After 4 Days Of Trying, I Was Finally Able To Merge My Marriott And SPG Accounts

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Marriott began their rewards program merger on Saturday and it’s been a mess. But after 4 days of trying I was finally able to merge my SPG account with my Marriott account.

Everyone who had an SPG login can still use the same login credentials by going to, though the actual Starwood number has been changed to a new Marriott number. Points in those accounts have been tripled.

That account is separate from your old Marriott account, which you can login to at

If you want to keep your SPG login you can merge your accounts via this link.

If you want to keep your Marriott login you can merge your accounts via this link.

Those pages have been giving me errors since Saturday, but I was finally able to complete the merger process. When it asked me to confirm the number of lifetime nights in each account it was wayyyyyy off. But I went ahead with it anyway and they are all properly merged when I click on account overview.

Many years of enjoying Platinum status, but lifetime Platinum isn’t even on the horizon for me:

Now if only Marriott could figure out how to let us book all of the SPG all-suite hotels with 60K points as they promised. And make good by allowing upgrades and downgrades on travel certificates and honoring top-tier certificates for top-tier hotels past January. And return the SPG AMEX earnings back to 3 per dollar…

Oh well, it was nice knowing you SPG.

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I booked 2 nights at a hotel but it’s not coming up in my upcoming trips. Also the rest of my points disappeared. What gives?


Call it settling… but I would take the 3 points per dollar on the AMEX’s and all would be forgiven


I spoke with Marriott and ask if they automatically with combine my accounts. they told me no, and they also told me that there is really no need to combine them, as points transfer between the two automatically. So dan, whats the point of combining them?


I logged in with my SPG account and saw that they added my SPG points to my Marriott points but did not triple them. Anyone else seeing this?


Logged into my account and see that they never credited me for my july points that Amex claims they sent over 2 weeks ago. And when I logged into my spg it went straight to my Marriott and all my leftover spg points are there.

Amex SPG points being held hostage.

Spg amex said they xfered my SPG point on Aug 2…Marriot says that they are blocking receipt of points. Still waiting for them. Amex says nothing they could do. And Marriott says they don’t know just wait. Basically legacy spg points being held hostage. Any thoughts, @Dan?


Has anyone gotten through to speak to a person at Marriott Rewards? So far I’ve spent over 4 hours on hold in 3 days and never got answered. Maybe you can answer my question.

On their website at it says if you were Gold Elite before 8/18 you would be Platinum Elite after 8/18. It showed Platinum Elite all day Monday including Monday night. Tuesday morning it showed Gold Elite. Any idea why?


This also happened to me. I was a Platinum for about 4 days earlier this week. Originally I was Gold Elite. When I combined the points from my SPG account and my Marriott account it reverted back to Gold Elite. I called customer support. I was on the phone 15-20 minutes. The rep was helpful and sincere. She recommended that I should wait until next week. It may resolve itself. If not resolved, call back.

Larry ? Never heard of them. They provide customer service for Marriott Rewards?


Dan – I had 24 SPG stays as of Aug 17. If I am not mistaken, I can earn Platinum for 2019 by completing one more stay with a legacy SPG hotel, right? Would merging my accounts impact that in any way?


Do you know how can we merge Ritz Account too?


did you keep your marriott login or starwood login? and mine showed 30 nights and it was also way off i never stayed that much is something off? did you just earn lifetime plat statues?


No expert, but I believe the extra nights are part of some cards’ perks. As in every year they will give you x nights stayed to help you earn a higher status quicker.

Deal Guy

Opened a Marriott account a few weeks ago and bought a travel package.
Other then that, my whole history is with spg.

Which login would you recommend, and why?
If you will get a new (3rd) number, why not log in through Marriott?

Deal Guy

If you log in via Marriott, will you have access to all your spg history?

If you login with Marriott, and merge everything there, will you still be able to log into and see your old history?

Thanks Dan.


If I wait and dont combine the accounts yet, I was thinking there might be a benefit. Since I would have gold/silver elite status on each account, would waiting then give me an extra year of status? As in, would I be getting two years of that status instead of one?
(I have bothered the SPG Amex as well as the Marriott premier person al card)


Any insights? Could there be any benefit to NOT merging the accounts just yet? (Aside for the migration issues others have brought up)


On my Spg account I had 80 night YTD. On my new Starriott account it only shows 70. Same issue by you? Any advice how to resolve it, phone reps are useless (as usual)?

Barry Graham

I have the same issue. My advice would be to wait a week or two and if it’s not fixed by then, try customer support again. On the page there is a link to contact support


Does it make a difference if I choose to keep my old Marriot # ? Or go the SPG route with their new generated # ?

