Israel Will Enter Lockdown For At Least 7 Days Starting Tomorrow

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Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that Israel will go into lockdown for at least 7 days, starting tomorrow.

You can still leave the house for food, medicine, and other limited exceptions, but otherwise people will be subject to fines and/or arrest.

This comes after Israel closed their borders to foreigners.

Do you think the US will see a nationwide lockdown in the coming days?

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thats what we should do


As long as Amazon can still deliver me my essentials, happy to go on lockdown


Amazon deliveries involve human beings. With that said, connect the dots

Dan\'s the Man

deliveries still take place. Actually it makes a lot more sense than encouraging people to go to the grocery store which is still allowed in a lockdown


Assuming they still have those essentials in stock… I’m still waiting on part of my s&s order that was supposed to be delivered this past Monday…


Btw, potentially good resource to calculate the essentials and how long they’ll last you (calculates how many rolls will last you how many days. Option to add amount of people in your family, etc. If you calculate right you won’t need to hoard unnecessarily):

Temima Feldman

Am I correct to assume that you can still leave the country ?


What are we waiting for lock the county up!

Funny – don’t hear anyone screaming for open boarders now.

Dan\'s the Man

The Dems are going to say Trump colluded with China to create the virus so that he could lock the boarders…

Adam Rice

That is absolutely moronic


Actually it’s no country that wants Americans after the terrible way our government has dealt with corona


Will there still be flights into Israel?


Does that mean that anyone with an airline ticket for next week can’t go to the airport?

Wanna go home for pesach

HI Im flying Elal sunday night do you think they will be flying?

torah jew

AT least your sunday im trying united on wensday I dont think they will cancel all flights rather they will consildate the flights like italy that still has flights here and there.


Can someone leave the country next week?


@Dan Please clarify if our children can still leave the country


My children have a flight from TLV to EWR on Saturday night – will they be able to depart?


Will my daughter be able to leave on a flight sat night


The statement in Hebrew says that they people can still leave their house to go to work


or to go to demonstrations


Ya, I saw that about demonstrations too very interesting that that is an exception


My flight, booked with Chase points and a few $$, ElAl JFK to TA for March 30 seems to be still on. ElAl keeps emailing me with changes but no cancellation. I want to cancel my ticket rather than change ticket. Is there a way to avoid ElAl’s cancellation fees? Will a doctor’s letter about high risk group work? To try to cancel with Chase’s new form, needs to be in a window of at least 8 days before flight. Thanks.

YF Deals

Why don’t we just shut down the country and it’s borders for 14 days, wouldn’t that to some extent eradicate the virus, what’s the point of slowly trickling down restrictions

looking for loophole

are the interstate highways going to be closed?
I live in Brooklyn and it looks like this will be the next hotspot.


Dan, My son has a flight from Israel to New York Sunday morning. Will he be able to get out easily?


Anyone: How do we get home from Ben Gurion if there is no public transportation? Are taxis still functioning in Israel?


You have to go home in a private car. Your not allowed to use taxis or public transportation.

someone living in brooklyn

major cities for example brooklyn Ny you can have 5 or more people in a small 2 bedroom apt people need fresh air, they need walks, hikes, etc…. otherwise you can have worse problems… not to mention there are very poor people in nyc who need the free food from school…..


Israel defines lockdown as:

Gatherings and events
Any gathering of more than 10 people is not permitted.
Prayer and religious ceremonies will be conducted in groups of up to 10 people each, keeping a distance of 2 meters from person to person and no more than 2 groups at a time.
All international conferences in Israel are prohibited.

Going Outside:
Employees – in accordance with government directions and decrees to be published separately.
You may go outside to stock supplies if you cannot have them delivered to you or if a family member cannot bring them to you (in the case of elderly or chronically-ill patients).
Funerals – reduce to a minimum, go to close family members only and keep a distance of 2 meters between people. Avoid staying in confined spaces.

You can go outdoors for physical exercise in groups of no more than 5 people, while maintaining 2 meters distance of each other.
You can take a 10-minute walk alone in isolated locations or in the yard.

Child care – two families may join together in a regular arrangement to care for children.


United cancelling all flights from Israel by Mar 26, Just got that in a message from US Embassy in Israel.
Although as of now UA availability was not removed yet.