Awesome Gift Card Deal At A&P And Pathmark!


Update: This last day to take advantage of this great deal is Thursday, 12/12.

Originally posted on 12/04:

This deal is valid at A&P, Pathmark, Waldbaums, SuperFresh, and Food Emporium. (Click on the links for store locations)
-$50 on gift cards you’ll get $5 in vouchers for your next purchase.
-$100 on gift cards you’ll get $10 in vouchers for your next purchase.
-$200 on gift cards you’ll get $20 in vouchers for your next purchase.
-$500 on gift cards you’ll get $60 in vouchers for your next purchase.
The $60 is actually split up into 3 $20 vouchers and you can use one per purchase.

The vouchers expire on 12/26.

You can buy a variable Visa gift card and load it with $500 in funds for just a $5.95 fee.  The variable cards say that you can load $20-$500 on them. For buying and loading it with $500 you’ll get a whopping $60 to spend on your next purchase.  Note that you can’t use the $60 to buy more gift cards.

You can liquidate the Visa gift card in several ways. The last 4 digits of the card are your pin code that makes it into a debit card:
-Load it onto your Bluebird card at a Walmart ATM machine (No charge, limit of $1,000 per Bluebird card per day and $5,000 per month)
-Load it onto your Bluebird card with any Walmart cashier and tell them you want to load your Bluebird from your debit card. Some cashiers won’t allow this. Others simply won’t know how, just tell them to use Action code 70. (No charge, limit of $1,000 per Bluebird card per day and $5,000 per month)
-Buy a money order with it from any store that lets you buy them with debit cards (Locally I do this for 58 cents).
-Send it to a friend’s back account with Amazon Payments (No charge, limit of $1,000 per month).
-Spend it like a credit card though you’ll be forgoing on earning miles for those purchases. You can even use one Visa gift card to pay for another (though you’ll have to cover the $5.95 fee from another source).

So the $5.95 fee gets you 506 miles AND $60 to spend on your groceries!
Some cards would earn more than 506 miles:
-If you have a Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express you’ll actually earn 6% cash back on groceries. That’s $30.42 cash back from AMEX on top of the $60 in grocery coupons!
-If you have the American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card you would earn 1,012 points (transferable to even more miles thanks to recurring promotions like this current one).
-If you have the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express you would earn 506 points but those transfer into miles with a 25% bonus thanks to the 20K:25K transfer ratio.

There is no limit to the number of grocery vouchers  that can be earned per customer, there’s just a stated limit of one bonus per transaction.  Though individual stores can always start limiting this at any time.

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Do u need to have a pathmark card?


Wow. I’ve been doing this for the past 10 days. Now it’s going to die quicker than ever.

Please DONT call and ask if they have the visa gc’s in stock. That is a very bad idea.


It doesn’t seem so from the ad (page 7 of the weekly circular that can be found online)

Sharing is caring 🙂


Dave’s in cleveland heights has an ongoing deal that for every $100 you get a $10 Dave’s gift card. I am not sure if that multiplies to a 500. Now you have made me think. I will have to check it out.


You do not need an A&p card to get the coupons.
(don’t know about pathmark)


@ Joe
Dave’s has gas cards where 2 $50 ones will get the $10 Dave’s gc, but they don’t sell $500 visa gc’s and the free $10 doesn’t apply to thier Visa GC’s cards anyways.


Can I use the gift cards to buy more gift cards?


Read the post.


Whoops! Just read the last line! Cool thanks!


Shoprite has a offer this week, if you buy $100 in gift cards (excluding s.r.) u get a $15 coupon valid for next week limit 1


Dan, for $500, you receive 3 $20 coupons, and only one coupon can be redeemed per purchase.


for out of towners, other stores are offering $10-$30 back as well.
Albertsons, Ralphs, Vons, Smart and Final…

Benzion R

Is there a different alternative than going to Walmart I live in Brooklyn it’s quite far Walmart.


@Dan: what’s the downside from withdrawing the $500 fom an ATM?


@Max: you do not need pathmark card. Just bought $1500! I just realize you can only use one coupon per order. Any ideas of $20 items to stock up on?

chana k

@Thingywingy: pasta. malt o meal cereal. soda when on special. read the flier- usually something worth buying.


@Dan: Mike asked a good question. You said the $60 can’t be used towards more gift cards, but can the first gift card be used to pay for the next (so you’re forfeiting the extra credit card points/miles but also not racking up your card balance at $500 a pop)?

