Get 50 Free Iberia Avios; Better Award Availability With Lower Fuel Surcharges To Israel

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Update: My 50 Iberia Avios have posted to my account. I am now able to instantly transfer points back and forth between my BA Avios account and my Iberia Avios account.
Originally posted on 07/15:

British Airways and Iberia both participate in the Avios program.  Most people have points in the British Airways Avios program due to cards like the Chase British Airways Visa , transfers from other Chase cards, and the bonuses that AMEX used to run for transfers to BA, but you can also transfer AMEX points to the Iberia program.

If you have an active Iberia account that is at least 3 months old you can also transfer points from British Airways to Iberia.

Iberia Avios have much better award availability and much lower fuel surcharges for Iberia flights.  An Iberia coach flight to Israel is 65K Avios round-trip. With BA Avios you’ll also be charged $655.42 but with Iberia Avios the charge will be $329.90.   The fuel surcharge difference in business class is even greater.

Of course you can avoid fuel surcharges altogether with Avios by flying on carriers that have no fuel surcharges as covered in this recent post, but Iberia has very good availability and it’s always good to have another option.

So if you don’t have an Iberia account go ahead and open one here to start the 3 month countdown until you can transfer BA Avios to Iberia Avios.

You also need to earn Iberia Avios to activate your account and allow transfers from BA.  You can do that by transferring 1,000 AMEX points to Iberia.

Or you can click here to open the Iberia Newsletter. Scroll 3 pages to the right and you’ll see the Great Avios Conquest.  Click start and provide these answers to the 4 questions, “My Shoes,” “La Panza es Primero,” “All of the above,” and “Cash Card.” Then enter your Iberia Avios number and you’ll get 50 points “shortly.”

Once you have had an Iberia account for 3 months and have earned Iberia Avios you can logon to your BA Avios account, go to Executive Club>Manage my account>Combine my Avios>Transfer to Iberia Plus.

Iberia flies from the following US cities:
Los Angeles

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Can those 50 points be instead of the 1000 amex points?


Thanks, just considering the need to do this today!! Question, so if I enter the great avios contest I do not have to transfer the 1000 points from Amex?


Awesome! Thanks

chana k

@Shlomo: @freida: OR you can click here to open the Iberia Newsletter…..

So yes this is instead of transferring from Amex.


Is anyone else having trouble signing up for an iberia account? They’re asking for an immense amount of personal information. Any way to sign up more simply and avoiding this?

Dan's the Man

What the fuel surchage and miles needed for NYC to TLV on Iberia?


can we give BOGUS passport # and address??


Do I have to open an Iberia account. Or can I use my ba account


greetings from CLE.


been waiting for something like this to activate my account, thanks!!!

Dan's the Man

@Dan’s the Man: I meant how many miles and how much fuel surcharge for business NYC – TLV ?


Does this work on Iberia flights that are US Airways codeshares, like the PHL to MAD flight?


I tried playing the game but it wont let me select my choice. Is the site down?


Thanx Dan, been meaning to open an account, this was a perfect opportunity


for id info just write 12..9


I’m new to this credit card points thing, I see a lot about transferring points to other card accounts… How do you transfer points from lets say Amex to BA? If there are a few ways what’s the best way?


Do BA Avios transfer instantly to Iberia Avios? Thnx


@Hannah: just worked for me!
thanx dan!


@Hannah: Same for me.
@Eli: What browser are you using?


What am I doing wrong? I can’t get the confirm button on the game to work, after I make a choice.


It just worked for me in Firefox but not with IE or Chrome.
Anyone tried for the 50 points more than once and got confirmation?


It just worked for me in Firefox. Thanks


Can one transfer form his BA Avios to someone else Iberia Avios account


@jack2: “can we give BOGUS passport # and address??”

Yes, probably, but not if you ever plan to use that account to fly internationally….


yes, only seems to work in firefox


Am I missing something? If a round trip ticket is 65k points, what good is 50 stinkin points? Do you mean 50k?


Try reading the post.


Can one transfer form his BA Avios to someone else Iberia Avios account


Worked for in Chrome yesterday… There confirm button to press, but move ur cursor around and ull c it turn into a glove, and then just press in tht spot…


how long does it take for the points to post?


I registered for Iberia Plus earlier today and when trying to enter my ID after completing the quiz, it kept telling me “Please enter a valid Iberia Plus Card number.” I waited a few hours, thinking that it might take time for my new membership to register, but I still get that same message. Any ideas?


I registered for Iberia Plus earlier today and when trying to enter my ID after completing the quiz, it kept telling me “Please enter a valid Iberia Plus Card number.” I waited a few hours, thinking that it might take time for my new membership to register, but I still get that same message. Any ideas?


Trying for the last 3 days and still getting same error


anyway around the 90 day waiting period to us BA on iberia?


Still getting the “Please enter a valid Iberia Plus Card number.” error after cutting and pasting number from my IB account. This is frustrating.


Hey dan thank you. Which route and airline flight is 65k iberia avios from Miami to TLV that you speak about in the post?


Awesome thanks Dan


I’ve been trying to register for a new acct (in IE and Firefox) and form keeps rejecting my document number (I entered my 9-digit passport #). What do I have to do to make it work?



Someone above had asked about the amount of personal info required to open this account. Why is it necessary to have the passport number to open an account as well as other information?
Is there any way around this?



So make it up.


@Lonamo: you have to have some points in your account to qualify to transfer points into your account. so if you have 0 you can listen to dan and get your self a free 50 points and wait 3 months then you can start transferring points in.



Figured it out… seems that any 11-digit number will work for passport #


Thanks for this information. But I am still confused about how I can use the Iberia Avios after they are transferred from British Air Avios. Can I use my Iberia Avios to book an award flight on British Air metal from London to US and have lower fuel charges than if I used British Air Avios or American miles to book that same flight?


No. This only helps for Iberia flights.


Thanks Dan…Done..worked for me in Firefox

Bahama Bruce

If you are having trouble with Firefox you need to disable ad blocker.
Thanks Dan

Sam the man

hi dan ,on a different subject i just recieved my delta platinum and i dont remember re: 100 statement credit includes delta gift cards ?


Thanks, Dan, for your quick response. So I gather the bottom line is that if you want a transatlantic award flight on BA metal, there is no way to avoid the huge fuel charges, regardless of what airline’s miles are used to book the award trip.


it says you registered but the points never shows up. I called and they told me $100 for 1 avios or something like that.


Boy do they have website issues! To make a new account: You may need to clear your Iberia cookies (2 or 3 listings) in order to register two people with the same last name at the same address. Don’t worry, their software will supply you with a false birthday (you just need to remember it!) Use the arrow keys to get the security question that you want.


I registered for the account, not using Dan’s link to the Spanish language site, but using the English version. I dutifully filled in the information they asked. For State, I picked New York from the pulldown list. In my personal details, my address is correct except for listing me in the province of Cádiz instead of the state of NY. I hope they don’t try to send me any snail mail.


fuel taxes still a lot of moola
will stick to other airlines

PS What does metal mean?


@Cadiz:Their tangilble metal aircraft in their name.


Thanks Dan! I got mine too!


Dan, I know that ANA can only book a United flight to Tel Aviv if United offers that flight as a ‘saver award’. I can see the flight as a ‘saver award’ on because I have a united chase explorer card, even though for non-cardholders, shows no availability. How do I make the ANA rep “see” (and book) the same availability I’m seeing?


Still haven’t gotten the 50 points. Almost a year. just wondering if anyone did?