Excellent Business Class Award Space To Europe For 37K Or Israel For 57K AMEX Points Round-Trip

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Brussels currently has excellent coach and business class award space to Europe and Israel.















The least expensive way to book a Brussels award ticket is with Etihad. You can view the award chart here.

-A round-trip between JFK and Brussels is 21,972 miles in coach or 36,620 miles in business.
-A round-trip between Brussels and Tel Aviv is 12,096 miles in coach or 20,160 miles in business.

A business class flight from JFK to Tel Aviv would be the sum total of those requirements, or 56,780 miles round-trip.

DDF member jmansour just booked 3 business class awards to Israel for next Sukkos for 56,780 miles plus $100 in taxes per passenger. There are no fuel surcharges.

Etihad partner awards must be booked over the phone at 877-690-0767 and then click 1, 2, and then 1 to reach an agent. Etihad agents are very hit or miss, so booking a Brussels award can require some HUCA.

You also need to book Etihad partner awards at least 14 days in advance of travel.

Etihad also has incredible award charts for other airlines, like American and GOL and they don’t charge fuel surcharges. Etihad still uses American’s far more lucrative old award chart and discounted off-peak travel dates.

Etihad miles expire 24 months after they were earned.

You can transfer AMEX (1:1), Citi (1:1), or Starwood (20K:25K) points to Etihad, but only AMEX points transfer instantly. The best plan of attack would be to call Etihad, find an agent that sees the award space you need, ask for them to hold while you transfer AMEX points to Etihad, and then complete the booking.

American Express is a DansDeals.com advertiser.

You can view credit card offers by clicking on the “Credit Card Offers” tab on top of the DansDeals banner to view links for card offers from all banks.

-The Starwood Consumer AMEX and the Starwood Business AMEX awards 25K signup points with no fee for the first year. 20K Starpoints can transfer into 25K Etihad miles with the permanent 25% transfer bonus.

-American Express Membership Rewards points transfer instantly at a 1K:1K ratio to Etihad and can be earned from credit cards like The Amex EveryDay Preferred Card or The Amex EveryDay Card

The Preferred card awards 1.5 miles per dollar everywhere, 3 miles per dollar on Uber and gas, and 4.5 miles per dollar on groceries if you make 30 transactions per month.

The EveryDay card awards 1.2 miles per dollar everywhere and 2.4 miles per dollar on Uber and groceries if you make 20 transactions per month.

You can also earn Membership Rewards points from consumer charge cards like the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card and The Platinum Card® from American Express, and from business charge cards like the AMEX Business Gold Rewards Charge Card (limited time 50K signup bonus) or The Enhanced Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN

Offer expired! The Blue for Business® Credit Card from American Express has no annual fee and for a limited time offers 10 points per dollar at restaurants, 2 points per dollar everywhere, and a 30% annual points bonus based on the past year’s purchases. However you’ll need any of the membership rewards cards listed above to transfer points from that card into airline miles.

Citi Thank You Premier, Prestige, and Chairman cardholders can also transfer points into Etihad miles. You can find credit card offers by issuing bank in the “credit card offers” tab at the top of this site.

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ou also need to book Etihad partner awards at least 14 days in advance.

no more.

To redeem miles for award tickets on Brussels Airlines, members must contact the Etihad Guest Service Centre a minimum of 24 Hours prior to the intended date of travel. Award bookings will be confirmed subject to seat availability. Applicable taxes, surcharges and/or fees listed on the ticket will have to be paid at the time of ticket issuance.


Any way to see availability online? Wxpertflyer?


So no hope to use all those Chase points for this deal?


@Eli: any star alliance search should work.

United, ANA, Aeroplan.

Brussels Air

I flew Brussels Air a year ago with an infant and a toddler and I will tell you that I was amazed at their service and the food was great as well. the seats were pretty good as well. overall a very good experience.


hi do i need first to enroll in eithad millage program ?


What’s the cancellation policy on these flights?


Im new to this, does “Need to book Etihad partner awards at least 14 days in advance.” mean that I need to send points to Ethiad now, and in 2 weeks I can book?


Can this be done for one way? Or only good for round trip?



The penalty is 10% of the miles used.

You can book now but can’t travel within 14 days.

Officially just Round-trip, but call and let us know if they’ll book you one-way.


does the etihad mileage account have to be on the same name as the amex cardholder?





If I am searching on United and see award availability on Brussels, but one leg is actually handled by United, with I be able to book with Ethiad? Thank you


Thanks. So just so I understand. I open an Ethiad miles account(I assume on there website), transfer from AMEX to Ethiad, and then Call Ethiad and ask to book a Brussels Airlines Flight from NY – Brussels, and then Brussels – TLV?







Would this deal also work if I’m flying from Montreal Canada

Dr Ganse

Dan – possible to transfer Chase UR to Korean Air and book Brussels via Etihad?


anyone have success with other cities such as ord or lax? rates?




Whats the cancellation policy?
Infant is full mileage ?


If I only have Starwood, can I transfer to Etihad, hope that seats are available in a few days, and if not, transfer back to Starwood?

high end hobo

it remains to be seen if someone can get a rep to book from IAD or YYZ.


What airline are you booking for direct flights from JFK TO TLV?


Do they charge havy fuel fee?


How can I check if they have availability for my dates??


I have booked with Etihad in the past.
But they will book rountrip from NY to TLV?
Or I need to book BRU tlv separately?


How can I check if they have availability for my dates?