Jason Smith

A couple of notes: Many of the Pathmark’s/ A& P’s in the NY/NJ area will not allow you to purchase the $500 gift cards with a credit card, some only allow with a debit card or cash. In fact, the one in Jersey City I called ahead and they said I could use a credit card but when I got to the store they wouldn’t let it. I would still call ahead before making a trip out there. The policy seems to vary store by store.

In Brooklyn, the one in Boro Park (13th and 60th Street) and Atlantic Avenue DO NOT allow credit cards to be used for the gift card purchase, the one on Hamilton Boulevard does.

The stores that do allow the credit cards will require a managers override for the $500 gift card purchase. Also, when using the $20 coupon, they also require a managers override (I know, its ridiculous)so you will not be able to go into the store 3 times in a row to use the 3 coupons without being noticed. Whether they would allow you 3 times in a row, I don’t know.

One thing about the Blue Cash Preferred, the real rate you earn is 4.75% once you factor in the $75 annual fee. Still the best card out there for grocery shopping.


Are there expiration dates for the pathmark vouchers?


@thingywingy: you spent 1500 and got 180$) in vouchers?


anybody know where they accept debit cards for a money order near lakewood
wal mart?

Dan's the man

when do the $20 coupons expire?


Why you never speak about teh AA from Citi?
it currently have 3 miles per $1 on grocery!


Up here in the Northeast, Shoprite and Acme have had as good or better deals the last 2 weeks.

Though Acme has put up a sign limiting the gift cards you can buy using Acme gift cards to $100, which is a shame. The yeshivas here make everyone buy discounted grocery gift cards (discount goes to the yeshiva, not parents), so it was a good deal using your Acme gift cards you have to pay full price to the yeshiva for to buy other gift cards at a discount.


1. How do you use a gift card on Amazon payments, I assume you have posted somewhere but I couldn’t find it. What info do put in for names, address etc,
2. Can you do the same with a Mastercard?


Can the vouchers be used right away or only next week and when do they expire. With Shoprite’s offer, the $15 voucher is only good next week and expires after that. If you go there every week it doesn’t matter. But if you don’t, I’m not sure it’s worth the trip.

Big Boy

1)You can put in your own name and address.


I’ve been doing this for days. Some Pathmarks allow purchase on Credit Card. Others will allow you to use the Gift Card as debit to purchase another $500 card. Just tell them you are splitting it and put $5.95 on a different card. I have used $3000 in coupons already.


Are the $60 credits cross-honored? In other words, if I get one at Pathmark, can I use it at Waldbaums?

John Smith

The coupons expire on 12/26/13.


I just got it with a amex.


Pathmark in nanuet only has mastercards or amex gcs. That doesnt eork. Am I right


@Jason Smith:

You’re wrong about needing a manager to over ride to use the vouchers. I went to self checkout and made three purchases in a row with no problem.


Any waldbaums in Brooklyn accepting credit cards?

John Smith

Well, I can only say I went to 3 different Pathmarks and all 3 required a managers’ override. Maybe that is something that they finally fixed, because I agree, it is very silly to give out coupons and then have to get the manager to come over every single time someone wants to use one.


As an added bonus, Pathmark donates 1% of the amount of purchases of registered Pathmark cardholders to a non-profit that they have registered with. Our shul is registered, so not only do we benefit from this great deal as individuals, but the shul gets in on the action as well. Not trying to solicit you to sign up with us, but if there is no organization in your area that you want to support and are interested, please post a comment and I will supply the info.


@John Smith: a lot of stores (at least in NYC) do that when the dollar amount of the coupon is very high. They want to make sure that the coupon is legit and not a photocopy . It can vary from store to store. CVS has on self checkout the same thing when the coupon is over $5 or it says the item is free.


@Davidd: Walmart in freehold


@sam: Thanks Sam is that the only option for money orders in the area? what about wal mart in brick? or other stores?


which debit card can i buy ???
I just went and the have green dot Visas and MasterCard and they wont let you buy it as it says it on the packaging “cash only”
They also had Paypal gift cards but i HATE Paypal

Please help me…


@YGX: can you explain the acme offer that you’re referring to?

GC Explorer

Any way to convert the $20 coupons into something not expiring? Store gift card somehow?


Do you have to buy a new giftcard? Or can you reload one you have already?


I just went to A&P and did 500. Needed manager’s key. Coupons expire on 12/26. Didn’t require bonus card, but to get good value from coupons, it’s worth it to sign up. I saved $10 on $36 purchase w/ card. After coupon I paid $6. You should be able to sign up with both pathmark and A&P. You should also be able to purchase more at A&P. Either at different store or on different day at same store.


need to redeem it by Walmart (bluebird) or you cld do it in brooklyn


@Davidd: don’t know did it once over there


Just a pointer, u can’t make a large purchase for the same dollar amount on one credit card in one day (the system will automatically decline) manager suggested if I wanna purchase more than one gift card with the same credit card. Just pay a penny or more in cash, so the remaining balance will be diff, and then pay the rest with ur credit card


when do i get the Vouchers. does it print with the receipt?


