Citi Thank You Points Now Transferable To Select Airlines

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Update: Citi has now added Flying Blue as an airline transfer partner.
Flying Blue typically charges heavy fuel surcharges but they don’t on Delta. Additionally they consider Israel to be part of Europe, so a one-way award on Delta to Israel is just 25K miles (when Delta has saver award space) and promo awards to Israel are 12.5K miles each way plus fuel surcharges.
Originally posted on 07/21:

Citi Thank You Points Now Transferable To Select Airlines.

Citi Transfer Partners:
-Cathay Pacific
-Garuda Indonesia
-Malaysia Airlines

-You must have a Citi ThankYou Premier, Citi Prestige, or Citi Chairman card to make a transfer.
-Points earned from checking accounts can’t be transferred.
-It may take up to fourteen days for the ThankYou Points to post to your participating travel loyalty program member account.
-The first and last names on both the ThankYou Member Account and the participating travel loyalty program member’s account must match in order to transfer points using the Points Transfer feature.

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names must match

Dan's the Man

Wow you can transfer Amex, Ultimate Rewards, & now Thank you points to Singapore.


Malaysia Airlines… Ha!


For those of use who have points from our checking accounts, does it pay to now open one of those cards? Or continue to cash out for gas/gap GCs etc.


Malaysia Airlines.. good choice


thanks Dan! so it means the points from -Citibank Executive American AAdvantage Card will go up? because as of now its worth just 0.1 or 0.1.2


Hey you can cross out Malaysia.. (-:


Can TY points earned through Forward be transferred?

If so – it’s even hotter than anything from Chase.


That does increase their value from $.01 to something more than that, doesnt it?

Aay B.

Weak transfer program indeed!
On a humorous/ironic note: it seems they were waiting for the 2nd Malaysian Aircraft to be downed so thus the program being even weaker (:


so as of now whats the best transfer partner?


does it transfer instantly?


For real this time?!


Excuse me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I deserve the HT!

Just WOW!

I won a Lottery!…


It seems like points earned from checking accounts can’t be transferred even if you have one of those cards.

This has nothing to do with AA miles.
Nor should you sell those points for a penny. First of all you’ll get shut down. Second of all you’ll do way better by using them for flights.

Should be if you have a card that allows transfers.

Yes, as Singapore miles are worth more than a penny each.

I’m worried about what this will do to suites availability though.

Singapore seems to be the only worthwhile partner.

The FAQ says no, but I haven’t seen any reports yet.

Dream on 😉


Now we need a breakdown on these miles


Wow haven’t seen AsherO on the mainsite for a while


Thanks @Dan Family member has been hoarding these points and at least we have some payoff. And to quote you “Only A380 flights have private suites, but their “regular” first class is nothing to sneeze at either, it’s among the very best in the world!” Maybe link the May 22 article re: Chase being transferable to Singapore


I need to expand cc purchasing abilities. Should I ask for a higher starwood limit, get a diff AMEX card, or another card (I already have a a few chase cards..).

Basically which is the best points?


Only exciting option here is Singapore as far as I can tell.

Too long.


Best is relative to your needs.


@Dan If adding Chase as a KF transfer partner didn’t kill suites this won’t either. Most TYP people just want cash and don’t know what their doing when it comes to airline transfer partners.


True, though Chase has lots of other valuable transfer options while Citi’s other options are very weak.


I have 88k Thank You points (from well before I knew what I was doing with credit cards).

Anyone have a need for them with one of these airlines?


People are missing the newly-given ability to now redeem for GA F. No other way to practically/efficiently do this before Citi’s TY program.

Gary Leff

Malaysia Airlines was reported on the Flyertalk website as a transfer partner it seems, but does not appear on Citi’s Thank You points transfer page that I can tell.

Your post had me searching all over for how I could have missed Malaysia when I write my own post.

Perhaps it was there and then pulled.


Use them to fly to Europe in a suite?

Is it any good?

@Gary Leff:
It’s still these in the Transfer FAQ, question 7.

Seems like they must have pulled it.


I have 300K of Thank You Rewards Point on the Premier Card. Can someone explain why these are not a descent deal? For every mile I fly when I buy the ticket with their card they give me an extra point for every dollar I spend so I really get 2 points for every dollars I spend.

