Israel Voids All Entry Permits For Unmarried Foreign Students!

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Israel was one of the first countries to ban foreign nationals due to coronavirus.

Recently they started easing restrictions, allowing in foreign students and people coming for the wedding of a child, grandchild, or sibling.

Israel is now seeing a spike of coronavirus cases in schools as they reopen and effective immediately Israel has voided entry permits that were already granted to unmarried foreign students if they have not yet entered the country.

Married students and their families can still receive entry permits.

The new rule from Interior Minister Aryeh Deri can be found here.

Chaim V’Chessed says their source tells them that students that are currently airborne will be allowed in, but if you haven’t boarded yet then you will be denied entry.

In the past, Israel has allowed a 72 hour grace period for these rule changes.

Delta’s first flight to Israel in months departs from JFK tonight and many foreign students were expected to fly to Israel tonight on Delta and United flights.

Are you a single student booked on one of these flights? Will you risk flying to Israel and try to get in before the door closes at the risk of being denied entry? Share your experience in the comments!

HT: yandmk via Chaim V’Chessed

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Ouch my friend is mid flight now!!!!


Belz Yeshivos in Israel were to bring back hundreds of students this week… Let’s see…


not happening was canceled


Thanks Dan for the clear and informative update!




Was gonna buy a ticket for my younger broher, thanks dan for the update you saved me the headache….


That’s what happens when they see yeshivos weren’t complying (if were for spike why couples yes??) What a shame…

Texas Totty

What makes you think Yeshivos weren’t complying? The schools affected were chiloni according to people I spoke to in EY. That’s not to say the chiloni schools weren’t compilying as well, but don’t be so quick to assume the Yeshivos are at fault. It’s bad enough what everyone else is saying.


It’s not that the foreigners caused the new wave, it’s that when the slightest thing goes wrong, they’re the first ones to be locked out.
Israel has to prioritize it’s citizens over foreigners, as any country should.


In the event schools close again, couples can continue living as normal. They have a life outside of the Yeshiva, too. While singles will just be roaming the streets….

Idk why you assume single bachrim will be roaming? They have what to do in yeshiva…. unlikley that those that do hang out would bother coming for 3 weeks until their semester/ zman finishes.


I believe you missed the first 6 words of my comment


It might also have to do with the fact that couples living there bring more money to the table and would help restabilize the economy more than bochurim…


I believe the student rules always were that each student needed a place to quarantine with a private toilet and shower for 14 days. Obviously, not a single dorm in the country is set up for that. How have the yeshivas been accommodating to that, and is the rule change in response to widespread non-compliance?

That would be my theory, as obviously married students have private apartments to go to.

According to people ive spoken with, those rules were being waved on a case by case basis


so the outbreak in Rechavya was because american Bochurim waren’t complying?
I don’t think so.
Everyone gets tested in the airport. How is it logical to assume they might get corona in Israel while in quarantine, More than a random guy on the street.


What type of test? How accurate is the results? What if it wasn’t incubated yet?


A regular corona test.
So we should test everyone everyday. Lets get real


I flew back yesterday and they did not do any test in the airport, the only thing they have are thermal cameras you walk past and they take your temperature, at no point do they give you a corona test.


Nothing to do with them getting it more then others. They just don’t want more people around, and the only ones they can limit are foreigners.

line in Shaarei Chessed

the outbreak in Rechavia was from a totally chiloni school.

Young Admor Mlot Dfn

How is that significant? It is completely derisive, which accomplishes nothing besides conflict & Mchlokes. Theres no reason to post it


Is this even for students that have a negative COVID test and positive antibodies?




I don’t actually have a flight tonight but if I would I think I would take it.. cuz what are the chances they’ll deny entry and make me turn back? And even if ye just being in the holy land for that time is better than nothing


OK, I will say this.
Maybe, just maybe some of these boys and young men should stay where their parents are. There is Torah in the USA and there is also an advantage when parents are around.