Ugh! My Catalina didn’t print so they called the Catalina company and now a case is made Now I have to wait 2 days for the decision. I have the phone number and receipt if I don’t hear from them by Monday. They said they would mail it to me


can I cash out a mastercard or amex card or only visa


which debit card can i buy ???
I just went and the have green dot Visas and MasterCard and they wont let you buy it as it says it on the packaging “cash only”
They also had Paypal gift cards but i HATE Paypal
Please help me…


Doesn’t seem to work at Food Basics… manager there set they have a different promotion system. I went to Pathmark and got a $500 Visa Gift Card and was able to load that onto Bluebird online after registering the card online with gowallet and providing my address. I can only transfer $100 a day this way but with scheduled transfers all should be good in five days. Coupons do expire 12/26/13 and come in twenty dollar increments.

gift card nubee

can u exlain to us new-bees how to cask out these $500 visa cards???


gift card nubee

any1 think of using these cards at costco and at return ask for cash (“i threw out the gift card”)

gift card nubee

…or if its really a debit card can i withdraw it from an atm???


@jay: yes


some Pathmarks have a sign that you cant buy gift cards with that coupons

GC Explorer

yes Food Basics does not have this promo in weekly ad…
Not sure where @Dan got that info from.


@gift card nubee: See the post, where Dan discusses liquidating the gift cards


I will buy coupons for $10 each cash!


@Buyer up to how many will you buy and till when? How are you gonna get the vouchers and how will I get my money?

GC Explorer

Let’s discuss. What is your name on DDF?

Junk Yard Unz

Is this deal dead ? Has anyone tried it this evening I just went to food basics bought the gift cards but no coupons generated.

Junk Yard Unz

It might be my register at this new food basics I tried she said her register us always strange with coupons. So I am out 5.95. * 2. DAN it’s all your fault !!!!! JK 🙂


@tzvi how does cashing it out on go.wallet work? is it on the app? i registered my card but see no link to send money…thanks!
ps. walmart in suffern says your name must be on the debit card to transfer to blue bird:( and thier atm doesnt seem to do it either…


Hey I got a mastercard instead of the visas like I usually do and when I went to Walmart it wouldn’t go onto my bluebird. Does anyone know how to get the mastercard gift cards onto the bluebird? BTW this totally works I got $ 120 in pathmark and just spent 60 today


@sam: I have seen online you can do it but you have to catch it real quick on the screen pad and hit debit before it jumps to next screen. Google it 🙂

Michigan Flyer

Wife bought 500 visa without knowing the catalina and she got the 3*20 coupon w/o problem. The cashier actually asked her whether she’s there for the catalina. I went to a different AP but only one 10 off 50 purchase coupon printed. Manager was aware of the problem and wrote 6 vouchers (kind look like rain check), each has an item code (same code) on it. I bought two 500s in two transactions.


Bought 3 x $500 CGs, Spent $44.48 on fees, taxes, and overage out of pocket (excluding the $1500), got $237 worth of stuff…


does anyone know of a place in brooklyn that sells money orders for gift cards? please post


If @dan said these cards can be changed with a PIN to a debit card, doesn’t that mean I could withdraw it all from an ATM?

Jason Smith

@moshe, the Pathmark on Hamilton Boulevard will accept a credit card. Otherwise, you can just pay in cash at the other Pathmarks.


BB on line will freeze you for trying to load a GC. and then will ask you fax in DL.


@jason smith, i know i have lots of gift cards that i now wanna liquidate, my question was who in brooklyn sells money orders for gift cards, like dan says he has someone in cleveland that does it for a 58 cent charge.


Saw the same deal at Food Basics today

Dan is the man

Went to path mark bought with credit card 5 . 500 visa gift card got 300 dollars in path mark coupons bought pampers for half price because box was damaged so walked out the store with 16 boxes pampers and 3 packs wipes and a pack of baunty

Dan is the man

Thank you so much dan


@moshe: think many 7-11s and a&p’s do it. You’d be surprised how many reg normal stores do it


Had no problem using AmEx/Visa/Mastercard gift cards to purchase the next one until today. Was able to do so at various Pathmark and Waldbaum’s stores without issue (Queens, NY). Today, however, 3 different stores (2 Pathmark, 1 Waldbaum’s) said a gift card could not be used to fund a new gift card. Anyone else having a similar issue?



