5 Marriott Hotels That Were Slated To Move Up To Category 8 Will Remain At Category 7!

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Hundreds of Marriott hotels changed categories early this morning.

But as usual, not all hotels slated to change categories actually wind up changing categories. Hotel categories are typically based on the predicted average room rate for the coming year. Some hotels appeal to remain in a lower category as they may enjoy the nominal revenue from an award stay that occupies what otherwise might have been an empty room. When hotels are nearly full, they get reimbursed at a much higher rate for award stays. Other hotels prefer to be in a higher category if they want to avoid having rooms occupied with award stays that they believe would otherwise be occupied by guests paying cash.

Sometimes hotels go up or down in category even when no scheduled change was announced.

Here are 5 hotels that I noticed did not change this morning:

The Sheraton Waikiki moved from category 6 (50K points) to category 7 (60K points) as previously announced, though the property’s page and the Marriott hotel search page still lists is as category 6/50K points for some reason.



Find any other hotels that were slated to go up or down but didn’t? Hit the comments!

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Marriott Bonvoy maybe should have been called Marriott Oops!


I believe Ritz bel harbour also stayed at 60k


I noticed the London Edition as I’ve been eyeing that hotel for a trip. There are some hotels that are still showing 60k points but when you go through to book it changes to 85k – Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbour.

Ahmad Ali

None of the good ones!
St Regis bal Harbour, st Regis NY, Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour and Central Park, w south beach. The rest no one really cares about…..you’ll see prices dropping at st Regis Bal Harbour or lots of “promos” because no one is going to pay those prices for it and it’s rediculously expensive with points.


St regis NY still shows as cat 7 on marriotts site.

Ahmad Ali

BV I’m with you! Much harder to get sign up bonuses so basically gotta spend 42,000. May as well get 2% cash back $850 and book direct. Or any other card.

Ahmad Ali

Dan, that’s what I meant, none of the good ones left to book because they all went up. I work for Hasidic guy so I’ve been to SRBH a couple times.


i booked the waldorf wasj for 3 nights on awards adn then cancelled the hhonors didnt release the points back into my account and i had to call them to manually put the points back which they did but the y gave me an extra 85,000 points for some wierd readon and it says wsj refund, should i be concerened that the hotel itself took the hit for that or the hilton company took the loss? your expert opinion would be aprreciated this is not a posek question because idont know the facts


Sorry state of affairs that the slightest bit of an unexpected benefit is reason for excitement. I really miss SPG.


What sort of compensation does the hotel get when you book with points
is it based on their current rates or is it base on the amount of points used
(i noticed you wrote that if they are almost full they get more so i would guess it fluctuates??)


Can anyone advise. I booked a Category 7 on March 3rd and I did not have enough points so I chose the option that I will wait until I get more points. Now that hotel changed to category 8 and it is showing that it will cost me the 85k. Is there anything I can do to keep the rate of 60k?


All hotels in Bangkok that were slated to increase , remained as it is now reflected.
There are 6 hotels that were due to change and remained.

It might be that Marriott IT did not yet completed the level changes


i find the 100k member to member can be used more then 1x if you huca after every 100k you transfer


folk, i spoke to a rep yesterday. They were able to see my booking date and pts needed before mar 5. they said it will be honored. no need to have screenshots or go through hoops to get what you were promised. Let’s all cross fingers and hope that’s really the case, but sounds like it will be ok.


Tried booking the The Le Méridien Bora Bora, French Polynesia, 

We’re sorry. This property is not taking redemption bookings at this time. You can either book a cash reservation or search for another property.



usually means that they don’t have the base room available


Can someone please explain this to me? Was not finding any availability with points for a Category 8 resort prior to 3/5. Now they have around my dates but only an upgraded room for a whopping 185k pts per night. But that’s not even my problem because I would rather pay for an upgrade with points than with cash. When I do 2 nights it says the price is 370k pts, 3 nights is 555k and 4 nights is 740k, so all good there. According to their policy 5th nights on awards are free so 5 nights should price out at 740k too HOWEVER it shows 840k when I put in 5 nights and it even shows a message that I’m getting the 5th night free on this reservation! I would love to know what the extra 100k points are for. And I really would like to avoid calling and wasting my time on hold. These are bookable online and I would if it would show the right price.


Will all these properties remain at Cat 7, until the next round of Category change happen? Or is this temporary and after some time they’d move to Cat 8? Any statement from Marriott. Thanks.