Daven on Ethiad????


question, should’t i get back 50% of miles using amex points? isn’t that their latest incentive?







Etihad reps don’t see what AC/UA/EF see. HUCA 4x.


I have starward points. I am looking to fly economy with my family august time to Israel. Which airline would you suggest I tranfer my points to, thanks



They definitely don’t see the exact same inventory, that’s always been the case. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But 5th time’s a charm.


They r saying that u have to do 2 check ins one in jfk & one Brussels & vice versa on return is that correct. because they issue u 2 tickets


Read the post.

Whichever has award space for when you want to go.

Not true, they’ll check you in the whole way.


What am i doing wrong? when i go on etihad site and i put in from JFK i dont have the option to put in BRU. How can i get a direct flight from JFK to BRU?


Read the post.



Reb Dan,

As aDan Fan for almot 14 years i dont see what i am missing, can you please point out what i am doing wrong?



“Etihad partner awards must be booked over the phone at 888-8-ETIHAD. Etihad agents are very hit or miss, so booking a Brussels award can require some HUCA.”


Im new to this, can someone please confirm my understanding? I open an Etihad miles account(I assume on there website), transfer from AMEX to Etihad, and then Call Etihad and ask to book a Brussels Airlines Flight from NY – Brussels, and then Brussels – TLV roundtrip?


@Dan: That number is actually incorrect. Now you can call 1-877-690-0767 to book partner flights. You can then push 1-2-1 consecutively to quickly reach an agent.


Dan – would they cancel my business return ticket if I don’t fly the inbound flight?


Yes, but call to confirm award space before transferring.

Thanks, updated.

They would.
Did you try just booking a one-way or 2 one-ways?


@ari: No – you get 50% back ONLY if A) you have an Amex BUSINESS Platinum account and you B) Pay with Miles at $0.01 per mile.

Doesn’t apply to transfers


Anyone know how many miles it is from ORD to Brussels?


HUCAd 3 times and booked a one-way, thanks!


but is it true that I will need 2 separate tkts on jfk bru & bru tlv

Etihad registration

Is anyone else having difficulties signing up for an Etihad Reward account today? All fields are completed, yet it won’t submit application.


@Anonymous: Did you book two one-way legs for a JFK-TLV route?


question not related to this subject
how can i transfer amex points ( not spg ) to united


hi does it make sense that from jfk to tlv theu r issuing 2 tkts one jfk-bru-jfk & one bru-tlv-bru????


Etihad asked me how come so many people are calling today to book through them instead of directly!


called and every date i try its not available am i doing anything wrong ?


I tried business class NYC-TLV for March, nothing available 🙁


@david: HUCA


@Hesderguy: NO!


I once needed to fly urgently TLV-NYC and the only availability was on Brussels airlines connecting to UA. I can tell you that Brussels airlines business class ex TLV is nothing to write home about, and the experience at BRU airport (I had a short connection) was also less than desirable.

Doesn’t Singapore also charge a little over 57K for Business NYC-TLV? What would the surcharges be?


Dan – what’s the risk of Etihad (Brussels Airlines) cancelling the ticket if the flight was booked on a different Etihad account?

Luv Israel

Just booked four tickets to Israel for next Sukkos. It took two 1/2 hours and four HUCA’s, but i got it. Only economy left to JFK-BRU, and only Business BRU-TLV, total 169K points. 9/27/17-10/12/17


What’s the second cheapest way to book this connection after Etihad? (Which seems to never show the same availability as United)


I have booked with Etihad in the past.
But they will book rountrip from NY to TLV?
Or I need to book BRU tlv separately?


Just called, They asked me if i also got an email from a third party about TLV route, She claimed she can only book on Brussels for flights going in next month , She said they just had a briefing about it

Luv Israel

Mistakenly booked a return on shmini atzeres! Anyone knows if they will charge me to change the flight to another day? I have to change the return leg of both flight…..


Wow! The power of Dansdeals.


@Anonymous: Does a 1 way requires just the half amount of miles??

Need Israel Flights

@Luv Israel: Had the same results for summer time. No business class from JFK to Brussels and I need 5 seats only 4 Business class available from Brussels to Israel


Just finished booking JFK – Brussels – Tel Aviv – Brussels – JFk for two. Process was relatively painless (most of the time was spent searching for available seats) going this August for two weeks. Taxes for both of us totaled ~$275.00. Had to call Brussels Air for seats and to request kosher food. The only risk is that these are NOT connected flights, meaning that checked bags have to be claimed and re-checked for each leg and if any leg is delayed… you can fill in the rest.

Otherwise, much appreciate this post Dan!


u can check thru baggage , and the ticket should have bin 1 ticket
but still u can check thru


I tried for January 9-17. No seats available on points in either economy or business well into March. HUCA x 4.

Any thoughts?


Just tell the agents in JFK to check it through to Tel Aviv, no issues.


Even with one hour in between?

Just booked tickets one way tlv-bru, bru-jfk after 5 HUCA..


How come? i see saver award availability on united’s site, but the fifth representative that tells me they see no availability


@eliezer: a lot of times its because they dont know howto check , and a lot of times its really not avail for etihad and can still b e avail for star alliance, keep trying , ask for 1 way ask for 1 leg at the time , etc etc good luck


@Dan: will do – thanks, he said with relief!


Hi Dan, does Etihad have eve more availability then shown on United website?


Is this deal still valid?.. Need to make 5 tix to Israel of Sukkot.. TIA.