Convert Virgin America Miles Into Alaska Miles At A 1:1.3 Ratio; Check Your Account For 10K Bonus Miles!

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Update: Check your emails for an offer from Alaska Airlines to Virgin America account holders to open an Alaska mileage account and earn 10K miles or $100 off an Alaska flight.

Some people’s offers require that you open an account by today while other people’s offers are valid in February.

I got 10K bonus miles and my wife and kids did as well thanks to having Virgin America account from the JetBlue PointsMatch offer. Talk about the deal that keeps on giving!

If you had a Virgin America account as of 12/5 and didn’t get 10K miles in your Alaska account or get an email to claim 10K miles you can call Alaska and ask about the promotion.

Originally posted on 1/9/17:

You can now convert Virgin America miles to Alaska miles at a 1:1.3 ratio here. Points transfer instantly.

There are lots of great uses for Alaska miles.

Note that this is a one-way street. The only reason to transfer now is to redeem an award with Alaska. Otherwise you can let your points stay on the Virgin America side and wait until you need Alaska miles or until they forcibly transfer all points over to Alaska.

In other news, people that had a Virgin America account as of 12/5 also got a nice surprise in their Alaska account. Here is the gift I found in my account:






If you only have a Virgin America account and not an Alaska account you should get an email asking you to open an Alaska account to claim your choice of 10K miles or $100 off a flight.

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high end hobo

Also you can book VX online at AS site now with AS miles.
Maybe you can do a write up about that and explain good uses with stopovers etc


I opened a virgin America account on friday, should I expect the email with the bonus offer?


I’ve had a virgin America since before 12/05, but didn’t receive any surprises


In my opinion VA points are the most underrated points out there. A flight round trip from EWR to LAX is 10,000-20,000 points ($100-$200). Nice side perk of that Starwood’s/JetBlue business (the one with 75,000 points)


Is there anything I lose by transferring? In the past I’ve used virgin points to book tickets. Will anything change now if I convert to Alaska points?


I have both don’t see extra 10k bonus


i have a Virgin america and alaska account open for a while but no bonus.
do i have to make a transfer to get the bonus?


I have a Virgin America account but didn’t get the 10k offer… 😢


Nice! just checked and I too had a 10k miles present in my AS account.


I don’t see that an email from alaska or virgin offering 10k miles.
i had the virgin account and no alaska account.


I have both accounts VX and AS. Just checked my AS account – no miles:(

Do they have to be linked somehow?

Points Hunter

When do you think we can use Alaska flight $50 discount code and companion pass on VX flights? It’s still not allowed yet at the moment


+1 @Mendy

had both accounts as of 12/5, no 10k bonus

not complaining though, still converted SPG to AS via VX


I have had both for years and no bonus. Strange



didn’t either


Dan – what is the source for info that all accounts from prior to 12/5 are getting the points? I haven’t seen that elsewhere and based on other comments (plus my own account) that seems to not be the case…


Thanks for the link, I couldn’t find where to link accounts on either sites. Thanks to your advice, I’ll hopefully be booking in J on CX to Tel Aviv for less than 39k SPG(which transferred VX and then to 62.5k on AS), Thanks again!


I got the 10k miles in my account!! Will check my wife’s account soon.


Checked my Alaska account today and received the 10k bonus. Then converted my VA points to Alaskan and received an email showing the 1:1.3 rate. Here is the link I used to convert.
Just now received email message which says:
You’ve successfully converted your Elevate® points into Mileage Plan&trade miles, which can be used for travel to over 800 destinations worldwide.


Got the 10k for transferring only 50 miles


I got 10k. It might have something to do with card holders


I had a VX account with points and I received the 10k bonus without asking, and was able to do the conversion to AS with the remaining points.

My wife had a VX account with 0 points. She did not receive the 10k bonus to AS.

So those here reporting they didn’t get the bonus, perhaps it was because they did not have any points in their VX accounts?


the 10K points just came in


My wife and I both got 10K each! They posted yesterday


Is it better to wait for email before creating Alaska account?


I got the 10,000 miles deposited in my Alaska account.

I do not have either credit card.
My Virgin account had Zero miles in it. I opened it last April when the promo was going on. I opened it just in case I was going to participate in that promo.

I’ve had an Alaska account for several years, and it’s now 10,000 miles richer.


Sweet mother of Moses, I have a bonus in my Alasak account!


Hi Dan,

Quick question, what is the best way to buy 17k SPG or 50k Marriott points now? I missed the end of year sale by SPG and now points are being sold at around 3 cents a point….

Please help!


How long does the email take to show up? How can I even be sure they are going to send it? I didn’t see any box, button, or field to indicate that I wanted them to do that.


Dan- can we create a new Virgin account and still get the offer for 10k Alaska miles?


I had a Virgin account but no Alaska. I created an account as soon as you posted this and just got an email that I was credited 10k!


Both my husband and I received the offer today around noon 🙂


Is it necessary to transfer the points from V to AS ?


Just got an email from Alaska as well asking me to activate my new Alaska account. Was not part of Alaska before.

This seems to be apply for everyone who had a VA account.


Miles posted instantly. Got invitation today


Would you suggest I choose the $100 or 10k miles?


Got invitation to activate my Alaska account. Had some kind of issue in the activation process. I can’t seem to get past that step since it says I have an account already (which I didn’t). When I logged in with my new information I don’t have the 10k miles in there. I’m currently on hold with Alaska.


is the 10k points a better value than $100 discount?


Extended until mid Feb act to Alaskan


Alaska actually mailed me a very pretty blue envelope with the 10,000 mile or $100 off a ticket credit


Just got the offer today!! I had planned to call Alaska,)


Dan, thanks for this reminder! I would have missed the offer for my son and my wife.


i didnt get this offer. i already had both virgin america AND alaska accounts. i actually called alaska and they said that since there has been no activity in my virgin america account for X amount of time, i’m not eligible.

is that true?

and is this only if you open an alaska account now?


I get so many emails I missed the one welcoming me to Alaskan Mileage Plan. Since I already had an Alaskan acct, I thought I wasn’t eligible. Not, true, Alaskan gave me another Mileage Plan acct number. The 10,000 miles were instantly put in my acct.