LAN Lanpass Kilometers-The Best Kept Secret In The Frequent Flyer Game! AKA: Your Starpoints Just Got A LOT More Valuable!

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It’s no longer about the miles-it’s about the kilometer!

LAN, based out of South America, is a OneWorld alliance member.
They have some really great flight bargains.
Why should you care?
Because 20,000 Starpoints transfers into 50,000 Lanpass Kilometers!!!

That’s right, Starpoints transfer into Lanpass Kilometers at a ratio of 1:2 plus you get 5,000 bonus starpoints with a 20,000 starpoint transfer, which at the same 1:2 ratio means you will get 10,000 bonus kilometers!

It gets better.

Lanpass Award Table Linky
Great Circle Mapper Linky

The top part of the award page shows the awards when you fly on LAN.

Some of the shocking values of Lanpass kilometers:
Bear in mind that 20,000 starpoints=50,000 kilometers!

Flights on LAN between South America zone 1 (Including Brasil) and North America are just 48,000 kilometers in coach and 90,000 kilometers in business class!
This is less than what most other airlines charge in miles!

Then comes the OneWorld award possibilities.
There are 8 Oneworld zones.
With Lanpass, (unlike cathay pacific) the kilometers listed is the total roundtrip flight kilometers.
Make sure to set the Great circle mapper to kilometers when checking distances!

Here’s the kicker:
Going from New York to Tel Aviv via London on British Airways is 18296 km.
(Chicago to Tel Aviv via London on British Airways works as well, it is 19909 km, or just 91 km. away from being zone 5!)
That places it in zone 4:
Economy: 95,000 km.
Business: 140,000 km.
First: 190,000 km

With the free 5,000 km signup bonus, you only need 90,000 km. to get to Israel!
When you transfer just 40,000 starpoints you’ll have over 100,000 km. in your Lanpass account!


HT: S.B.S.

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Transfering 20.000 *wood points will give you 45.000 lan points, NOT 50.000. Thats what the stwarwood website says.

Asher O

Please update the 5,000 Free LAN Kilometers shortcut, the 5,000 km offer extended to 12/31/07.


first of all thanks for all your starwood info.

second I need a ticket from israel to u.s. what is the best way.

(does cathay pacific also do bg/jfk)
thank you in advance


I love reading your site, and acting on your tips…but, sometimes it’s soooo confusing!!!!!
I have been accumulating starwood points to go business class, with my wife, to Israel from NY. Please explain to me again EXACTLY what to do. (a flow chart would be wonderful!!!)
Thank you


Know of any good deals to Sydney, AUstralia for July 25?



even tho it says 1:2, when i transfered my 20400, i only got 48k something.


Gosh, I didn’t think that I was that confusing!

40,000 starpoints transfers into 100,000 lanpass kilometers.

95,000 lanpass kilometers gets you a free ticket to/from Tel Aviv and NYC.

My friend transferred 20,000 starpoints and got 50,000 lanpass kilometers.


many of us want to close our Amex Charge cards… (and use only the Starwood) what’s the best value to transfer our MR points before we close it?


I signed up and didnt get the 5,000 bonus… PLEASE ADVISE!!!


RE Anon 2:20:

I have been paying for my Amex Gold Charge card $150 for the past year, just to keep the 100,000+ points that I have…

So yes I am looking to close mine as well, STARWOOD KICKS!!!!


dan any tickets to russia through this deal????


ok dan how do i do all this i need a starwood card and then call them and say i want all my miles to be now for lan pass and i book the ticket thru who and do i need a lanpass cc it how meany miles for domestic


So, If I am flying British Airways, should I open a Lan or Cathay Pacific
mileage account?


I tried signing up with lan, and they emailed me a letter in some foreign language….spanish???
How does one go about using the starwood miles on eg lan to get a ba business class ticket to Israel? Dan, there are some of us who enjoy your site who arent as tech savvy as we wish we were!.

sometimes a fan

This is the worst round-up you have done so far…

Comeon… you could do way better!!!


wow, anon 10:28 you have so much graditude to the man that gives you great deals…


ooops i mean annon at 7:02


can you tell me how to get a ticket from tlv to jfk


To dy,

I’m greatful just he has elevated our expectations!!


How does one book on! It doesnt show the capability to do British Air flight. What am I missing here?


Hi there,

Do you know if is possible transfer miles aadvantage to kms lanpass??