Why is that better than Sapphire Preferred?
Dan you rock but how come none of the membership rewards cards are ever recommended by you?



Looks amazing from the pictures. GIYF.

Suite with doors; and we all know how I feel about suites with doors.


You can get 5 points per dollar, but if the redemption options aren’t good then what’s it worth?

And you don’t really get 2 points per dollar unless you spend enough to cover the flight miles.

For someone who feels that way, where is your Singapore trip report 😉


Thanks Dan! I am not flying anywhere and I asked few ppl who I sell the points, they offered me for 100K aa about 1300. this sucks because I had to spend 10k in 3 months which was a struggle and it cost 250 for the fee (450-200)


Since you wrote about this two years ago you would think Mesh would get a mention.

David R

@hvaces42: With ThankYou Premier, points have been worth $0.0125 towards airfare all along.


Thanks Dan.
So what card should I get if I making aliya in a month. I plan to come back to the US for the summer so car rental insurance in the US would be great.

I assume u will say Sapphire…if so- what other cards should I apply for to get 3 BM? Just not sure I can meet min spend on 3 cards in 3 months.


I just cashed out my thank you points for student loan rebate. I got 1 cent per point. Was that a poor use of the points?

David R

@David: Are you sure they still award flight miles? I thought they removed that option in October 2013.


Go fly to Israel or something.

He did…then.

Sapphire is great, you can get 55K+$50 for spending just $1,000 on the United card (see DDF).

BA has a 50K bonus for spending $2K.

The Barclay Arrival card is also very good for tickets to Israel and coach tickets in general.

Due to today’s developments, yes.
But only if you have a qualifying card.

@David R:
Good point!


lol, dan, do u know if its worth more or it will be worth moresoon?


Nobody is paying you much because AA is notoriously vicious about shutting down accounts that they suspect are selling mileage tickets.

They’re worth far more if you just use them. Shocking, I know.


Any idea why they have focused on Asian based airlines?


Maybe they sell their miles for the cheapest 😉


@Dan thanks. It seems my card is not one of the ones you mentioned and thus can’t be transferred. Do you think it pays to get a Premier card just to transfer the miles?


Dan what is now the current offeres on Citi Thank you cards?


@AJK: what is GAF?


What is the transfer ratio 1:1 ?


@yanky: Except for Hilton which is 1:1.5


@@YeahThatsKosher: If that’s the impetus for you to plan an unforgettable vacation, definitely!

Sang Kancil Guru

@Partners: Very insensitive, shame on you.

Sang Kancil Guru

@Aay B.: Not a humorous note, what an insensitive comment. Shame on you!

Sang Kancil Guru

@LoLo: Not funny, shame on you.

Sang Kancil Guru

@TA: Shame on you for that emoticon, the MH tragedy is not a laughing matter or a FF joke to make light off. Shame on you!

Premier Earn

The earn on the Premier card is 3x dining and entertainment, 2x travel, 1x everything else. They did get rid of flight points.


@sam: who’s pays 1300 for 100K aa miles? Let me know and I’ll sell tonight 2 accounts

Liam Knuj

Dan, I think Sang Kancil Guru has a very good point. Some comments here are quite insensitive & should be pulled. Just think if we read comments on a blog that were insensitive regarding something that we hold dear. It also doesn’t shine a good light on us.


Yeah, Dan, I agree… I kinda enjoyed Suites as my little secret redemption. Okay, who am I kidding, I know others knew about it, but now with Chase and Citi cardholders in on the game… I’m definitely not optimistic about Suites or even SQ Business availability :\.

Still, though, I’m tempted to pull the trigger on the Citi Premier card primarily for the 50K bonus miles… but am worried about:

1) whether those miles will indeed be transferable to SQ. I’ve read conflicting things… in the Citi FAQs, I think bonuses are specifically excluded from transfer, but I’ve heard from those with TY accounts telling me that they can indeed transfer those points.

2) whether TY points earned on my legacy CForward card (5x on restaurants) will be transferable.

Then again, I barely trust Citi farther than I can throw ’em (given their far worse customer service record than Chase Sapphire or Amex Platinum), so I worry I may rue jumping back into the Citi TY game…


Is this card churnable every 8/65 days?


(By this card I mean the Citi ThankYou® Premier Card)


Flying Blue Added as Citi ThankYou Transfer Partner