Stack $60 Off $300 AMEX Offer At Kimpton Hotels With 10K Or More Bonus Points!

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Kimpton’s boutique hotels are now fully integrated into the IHG program and you can stack some promotions for a sweet deal at one.

All of my AMEX cards are targeted with offers to save $60 off $300 at Kimpton Hotels in the US when booked directly with Kimpton. The offer expires on 5/20.

If your bill will be $600, be sure to have the front desk split the charge onto 2 cards to save $120, etc.

Additionally, if you register for the IHG Accelerate promotion you will get 10,000 points for staying in a Kimpton hotel by 4/30. The 10K offer is available for all IHG members. You can check your other targeted Accelerate offers after registering to earn even more bonus points on top of the regular points earned for the stay!

You can use this link to access the old AMEX Offers interface, which is still compatible with the multi-tab method.

To see if you have this offer in your account just login to your AMEX account, click on any of your cards to go the activity page, click on “AMEX Offers For You,” and save the offer to your account.

If you also have multiple cards with the offer don’t rush to save the offer to your account!  Open up the Offers page for each card in a separate tab in the same browser.  Then go between the tabs to save the offer to each of your targeted cards.  Otherwise once you save the offer to one card it disappears from your other cards. You need to use the old interface link in order to save and view multiple offers on the same online account. Even if an offer says one per online account, it will still work for multiple cards as long as it is showing that the offer is saved to each card.

Always check all primary and secondary card offers, as secondary cards will often have offers that the primary card does not. You can add secondary cards in your own name to your primary login or you can create a new login for other secondary cards.

Note that you only have to worry about an offer disappearing from other cards when they are registered to the same account. Saving an offer won’t affect cards that have their own login.

If you mess up and don’t save the offer to a card you can always remove a card from one login and make a dedicated login for it to register it. Alternatively you can remove the card that has an offer saved to it and the offer will reappear for the rest of the cards registered to that account. Once you properly save the offer to all cards on that account you can re-register the deleted card back to the same account.

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Will this work on a cash + Points night? I know those get charged right away. Does Amex treat it differently?
As a data point – chase looked at it differently. I did not get 3x when using CSR on cash + points.


But the problem is that Kimpton hotels are rarely worth paying for. So how is it a deal to get a third off something that is still “overpriced”? Would you pay cash for Kimpton hotels for $60 off of $300 and (essentially) a $50 rebate in points? When and where?


you ever stayed a t a kimpton dan ? and whats your opinion on it?

Mike D

Hi Dan,

If i prepay for a June stay now, will I still get the credit?


Will it work cumulatively? So say $160 + $155 = would this trigger the $60 CB?