[Ends Today!] Hilton Diamond Members: Check Your Email To Gift Status To A Friend!

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Update: This offer ends today!

Hilton is sending out emails to their Diamond Honors members with a link and claim code to gift status to a friend with the subject “you have a gift of Gold status to give” or “you have a gift of Diamond status to give”

They are even sending emails to people who have diamond status just for having the Hilton Aspire card!

People who qualified for Diamond through 60 Hilton nights or from their credit card can gift gold status.

People who qualified for Diamond through 100 Hilton nights or lifetime diamond status can gift diamond status.

You can gift the status to a friend through 1/31/21. Gift status will be valid for 1 year.

Hilton also gives Gold status to anyone with a Hilton Surpass card or with an AMEX Platinum card.

You can compare status benefits here.

With any Hilton status you get the 5th night free on award stays. With Gold or Diamond status you can get free breakfast, even on award stays. That’s perfect for the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem, which has a fantastic kosher breakfast!


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I would say please gift to me but I feel like it’ll be a waste on me 🙁


ill gift it to you, i have no one to give it to.


can you gift it to me


Wish I saw this sooner.. copyjosh@gmail.com


my aspire fee coming up and may not renew can i gift myself?


Sorry for the ignorant question, just not sure,when someone has status with the name “lifetime” like lifetimes diamond here or at other hotels airlines etc. – Mean that those ppl have that status for life without needing to do any activity?

Pickle Rick

The gifted status lasts for exactly a year or until January 2022?


Thanks. Just checked my email and found “you have status of gold to give”. I’m a diamond memeber bec I have Aspire CC.


does it only work if you qualified for diamond in 2020, or will it work if im grandfathered in from qualifying in 2019?


I’d love to be on the receiving end of this 🙂 TIA!


What’s your email so i can send it to you


Can you gift me of the free dimond status


I’d also love to be gifted! 🙂

Chaim On The Run

Dan, my filter blocks those Instagram posts.
Can you embed it as a regular photo?


As a lifetime Diamond it was really nice of Hilton to do this.


Can someone spread holiday cheer to me by gifting it, please? Thank youuu


If anyone wouldn’t mind gifting it to me

Joel Fuchs

ו could also use one thanks


If anyone has a diamond status and wouldn’t mind sharing it with me, I will be very grateful. Really looking forward to traveling with family this year.


Can anyone gift diamond status to me please?


Anyone out there who can please gift me

Elchonon Weissman

Please gift me, I would realy use it,


can anyone gift me please?


can someone please gift me?


Can anyone gift me. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks


i dont remember receiving an email. what word should i search on with my emails.. “hilton” brings too many emails


Can someone gift me one?

Shlomo I

Accepting gifting donations 🙂 …please. Thanks


Anyone mind sharing a diamond status with me?


Can someone gift me diamond? Thanks in advance!!


Anyone gifting? Happy to make a donation to the charity of your choice.

Danny L

would appreciate a gift! tia!!


I’m traveling in 2 weeks to Miami and could really use the diamond status, anyone that has and could give, I would really appreciate it
Will send email in private if that’s ok)
Thanks in advance


It would be very appreciative to be gifted with the status!


I have a few Hilton stays coming up this year and wouldn’t mind diamond if anyone has one they have no one to gift it to. Can send email privately.


Can someone gift me diamond status? Would really appreciate it.

Thank you!


Can someone gift me the status? It would be a huge mitzvah… jterpslaw@gmail.com

Respiratory Compromised Nana

If anyone has one to gift I would be most grateful! Yikes…only 40 minutes to go. Pretty please!