Israel Will Require Quarantine Upon Return From All Countries

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Israel currently has a system where countries are labeled red or green. While foreigners have not been allowed into Israel without a qualified exemption since March, returning citizens have been able to avoid quarantine if they have only been to “green countries” in the past 2 weeks.

Additionally, foreign residents with an exemption to visit Israel have been able to spend 2 weeks in places like Dubai and then fly to Israel without having to quarantine in either country.

Effective immediately all countries are now red and will require quarantine upon returning to Israel, but those currently in green countries can return to Israel until December 26th without having to quarantine.

Earlier this month Israel tried to add Dubai to the list of red countries, but backed down for diplomatic reasons.

By requiring quarantine from all countries, Israel will avoid a diplomatic mess, but will also hurt airlines that were doing booming business on flights to places like Dubai and the Seychelles.

Incredibly, there are currently up to 10 daily round-trip flights between Tel Aviv and Dubai. That will surely decrease due to these new restrictions.

Israel requires a quarantine of 14 days, but it can be reduced to 10 days with a negative COVID-19 PCR test, followed by another negative COVID-19 PCR test 9 days later.

Will you still travel out of Israel if a quarantine is required upon returning home?

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orrin d

what ever happened to the ability to go to Israel if you have new immigrant in the family?


I just returned from trip to Errtz Yisroel for a grandson”s bar mitzvah. Included much paper work to get a permit to enter 12 days of quarantine.
Could not have done it without the help of
They have a page with instructions on how to file.

They helped review the filing request.
Tough but really worth it.
Nearly all the hotels in Yerushalayim are closed.
Very few tourists if any to be seen.

Miriam Arnheim

I am a front line worker and received the first vaccine of 2 on Friday. I am a citizen. Do you know if there are new rules for those who have been vaccinated?


I think that if you get an Israeli antibody test that’s positive, you can travel internationally and return to Israel without quarantining in Israel at all.

Orange you glad

they didn’t say lechatchila you should have two tests every day?


If the US were to ban Israelis from entering I think they would open there borders pretty quickly

Oleh Chadash

FYI- Im in quarantine in my apartment in Yerushalayim right now after making Aliyah last week. It is not easy to schedule two Covid tests unless you subject yourself to quarantine in a Corona hotel room where I hear now they come to your room. So even though its ten days you still might be stuck with 14.


V Easy to get a test not sure what ur issue is


United hatzalah will come to your house to administer a PCR test for 469 shekel.
Also see chaim vchesed has 9 pages of places to take tests. They say u can go to a drive in test by cab if you sit in back of cab with windows open.
I think they are lenient with leaving bidud for the purpose of taking a corona test .


If you have Meuchedet or ant other of these insurances you can go get one by them for free,
You are allowed to go take a test during quarantine process.
Good luck


Magen Adom provides free home COVID tests during your quarantine period.


Will the misrad habriut accept that to end the bidud? I heard that they are makpid that the positive and negative results should say that the test was a PCR test which shows that the tests were not rapid tests


yes they’re pretty makpid on it being PCR and not Rapid Antigen tests. Im sitting in bidud still after returning on Dec 10th.

Took a week plus for Meuhedet to finally say they will schedule a Serological Antibodies test, which I’m waiting now 3 days for someone to come to my home as they say I should not leave bidud – by the time they come, I’ll be done with Bidud.

The bureaucracy over here is terrible as is the whole health system – no one knows what’s going on and they like to blame each other.


Guys. It’s not March and April anymore. No one quarantines in Israel lol


Unfortunately, the government is only now understanding that the “home quarantine” system was not working. The police would visit once a day (in some places not even that) to check if people were home, sometimes just waving from the car. Thus spreading from all over the world in being imported and uncontrolled. Forced hotels – maybe even the inbound passengers should pay for them like in Australia – seems to be the only way they think it’ll be controlled for now.


They never checked up on me. Or any other Americans that I know


Now you tell me, lol. Suppose I should have just gone out more. Almost done and no one came by or called. I read a report somewhere that upwards of 75% of people that are suppose to be in bidud, are not complying.