Since I opted for the Marriot so I can keep my existing reward number, and now I cannot log in with the SPG app. Only the Marriot app works…


Only 280 nights in 18 years? Sounds fishy


I have 16430 Marriot points expiring, no card and no status. Also have 16k spg points expiring in few days. Any easy ways to extend this without losing most of it useless redemptions?


How are you 15 yrs platinum, and only 280 nights?

Barry Graham

Same here (although for the same reasons as you I wasn’t able to try it until late on Saturday but since the systems didn’t come back up until Sunday I am sure that didn’t make a difference). Same issue with the lifetime nights – it reported the 2018 nights as my lifetime nights in the account summary doing the merge but once they merged it’s showing the combined number of lifetime nights although my SPG lifetime nights did increase during the migration. It doesn’t make a difference to my Lifetime Status otherwise I would be telling them since I don’t want a status I am not entitled to.

7 of my Suite Nights awards disappeared and so did my Ambassador status. Having said that, the Ambassadors are still talking to me.


@Dan- Did you keep your SPG number or Marriott Number? Thanks


Slightly off topic but quick q… dan have u ever been to the maldives anytime during July thru October is the weather really not so good there then? I mean who wants to trek to the other end of the world for cloudy slash rainy owv.?

samuel goldstein

Has anyone managed to transfer Marriott points to airlines, i am getting the error message


Hey Dan! Do you know how can we merge Ritz Account with our SPG + Marriot account. I have 1000 points in mt Ritz account that i wanna move


Is it better to have all the points in spg or in Marriot? What should I combine it to? I usually use Marriot for hotel stays and Spg to transfer to airline partners. What do you advise?


I followed your personal strategy and attached:
Cat 9 certificate to the “Domes of Elounda, Autograph Collection”,
Tier 1-3 certificate to the “Ritz-Carlton Toronto”
Tier 4-5 certificate to the “Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour”

Should I detach them or leave them as is for now?


I used to get my SPG points a day after the closing day, but now it has been 10 days and i still didn’t get it, do you think from now they will give it on the next closing date like chase?


My points tripled with some extra bonus…and the st Regis Bal Harbor only doubled in cost (60,000 as opposed to 30,000 before)!!


my wife has the amex spg card, which gave her gold elite. i just combined her accounts and it shows that on marriot she has silver elite. how do i get this fixed?


Dan I just tried your link to save the marriott number and it gave me a new one. No explanation why. It also didn’t transfer all of my starwood points. I had 3,000 SPG points that were not transferred. Any way to go back to my old Marriott Number?


I have same status on both Marriott and SPG and not many nights on either. But different dates of last activity. So between the old SPG/new Marriott account or the old Marriott account, do I go with the account with the later date of last activity or won’t it matter once the accounts are combined? Any other possible reasons to pick one over the other to retain? Thanks.


Does it mean I have to change the Chase Marriott Premier account information to match the new Marriott account number?



How did you achieve 15 years as Platinum with only 280 nights?


I transferred all my SPG points 2-3 months ago without a problem. They were tripled


Hey Dan would you know how they account for ambassador? Is it from spending in 2017(for 2018 status as is done normally) or is it only from 2018 spending? I have 160 nights this year with marriott and have spent way over 20k at hotels but was in 2017…..


Anyone notice this, when the new website launched it said platinum elite was eligible for rewardsplus and get United silver, and rewardsplus website was down till today, and now only platinum premier elite is eligible. I had asked before and got an email confirming platinum would get united silver


this such a pain. finally after days got the accounts merged, then trying to transfer points to airline and nothing shows, no email to confirm and after I hit “transfer” it says transfer complete and my points balance is “0”. I go back to my account and see the ‘Activity’ and nothing shows last few days. Did it two times already so we’ll see what happens but delaying travel bookings. I tried to call in and waited 20+ minutes and got disconnected. Trying to call again today. Guess just have to keep trying.


So here’s my issue…

I try to combine accounts. I know my Marriott UN/PW, I don’t know my SPG. When I go to the PW reset on SPG, it resets my Marriott account. No idea what to do now. Getting angry.


I am currently at 681 lifetime nights and 1.86M points. (and only 6 years at platinum).

If I get 750 nights and 2M points by 12/31, that roll me into Lifetime Premier Platinum for 2019 (since I would have qualified for Lifetime Plat by 2018), right?

And what qualifies for lifetime points — all points earned (incl. bonuses) at hotels, as well as Marriott Visa credit card spend?