Ok the Gemara in Bava Basra 158b states:”אמר רבי זירא שמע מינה אוירא דארץ ישראל מחכים” Rabbi Zeira said: Conclude from this incident that the air of Eretz Yisrael makes one wise, as when I ascended to Eretz Yisrael I accepted the opinion of Rabbi Ila, who was also from Eretz Yisrael

Harabi MiUto

Nice! But judging by the number of idiots in modern-day Israel, that may no longer be true 🙂


A two word answer, Yes but!
You can not deny that some of the Young men sent to learn are not ready for the freedom. I am aware of serious negative results, leading to permanent disability related to substance abuse. This happened to good kids, where they never would have gotten close to this in the USA.I will admit that some Bochrim really learn, most of these might have learnt just as well in the USA. But it so cool, so much more fun!


Some bochrim also get too far off the professional path to ever have a real career or earn a respectable living. Lot of very negative results on that end as well. Israel is a place of big transformations for your people and not all of them turn out as hoped for.

Ouch. I was about to book a flight.
@Dan really waiting for you to post some good news?


Anyone know if the spouse of an Israeli Citizen and resident can enter without a permit?


They need a permit, but should be able to receive it.


My son has a flight tonight, will they let him board the flight? should he take the chance?


I was in contact with my yeshiva in Israel today, after seeing this news.

Apparently, students that are sponsored by Masa and have a valid student visa, can still enter the country, and go in to a 14 day quarantine, sponsored by the hosting school or yeshiva.

The retraction is only for those who aren’t with Masa or who don’t yet have a student visa.


Actually, just got a negative.

Masa originally thought or hoped to not be included in this restriction. But unfortunately they have just informed all associated schools and yeshivas that as of now there are no students being allowed in to the country.




What if I have a visa but no masa?


NP. Just get legally married to your chavrusa before you travel ;). Would they discriminate against gay marriage?


Just be careful that the status is corrected before you get to yeshiva, they might not be happy. LOL

Yeshiva student

If I have israeli passport going to yeshiva will they let me in


Does this mean elal will not start flying again

What about delta tonight?

Yeshiva student

I have Israeli passport going to yeshiva will they let me in


Israeli passport doesn’t need any permits and is always allowed


But you need to show you have a place to quarantine, or you’ll be send to a hotel

Chard fish

What about parents coming to Israel for weddings?


is elal still flying this month from la to israel


when is this ban until


The geulah


Just boarded the 11:35 Delta flight. Single bachur. At check-in they request to see visa and ishur with permission to enter the country. They ask for ishur before boarding the flight as well. Will update when flight lands in TLV.


Married couples-not students are allowed to come? without isolation?


We could solve the shidduch crisis! Any bachur who wants to go back should simply marry any seminary girl who also wants to, and we’ll kill about 47 birds with one stone!

Harold Shidduchmaker

There’s a DMV five minutes from JFK. We could have “Shidduch Shuttles” to get legally married, and then the new couples could board! #nasiproject

Shaya Moskowitz

How do you have the audacity to suggest such a thing???? Pashut “Amuratzus”! The holiness of a Jewish marriage should never be joked about. For generations, we have cherished the Jewish Marriage. People like you, who joke about such holy things, are the reason this happened! Chas V’Shalom! How can you make light of the geferlach matziv in Klal Yisroel! Maybe Yidden aren’t respecting Eretz Yisroel enough!!!!


They aren’t memoir on Jewish marriages any type is fine.

Pinny L.

Once we’re at it, considering it’s June already, too late for sem girls to go back, Bachurim should just marry each other!


My single son came home on the United flight. We live in Israel but are American citizens. My son has a student visa. He had the permission and came home.


Wish they had done this back in my day…ended up in some loonybin yeshiva. Would have saved me a lot of trouble. Do your research folks before handing off your kids to strangers.


hi those anyone knows if there is ANYONE that can help with permit entry for girls?