[Bonus Elite Nights Have Posted!] Marriott Announces Elite Status Qualification Reductions, 10% Discount On Off-Peak Awards, And New Promotions

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Update: Marriott has posted the bonus elite qualifying nights. Have you already requalified for status through 1/31/23 thanks to the bonus?

Originally posted on 1/11:

Marriott announced today that they will once again deposit half of the elite qualifying nights in all elite member accounts that they need to requalify for status, based on their current status as follows:

  • Silver: 5 bonus elite nights
  • Gold: 13 bonus elite nights
  • Platinum: 25 bonus elite nights
  • Titanium: 38 bonus elite nights
  • Ambassador: 50 bonus elite nights

The bonus nights will post by 2/5/21.

I hit Platinum last year based on the same 25 elite qualifying night deposit plus 30 elite qualifying nights that I get with 2 Marriott cards, so I’ll get Platinum again without a stay in a Marriott hotel, and I’ll be able to pick a choice benefit. That status will expire 1/31/23.

As of today Marriott has reinstated elite member guarantees and compensation. They were previously suspended due to COVID-19.

Marriott also announced that paid stays of 2 nights of more between 2/16-4/27 will earn double points and double elite qualifying nights. Marriott normally offers 10 points per dollar spent, so with this promo I’d earn 25 points per dollar spent including the 5 bonus points per dollar spend for having Platinum status. Plus with 10 nights counting as 20 nights I’d able to earn Titanium status and another choice benefit.

Marriott also announced that they will discount off-peak awards by 10% for bookings made by 2/21 for stays through 9/30.

Here is the Marriott award chart before the 10% discount:

Hotel CategoryAward ChartCash + Points ChartPointsavers Chart
Category 15,000 off-peak
7,500 standard
10,000 peak
$55+1,500 (1.57 cpp) off-peak
$55+3,500 (1.38 cpp) standard
$55+4,500 (1 cpp) peak
4,000 off-peak
6,000 standard
8,500 peak
Category 210,000 off-peak
12,500 standard
15,000 peak
$65+4,000 (1.08 cpp) off-peak
$65+6,000 (1 cpp) standard
$65+7,000 (0.81 cpp) peak
8,000 off-peak
11,000 standard
13,000 peak
Category 315,000 off-peak
17,500 standard
20,000 peak
$80+6,000 (0.89 cpp) off-peak
$80+8,500 (0.89 cpp) standard
$80+9,500 (0.76 cpp) peak
12,000 off-peak
16,000 standard
18,000 peak
Category 420,000 off-peak
25,000 standard
30,000 peak
$105+8,000 (0.88 cpp) off-peak
$105+12,000 (0.8 cpp)
$105+15,000 (0.7 cpp) peak
17,500 off-peak
22,500 standard
27,500 peak
Category 530,000 off-peak
35,000 standard
40,000 peak
$140+13,500 (0.85 cpp) off-peak
$140+17,000 (0.78 cpp)
$140+21,000 (0.74 cpp) peak
27,500 off-peak
32,500 standard
37,500 peak
Category 640,000 off-peak
50,000 standard
60,000 peak
$190+19,000 (0.9 cpp) off-peak
$190+25,000 (0.76 cpp)
$190+30,000 (0.63 cpp) peak
35,000 off-peak
45,000 standard
55,000 peak
Category 750,000 off-peak
60,000 standard
70,000 peak
$250+25,000 (1 cpp) off-peak
$250+30,000 (0.83 cpp)
$250+40,000 (0.83 cpp) peak
45,000 off-peak
55,000 standard
65,000 peak
Category 870,000 off-peak
85,000 standard
100,000 peak
$440+27,500 (1.04 cpp) off-peak
$440+42,500 (1.04 cpp)
$440+57,500 (1.04 cpp) peak
65,000 off-peak
80,000 standard
90,000 peak

For example an off-peak night at the category 8 S. Regis Bal Harbour is normally 70K points, but will be just 63K points with this promo:


That’s an outstanding value of 1.68 cents per Marriott point:


Will you take advantage of the Marriott off-peak points sale?

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Ohio state disappointing you?

Bon voyage

Will award stays (2-nt) count as paid stays for the double elite night credit?


I had planned unless we ended and took my choice benefit is it too late?


Points stays don’t count in bonvoy do they.
So if I have two credit cards and gold gives me 13
.. I would need to pay for 7 nights to get platinum?

Dan the man


These special rates (the additional 10% off peak) are only when selecting the 1 traveler. Can the hotel make any problems (in particular St Regis) when showing up with 2 people.

Jack B

Double check your booking and you will see the rate go up from 63k per night to 85k-100k per night.
I spoke to bonvoy support and all they can say is sorry #Bonvoyed


this had to do with borrowing the points vs having them taking out of your account upon booking. If you don’t borrow the points but rather have them take them out upon booking – you then will lock in that rate


When i book for 63k and then go to reservation details it shows 85k


I hit platinum in 2020 and I did not choose my choice benefit from last year is it too late?


You automatically get 5 suite night awards per choice benefit if you did not select anything by 1/8 EOD.


Where do I find those suite night awards? I didn’t get any email about it and I don’t see it on the app


Why dont u try.


There is a glitch whereby some Hotels are charging -10% at regular priced awards.



Is this true.

Will they charge the reg rates?


What happens to reservations already made but have not checked in yet? Would marriott retroactively add the 10% points back?


So if I’m Gold Elite and have the Bonvoy AMEX card, I get 13 elite nights + another 13 elite nights?
How many actual stays after that do I need to get to platinum?
Can I reach platinum by spending on the card, if so, how much?


If i have 2 bonvoy business card is there a way to get 30 credits ?


When will the elite night credits be deposited into my account?

the big x

I’m confused, I searched for hotels for the end of February and I’m still getting the old rates without the 10% discount. Is the 10% discount only for off peak? Thanks

the big x

do they have a chart of which dates are off peak dates, or do you just have to guess? Thanks


I got the same glitch, showed 63,000 at RC in St. Thomas (252,000 for 5 nt.)
But then reservation showed 85,000 nt. (340,000/5 nt.).
I called Elite services at 8005354028, spoke to Jim from Nebraska who kept reservation at 340,000 pts. but separately credited me back the difference (88,000 pt)


Credit nights posted.


The point value can only be calculated based on what you’d be willing to pay in cash, not based on what they charge


Requalifying for Plat instantly just with these bonus nights and having a personal and biz card is easy. For Titanium that doesn’t work. You do get 67 out of 75 nights so it obviously isn’t going to be very hard to get another 8 nights but still not instant.


I started 2021 with 30 from 2 ccs , then i got another 7 and then 1 from a stay and now just got my 38 from last year titanium but I can’t figure out for the life of mine where that 7 came from


Nights from this promo have not posted yet on my account


If i now have 77 nights i should be able to choose 2 elite choice benefits correct ? One for 50 and one for 75


Dan, I am gold but they didn’t post the 13 bonus nights on my account. I only see the 15 from my credit card. Why?


What about Years as Plat Elite towards Lifetime Plat? I still see the same as last year even though Marriott is extending the status.