Air France: Boston To/From Tel Aviv Round-Trip For 25,000 Miles Plus $305


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Flying Blue is the joint program of SkyTeam member Air France and KLM.
They consider Tel Aviv to be part of Europe which can make for some decent deals.

Air France is currently having a promo award special for flights from Boston to Europe for just 12,500 miles each way.  Air France’s Flying Blue program considers places like Tel Aviv and Moscow to be part of Europe.

There are fuel surcharges and fees. A one-way flight from Boston to Tel Aviv will be 12,500 miles plus $132.  A one-way flight from Tel Aviv to Boston will be 12,500 miles plus $173.  And a round-trip in either direction will run 25,000 miles plus $305.

You’ll have to change planes in Paris.

Availability to and from Tel Aviv is excellent right now:














You have to book this by 04/30 and travel in June or July.  Seats are limited of course.

You can fly to Boston for just 9,000 BA Avios round-trip from cities like Buffalo, NYC, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, and more. Or it can even pay to book a paid flight to Boston for a cheap flight to Israel.

AMEX MR points transfer to Flying Blue at a 1:1 ratio and Starpoints transfer at a 20:25 ratio so 20K Starwood becomes enough for a round-trip ticket.

-The Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express awards 25K signup points with no fee for the first year. 20K Starpoints can transfer into 25K Flying Blue with the permanent 25% transfer bonus.  Transfers can take 2-9 days.

-American Express Membership Rewards points can be earned from cards like the American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card and The Platinum Card® from American Express.
These points can transfer instantly at a 1:1 ratio.

-You can get 50,000 BA Avios for spending $2,000 on the Chase British Airways card.

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Be wary about flying Air France. I know many business professionals in Europe who refuse to fly with them. Terrible safety record.


Can you use delta points?


Does anyone know cancellation policy?

Cancelation Policy

Any Idea what the cancellation policy is ?


Could i transfer aa advantge point to avios.


Can I somehow use Delta miles for this promotion if all I have is delta?


Any availibilty in may for lag bomer??


How do I transfer delta miles to air France miles


when does flying blue points expire?


Can dates be changed after booking? Cannot commit to exact dates at this time.


Can I make a stop over in Paris for 2 weeks??






The article says “June and July”


See response to Uri.


No. Delta miles cannot be transferred or used for this promotion.


How long would I have to wait for my SPG points to show up in my flying blue account? Also, I have 39,178 points and I would want two tickets. Would SPG let me borrow the 850 points until my next cycle closes?

summer trip

i have been looking for award dates for july. do you have a forum or wiki on how to set this up and get the award tickets? i am new and dont know how to use my points


Coming up no available flights on this dates

Seminary parent

Thanks dan booked for my daughter back from seminary then got Boston to Chicago for 93 Dollars!


going LY from JFK to TLV
AC from YYZ to TLV
Which lounge would I be able to use? Have Admiral, DL, Ink.


@Mark: Read the post and you will have some of your answers


@PBaruch: I just flew air France. And I had no problems!

Points, Miles & Martinis

Thanks for the hat tip Dan! I think this is a little better than the Dublin Avios deal since there are multiple locations beyond the Paris landing spot from Boston. What is cool is there are actually places on continental Africa for the 12.5k discounted flight option.

I Love Dan

So 9000 Avios or $150 for a flight to Boston, change planes in Boston, change planes in France. 32 hours later you are in Israel for nearly $500 + 25K miles + 9K Avios.
Hardly worth it.


Or you can just buy Flying Blue miles enough to get you from Boston to Tel Aviv RT for $768.
for people with no miles


@Eli: Just passing along some personal advice. My firm has many business associates in London, from a very big company that I will not name, who refuse to fly with them.

mia flyer

im getting an “unexpected error ” when i try looking for flights on airfrance flying blue page


@I love Dan:Interesting math but it is 9000 avios points round trip for a trip to Boston and Dan stated $305 not $500 for a round trip for the flight. Some people may be starting in or near Boston and can eliminate the 9000 avios. You could drive to Boston and then fly or visit for a couple of days. For a family of 4 or 5 you could save 36000 to 45000 avios points.

Have a problem

How come keeps coming up with error on page of flying blue page when I search availability?


any idea when will be the next Amex MR promotion for avios transfers?


Never heard of AF having a bad safety record. I wouldn’t hesitate to fly ’em.

See Flying Blue here,

@Seminary parent:

@I Love Dan:
32 hours?
What are you talking about?

@mia flyer:
Are you logged into an account?

No clue.

Osborne Greene

PBaruch care to share recent data to back up your idiotic claim?


Hi Dan

I love your site and thank you.

I wonder why you put on the bottom of your post a mention of BA Avios. This caused me to think that these flights can be booked with BA Avios.

After close to two hours of waiting on hold, I was told conclusively that the BA Avios program has nothing to do with the Air France Avios program, and one cannot use on’e BA Avios for this promotion.

Am I missing something?



Read the post again,

“You can fly to Boston for just 9,000 BA Avios round-trip from cities like Buffalo, NYC, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, and more. Or it can even pay to book a paid flight to Boston for a cheap flight to Israel.”


That’s fine Dan…But throughout the post you were discussing Avios for the AirFrance deal; it was not unreasonable for me to think that the BA Avios reference was for that as well. Please consider that for us mere mortals, the BA reference was confusing. It would not have hurt to clarify.

Thanks again


Thanks Dan, is there a way i can stop over for a week in Paris?


Moving Starwood points over to flying blue for this, Starwood says it may take two weeks! Any workaround this? is it still worth it? Last thing I need is 25000 points stuck with flying blue… I’m afraid this makes the whole deal not worth it



You can fly to Boston for just 9,000 BA Avios round-trip from cities like Buffalo, NYC, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, and more. Or it can even pay to book a paid flight to Boston for a cheap flight to Israel.
Why is this confusing?

@Dan: Why did you mention Koshergourmetmart? I thought this meant I could eat my way to Israel. I spent the last 5 hours eating to try and get there.
@Dan:Did you ever notice people only read a small portion of your post and then are annoyed with you because they don’t understand it?


this deal is sure worth it! i flew air france last time after transferring my AMEX miles!

Igor Barashevsky

@Kevin: Apparently he got confused, maybe he is from UK and “miles” means “avios” for him. There is also a reference to Avios for signing up to the CC for a bonus.

Either way, I think good to point out, this works out for starting from TLV too, correct?

Osborne Greene

@Leonard – it is unreasonable for you to think that the BA Avios reference was for the AF deal if you carefully read the post. To save yourself a lot of unnecessary stress, you should just stick to easy gold box or lightning deals that Dan posts for you. Just bare in mind that when Dan suggests that you should use your Amex card – it doesn’t mean that Amex is actually selling the camera or the cookware. Also, don’t go searching for an actual gold box or lightning.


Just responding to PBaruch, I agree with you, almost all the hijacked planes in the past bunch of years going back 40 Years have had something to do with with France, thing Entebee, what about Pan Am – didn’t that have a France connection, just think about it. Personally if I think Hijacked and Europe, France always come up in my head.
Still it did not stop me from flying Air France recently though. Go Figure!