Marriott Bonvoyed: How Much Are Your Favorite Hotel Redemptions Going For Now?

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Update, 3/26/23: Marriott previously said points requirements would be untethered from the legacy award chart in 2023. 

Sure enough, standard hotels (excluding hotels like the Ritz Carlton Reserve and North Island) are now charging as much as 150K Marriott points per night. That matches the Hilton 150K cap and is significantly higher than the 45K Hyatt cap.

How much are your favorite hotels charging for an award night?

Originally posted on 3/30/22:

Yesterday, Marriott eliminated their award charts in favor of variable priced awards. They promised that for 2022, most hotels would remain within the previous off-peak to peak range, though some hotels could go as high as 30K points per night over the peak range. In 2023 that promise goes away.

I booked some speculative award nights at the S. Regis Bal Harbour for 85K points per night. That hotel had a previous cap of 100K points per night and Marriott said that cap would go up to 120K points per night for 2022. Sure enough, rates there for December range from 103K-119.5K points per night. The 5 night stay that I booked went from 340K to 437,500 points.


I booked some speculative award nights at the Al Maha Dubai for 85K points per night. That hotel had a previous cap of 100K points per night and Marriott said that cap would go up to 120K points per night for 2022. Sure enough, rates there for December range from 112K-115K points per night. The 2 night stay that I booked went from 170K to 216,500 points.

On the other hand, some dates I booked at the Ritzaliya have gone down from 70K to 68K points per night, so there’s that I suppose. Be sure to check your upcoming reservations in case they’re now cheaper, as you’ll have to rebook those to get the lower rate.

How much do your favorite hotel redemptions cost after the award chart removal?

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Also booked 2 nights in Al maha


Marriott Residence Inn actually went down 1,000 points for me


I booked the cat 7 Mauna Kea in the Big Island for the first week in April for 60K/night or 360K for 7 nights. I checked the rate today and it skyrocketed to 100k/night or 600k for the 7 nights. Insane!


Yes, but Mauna Kea was on the list and that one was expected. I hope you have an awesome time!


Something else I noticed that’s odd – The Westin Hapuna, which is down the street from the Mauna Kea, has roughly the same cash rate/night as the Mauna Kea for the first week of April, but the points/night for the Westin only went up about 10k/night, whereas the Mauna Kea went up 40k/night. And all of these are for the standard/basic room type.

Point being is that the points pricing doesn’t seem very dynamic (or tied to cash rates) to me…


Just rebooked my stay in Rome for 57k points. Had been 60k. No complaints.


And then after you cancel the reservations you aren’t going to use, you will be stuck with useless Bonvoy points! This is the worst devaluation of any hotel chain. Seriously horrible and only gets worse next year.


Uch! I did not have enough points in my account and I reservation for Santa Manta Marina, GR just cost me an extra 80k #Bonvoyed


Westin Panama Bonita my reservation went from 22,000 points to 16,000 points

Also the Residence Inn I was talking about above was in surfside

Seems like it’s only their super high end went drastically up for now


Marriott Champs Elysees in Feb 23 goes from 200k to 400k for 5 nights, pure insanity.


Dan, thanks to your heads up, I booked the St. Regis punta mita for 6 nights at 455k. Now increased to 544k!!

Chaim F

Is this due to inflation?


Thankfully all my summer bookings actually went down a few thousand points. By the time I could have stayed at some of the target properties my platinum elite would have lapsed anyway so f** em… I’m saving the rest of my Marriott points for airline transfers


Without an award chart it will likely cause many people to check award prices more frequently, which is another negative aspect of this change.


Very frustrated. Reserved at old rates last week, and waiting 3 days now for chase transfer to come— nada. I have called both sides and they are saying can take up to 7 days! Amex happened instantly for part of what I need for the stay so I’m stuck unable to lock the reservation.

I have reservation old rates unpaid/used pay advance Marriott feature thinking would solve in time when I transferred Chase Miles since amex transfer was instant . Will see and try to fight if they try to up rate at final booking. New booking rate went way up ):

Will report back what happens.


