot down availability?


There is plenty of availability from Toronto direct


I’ve been trying to find a DIRECT flight jfk-tlv ever since I transfered points in june, and there’s is basically nothing!


There are flights available in August now on qantas website, but nothing before then.


Maybe there is a way to find flights using that website Dan mentions. But for the regular folks who don’t have membership to these sights there’s basically nothing


do they stack or not at the end?


Please update


I transfered from Amex got the 20% bonus from Amex.. Waiting for the extra 15% from qantas from the targeted email. Sadly, nothing yet. I’ll keep you updated.


@dan. Thanks for the quick replies. Gotcha. Your not 100% though that this is going to stack huh? Your just assuming because you have seen this before with the 15%. Method and it has worked before, am I correct on that? Thanks Dan


i did transfer on 11/9 10k MR which showed up immediately as 12k qantas however to this date no trace of the stackable/double dip and i am just short 240points to the 75600 required for another LY booking