What’s the point of doing that? You still have to pay the $5.95 fee, but you lose out on the mileage/points.


@milechazzer: I still get $60 in coupons each time, so I net $54. I’m still a bit of a newbie and haven’t figured out a good way yet to liquidate the cards for cash value, so this way I’m only stuck with the one $500 card in the end and not several.


Dan is the man – Did you buy all at once or one a a time? I have been buying one at a time because I dont know if $60 (3x$20) will print out x the number I buy in one order?

If I buy $2000 is it really going to print out 12x$20? lol


dont you have expenses? day to day spending… Go for it


thanks Dan. Bought 5 gift cards @ $500 each.(there where only 5 left in store)The cashier said i have to use a different CC for each one otherwise system wont let it thru. Then i took the GCs to Walmart and bought $2500 in money orders (had to be split in 3 because there is a $1000 limit) i paid 70 cents in fees for each = $2.10. it wasnt fun to make 15 purchases in a row of $20 each but i guess u have to work a little for your money .thank god for self checkout counters where u can do what u want and take all the time w nobody bothering you.


Eli, what did you buy for $300?


@anonaman no each transaction gives you just 60 in coupons, i made the mistake and got 2 gc’s and only 60


You can get cash back at Costco with the Visa gift cards. Tried and tested.


@Ari: what do you mean, how does that work?


Has anybody buy more than 78 cards @ $500 each?


@guywhocan: is that a typo?


No. My biggest problem is using the coupons before 12/26. Maybe set up a table outside Pathmark and sell them for $15? Lol

GC Explorer

Yeah, I also need ideas what to do with the coupons 🙂


I bought a bunch at pathmark. It was mastercard not visa. Any difference?
Also, the post office was willing to take it for a money-order. However , it did not go through as a debit card. The literature that came with card says, “always press “credit as your payment option”. Does that reduce chances of liquidating the card? Or am i doing something wrong? Was Dan specifically saying Visa and not any other?????


@Eli: Where are you? I couldn’t get MO at WM with the GC’s even with pin


@sam: if the post office took it then what are you panicking about? I wish I could I find a place to do money orders! I don’t know any stores that would take gift card to do money orders


@Ari: howd u get cash back at costco? howd that work?


@TheNewGuy: There are 2 sam’s on this thread! I’m not ’93’ Also it seems that they let him use it,but it didn’t work there If you make a PIN, the GC’s work like debit so they should also work for MO’s at WM and PO


@TheNewGuy: A&P for .99 did but only up to $200 and you can’t charge 1 money order on 2 cards. So a 500 card would be 3 MO’s


@sam: Walmart in Brick NJ


@Anon: stocked up on nonperishables.(detergent,papertowel,tissues,diapers,soaps,shampoos etc.)


@sam: feels weird to buy a gift card and immediately afterwards cash out of it by the same cash register! Doesn’t sound like they would let that…


@Eli: Walmart in brick DOES do money orders with gift cards? Thought someone said they don’t?


@TheNewGuy: yea the cashier told me someone came in earlier and it didnt work. but it worked for me.


Has anyone tried using the A&P coupons at Pathmark or any of the other sister stores?


@Eli: so their official policy is that they do indeed do money orders from gift cards? How much did it cost you?

GC Explorer

I was turned away…
If attendant watch coupons most likely (s)he will say no.

I used A&P at Food Emporium at self checkout and inserting coupons to bin. It worked that way…

GC Explorer

Also I used Manufacturer’s coupons – catalinas, printed at A&P (and with words “redeemable at A&P) at Food Basics, though it took Manager’s YES.


@TheNewGuy: .70 for every $1000


@Eli: wow so my $500 card will be under $1? Thanks!

David R

I spent the last of my twelve $20 coupons at 11:58pm last night. Thanks so much for this post.


Well, whoever bought these gift cards needs to be careful.
These companies are crooks- one in particular called Paypower.
Basically, you cannot cancel the card, and $5.95 will be charged to you every month, even if you have no money left on the card.
Plus they have your social security number!

joshua L

just to let u know since u dont live in ny or nj where pathmark operates! there is a limit of 4 certificates redeemed per day per consumer!my friend got burnt by listening to his freind & thought he can get rich on these certifacates ! he bought 40 GC got 2400.00 in gift cert. on the last few days he had to run from store to store since they only allow 4 per cust. per day!the system is not made to be abused! they dont want the whole store to operate on redeeming just gift cert. so pleaase check out store policies b-4 jumping into deals!

alyssa t KAPLAN

looks like they are not offering it this year