Had the same issue with a different property and price went way up since I reserved on Monday and they are refusing to lock it in at the original point value. Highly unlikely the they will lower the points by June when the reservation is for.
Basically point advance seems to be a complete scam as they only hold a room and charge whatever they want!


Well said. Of course the points hit last night and.. Absurd now that they want 43% more points two days later without a little grace period if point transfer was at least initiated before the rate change. I’m trying to talk to them.

Meanwhile may have lost $1k-2k in value here for a trip I’ve been saving for for some time. I guess it will be potentially a a much shorter trip since pints now stuck here. Anyone sell points at a deep discount now?


Just booked two nights at st regis bahia beach in puerto rico for 170k for stay and it went up to 209k for the same stay!!


Glad I didn’t get in with Marriott eco system but stuck with Hyatt. (Yeh I know they don’t have the largest footprint)


Not thrilled with Hyatt either. Very hard to earn points on their card (I’m just a discoverist) and either nothing is ever available on my dates or lousy standard rooms.
Think I’m gonna just stick with chase and Citibank from now on


Hyatt devalued big time this year.


Totally agree. They want 18K points for a $150 room in Tokyo Bay. It’s probably an outlier but still stunning.


real bonvoyed.

The Ritz-Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara

went up in price despite it being on the list of hotels going up in price….


Does it even make sense at this point to get a Marriott card for the 100,000 sign up bonus? I have 195,000 left but I don’t know know if even 295,00 would get me anything decent or I’m just wasting my time


Ha! Just got an extended offer to buy points up to 50% bonus

Berry Stahl

Saved 6,800 points by rebooking Le Meridian Ho Chi Minh in December.

mark n

After all the speculation and fear mongering the reality is that bonvoy points went up in value in general. Yes all the feinshmeckers going to bora bora or Maldives etc need more points to do so. Those redemptions were always out of wack from a value per point perspective . Marriott essentially is collected more points from its feinshmeckers. The rest of us are benefitting. EVERY one of my 7 bookings is 10 to 17 percent fewer points now and every one is getting more and 1 cpp after the “devaluation”. Sometimes speculation and affixing a guess to the value of points ends up being just that. Speculation.


Thank You Dan. I have two separate reservations for the week of Thanksgiving in Residence Inn Surfside that I made 2 months back. 1 for the weekdays where it was 35K per night. I used my annual 35K certificate for one of the days. It’s now 37K points per night – not such a big deal except for the fact that my certificate would not have worked.
My weekend reservations were 40K/ night though, and they are actually down to 39K – so rebooked to put 2K back in my account. Wouldn’t have known to do that without this website Dan – Thank you! I don’t know that I’ll even use these reservations, but at least I know I got the best rate possible.


Dan, my marriot card is up for renewal and I don’t think tis worth the $95 annual fee to keep it . If I close the card or lower to a free card then do I lose the three free nights I have accrued or it will stay in my marriot account ? I realize Wont get the the new free night but would like to know about current ones I have . Thank you

Deal Guy

You usually give us a heads up to book in advance of prices going up or down.

I’m surprised I didn’t see you post us a warning.


I looked at some Costa Rica redemptions, the points cost seems unrelated to the cash cost. Weird.


And here we were getting excited about the annual 85k FNA on the RC card.

ted onig

Suprisingly, my booking went down. I booked 3 nights at ST Regis Bal Harbor for Yeshiva week next jan for 356k Points.
Just checked and it wend down to 306k-I rebooked


Thanks Dan. PLEASE give us your terrific detailed explanation as to how we can convert our tons of unused Marriott points to some airline which we can then use for airline tickets on ELAL airlines.


I got messed up on the day of transition. Was going to the residence inn @ Jekyll island for 5 nights for 115k pts but was like 400 short in the account. Initiated a transfer of 1k chase UR to Marriott same instant basically. Next day, price jumped to 124k points. Other dates the price went from 114k or less to 132k. Suuuucks.