New Priority Club PointBreaks List Is Out!


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The current list is valid for stays from now through 07/31/12. Hotels can sell out quickly.

I stayed using PointBreaks in Toronto And Tiberias, Israel and got awesome rooms at both hotels even though the hotel is only reimbursed $30/night on PointBreaks stays.

You can stay in any PointBreaks hotel for 5,000 Priority Club points. If you already have 5,000 Priority Club points in your account then you can buy increments of 10,000 points for $70 as described below.

If you don’t have points yet Priority Club sells 5,000 points for $67.50 or you can instantly transfer 5,000 AMEX MR points into 5,000 Priority Club points or instantly transfer 5,000 Chase Sapphire Preferred Ultimate Rewards points into 5,000 Priority Club points.

After you have 5,000 points in your account you can book any cancellable 15,000 point hotel using cash and points for $70+5,000 points. Just search for reward points stays in any metro area and you should find a hotel for 5,000 points+$70. When you cancel the hotel you will get 15,000 points in your account. In other words the cost per each 5,000 point stay is just $35 after you already have 5,000 points in your account.

Another nice thing about airport hotels is that they often let you park your car for free or for discounted rates while you travel and provide free shuttle service to the airport.

Sample hotels for $35 per night: (Hotels have a limited amount of PointBreaks rooms and will be taken off the list once they sell out.)

-Holiday Inn Ashkelon, Israel
-Intercontinental Cleveland
-Intercontinental Houston Galleria
-Crowne Plaza Los Angeles Harbor
-Intercontinental Buenos Aires Nordelta Tigre, Argentina
-Intercontinental Aphrodite Hills Resort Hotel, Cyprus
-Intercontinental Bucharest, Romania
-Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort And Spa
-Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu
-Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise, Australia
-Holiday Inn Select Montreal Downtown
-Intercontinental Kuala Lampur
-Intercontinental Real Tegucigalpa, Honduras
-Intercontinental Resort Mauritius
-Crowne Plaza Beach Resort, Phuket Thailand

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david g

not one hotel in Pennsylvania.


dan could this work with a 20,000 point + $40 stay? wondering if they are cancelable as well…


there is a groupon for maumee waterpark, get that with the hotel in toledo maumee and you have a great overnight trip for under $100 🙂 (4 water park addmision $59)



1. Does it make sense to sign up for the Chase Priority Club card to use for these pointbreaks since you get a 60,000 point sign up bonus (= 12 free nights) in addition to other great perks (i.e. annual free night, 10% rebate on all redemptions, platinum status, first yr free)?
2. If the first 5,000 points only cost $67.50 (1.35 cents each), why would someone want to transfer 5,000 MR or 5,000 UR for 5,000 PC points? Aren’t those worth more than 1.35 cents each?
3. In essence, the room really costs 67.50 + 75.00 / 2, which comes out to be $68.75 per night, no?


Whose points are these. Where do you sign up?


I am very confused by this. how is it 35$ a night? I have a sapphire card and based on the post Im inferring that i can transfer 5k points from there to get the priority club points. then if my understanding is correct, I can give those 5k points with $70 and get a room. Then, when i cancel the room, they reimburse me 15k points. SO essensially, $70 which is worth 7k points, just turned into 10k points or $100.

Is my assesment correct? if it is, can i then transfer the points back to chase?

And if that is correct, can we repeat over and over?


Sorry, a typo and incorrect math above. Should have said:
3. In essence, the room really costs 67.50 + 70.00 / 3, which comes out to be $45.83 per night, no?



Daniel, I’m new to this too, but if I’m understanding this deal correctly, you are misreading what Dan wrote.

The rooms in this deal are only 5,000 points with no cash. However, what Dan is saying is that you can book a 15,000 point room at any hotel with a cancellation policy for only 5,000 points + $70. (If you are familiar with SPG points, then you most likely understand their cash + points option. This seems very similar). You can then cancel that room and they will refund 15,000 points into your account (instead of refunding you the 5,000 points + $70 cash). With that 15,000 points you can now book 3 rooms in this deal. So you can transfer 5,000 points from your saphire card and then pay the extra $70 to get 3 rooms (or the way Dan is looking at it get 2 rooms for just the $70 and then still have 5,000 points remaining.)

I have the same question as you, can you now transfer those 5,000 PC points back to Chase to get your 5,000 UR points back?


i know i am off topic but i need your help, please respond.
Thanks for everything
I have a question i have over 45k in capitol one no hassel rewards from opening a bank account with them, i want to close the bank account so i need to transfer the point before i close the account if not i will loose the points, where and how is the best way to transfer these points?


1. 60,000 points are worth at most $420.
There are many other Chase cards that give much more than that for signing up.

2. They are worth more than that, but not everyone uses their points to the fullest.

3. The $35 rate is once you have 5,000 points to play with in your account.


See comment 8.

Points only transfer out from Chase, never back.

You can’t transfer them anywhere…that’s why they stink!


okay i think i have a little bit better of an understanding. How is the calculation of 60k points = at most
4420 determined though? I thought it went penny for penny making 60k $600.


bahamas- dan- any advice on how to get a really great rate on a 5 star hotel in the bahamas? i have about 100k points on saphire…


If they sell them directly for 0.7 cents each (once you have 5K in your account to play with) then how can they possibly be worth 1 cent each? Their maximum value would be the price they’re willing to sell them for, which is currently .7 cents.



Have tried lots of dates for Ashkelon and nothing available in June or July


Dan, does the same apply for SPG if you book a room with cash and points? For example, if I book a 12,000 point room for 4,800 points + $90 and then cancel my reservation, will they refund me 12,000 points?


Looks like people booked them all up already!

Lol…only in our dreams!

Only PC does that AFAIK.


I have tried various dates in June and July at the Holiday Inn Ashkelon and all show no availability.

Incidentaly, the Priority Club rate for 10,000 miles on a Points and Cash booking has just gone up by 12.5% – it used to cost $60 to get those points, it now costs $70.


It’s probably the same guy that bragged how he booked 93 Pointbreaks nights at the Crowne Plaza In Jerusalem. Or… the offers in Israel are for illustrative purposes only”


so whos the chazir who took EVERY ashkelon room for EVERY date


Btw, the chase sapphire preferred transfer to PC is NOT instant. I transfered yesterday (morning) and as of now not received the PC points. The upsetting part is that the hotels I was looking at has Sold out in the interim 🙁


Thanks. I just logged on – had an old number from the year of the dinosaurs. I actually still have a balance of 1,500. Guess it’s not really worth anything.


@Ashers: I believe the hotel is blocking point redemptions from May to end of August:


just did it and it worked!!!