Check To See If You’re Targeted To Claim 1,000 Free Aegean Miles!

Anna Zvereva from Tallinn, Estonia, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
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Check To See If You’re Targeted To Claim 1,000 Free Aegean Miles!

Login to your Aegean account via the link above to see if you have an offer to claim a gift of 1,000 miles towards the bottom of the page:


You need to claim the gift within the next 2 days, but once you claim it, the miles will stay in your account.

My wife and I are both targeted for this offer. I just opened an account for my wife a few months ago to get 5,000 free miles. Now she has another 1,000 miles that were added instantly for free.

Aegean allows you to transfer up to 50K points between accounts for just 15 Euros, which can be worthwhile.

Aegean considers Israel to be part of Europe/North Africa, so you can book a one-way between North America and Europe (including Israel) for just 35K miles in coach or 55K miles in business!

Aegean does not charge fuel surcharges to fly on Air Canada or United.

A flight within Europe/North Africa (including Israel) is just 15K miles in coach or 25K miles in business class each way.

A flight within North America is 12.5K miles in coach or 21K miles in business class each way.

You can transfer 60K Marriott points into 25K Aegean miles.

Aegean only charges 20 Euros to change or cancel an award ticket and there are no close-in fees.

Aegean miles expire after 5 years, but if you credit any Star Alliance flight to Aegean your points will be extended by another 5 years.

Are you targeted for this offer?

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I got the email this AM, server was crashing, went back an hour later and claimed the 1K miles.




Can I book Aegean awards online?




Will this count as activity to extend for another 5 years?


Hope so. 1k posted instantly, thank you @Dan


I had created accounts for all my family members from your last post, and your link just now got me a 1k bonus on all those accounts!

However, I see that some of the accounts got the full 5k originally, and some only got the 1k but never got the 4k bonus. Any idea why?


Same here. It seems like the children (below 18/16?) accounts never got the additional 4k.


It’s not a “children” thing. My wife didn’t get hers either (and she has a different last name and different email address).




Combined Accounts

@Dan we are still waiting anxiously to learn how to combined accounts,or to transfer miles. Any updates?


I did this yesterday and claimed the 1000 miles.

Then, during the night, I got a fraud prevention email. Ugh.


thanks’ got it

Bill from Maine