HURRY! New IHG PointBreaks List Is Out; Crowne Plaza Jerusalem For Just 5,000 Points!

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The list above has not yet been updated but the current hotels are already bookable, see below for some samples. However you can book the PointBreak hotels now by going to the IHG site and searching for reward nights with the sample hotels listed below.

-The new list is only valid for stays through 11/30.
-Hotels can sell out of discounted rooms quickly and only a limited amount of rooms is available per night..

You can book up to 2 reservations per hotel. There’s no limit to how long each of the stays can be.








You can stay in any PointBreaks hotel for 5,000 IHG points. If you already have 5,000 IHG points in your account then you can buy increments of 10,000 points for $70 as described below.

If you don’t have points yet IHG sells 5,000 points for $67.50. If those points don’t post instantly you can call IHG to get a points loan based on your purchase confirmation number in order to quickly grab a room. Alternatively you can transfer 5,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points to IHG though transfers are not instant.  It’s a terrible use of Ultimate Rewards points, but it allows you to start buying points for 0.7 cents each.

After you have 5,000 points in your account there is a “trick” to buy additional points for 0.7 cents each.  You can book any cancellable 15,000 point hotel stay using cash and points for $70+5,000 points.

All you need to do is search for reward points stays in any metro area and you should find a hotel for 5,000 points+$70 like the one below. The room is normally 15,000 points but with IHG points and cash option you can buy 10,000 points for $70 when making a reservation.  Just select the 5,000 points+$70 option to complete this purchase.

The $70 that you pay is nonrefundable so when you cancel the hotel you will actually get back 15,000 points in your account.  Effectively you are buying 10,000 IHG points with this method for $70 or 0.7 cents per points.



Be sure to click on the rules during the checkout process to make sure that the room is fully refundable (almost all are):


In other words the cost per each 5,000 point PointBreaks stay is just $35 once you already have 5,000 initial points in your account.

Sample hotels for 5,000 points ($35) per night through 11/30:
-Holiday Inn Express & Suites Marana, Tucson, AZ
-Staybridge Suites San Diego Rancho Bernardo, CA
-Holiday Inn Denver-Parker, CO
-Holiday Inn Express Colorado Springs Airport, CO
-Holiday Inn Express & Suites Tampa, FL
-Candlewood Suites Elgin NW_Chicago, IL
-Candlewood Suites Indianapolis, IN
-Holiday Inn Express & Suites Kansas City, MO
-Holiday Inn Express Paramus, NJ
-Candlewood Suites Somerset, NJ
-Holiday Inn Hauppauge-Long Island, NY
-Holiday Inn Orangeburg-Rockland/Bergen, NY
-Holiday Inn Express Cincinnati-West Chester, OH
-Holiday Inn Express & Suites Pittsburgh West, PA
-Holiday Inn Express & Suites Dallas Park Central Northeast, TX

-Crowne Plaza Jerusalem, Israel
-Holiday Inn Helsinki, Finland
-Crowne Plaza Dublin, Ireland
-Holiday Inn Express Beijing Airport, China
-InterContinentan Nha Trang, Vietna

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I have refreshed my page numerous times….where do you see Israel on the list?


sorry…I was rushing so much that I clicked your link without reading the first two lines


TY Dan – Got 2 nights for 10k points 🙂
Shana Tova!




Wow sold out for succos already



Any idea why it shows dates available for the second chag, but then when i select those dates it comes back and says “Reward Night rooms are sold out for one or more of the dates you selected”?

Dan's the Man

Thanks Dan! Got a whole week in Nov (thanksgiving week) for 5K per night.


thanks dan just books Crowne Plaza Jerusalem 11/9-11/17
had to purchase $460 worth of points but super cheap still compared to alternatives.

btw points posted in 3 min


Probably recently sold out.

@Dan’s the Man:

Thanks for letting me know they now post instantly!


@dan is it possible to upgrade from standard, point-break, rooms? if so, what’s best way?


Just got two reservations for the crown plaza in Jerusalem.
Thanks Dan. Does anyone know if it includes breakfast and if it does not what the cost of breakfast is during the week?


BTW, anyone know if they will let you check out after shabbos if you stay saturday or do you need to book an extra day?


@Dan: I called them up to book just to b sure but ya it worked out perfectly.

chana k

Any dates I put in cost 20K a night. Does that mean the dates are already taken or that I’m doing the search wrong?


@Dan: I called in to book just because my account was freezing up but yes it worked out perfectly. Thanks again you saved me close to $500


don’t see where price shows buy w points, link takes to buy for cash only. what am I missing, or need to be signed in first, as a member to log in?


@J: You must choose “Reward Nights” instead of “Best Available” from the drop down menu when choosing dates.


How long does it take for purchased points to post to ur account?


You would have to contact the hotel.

@chana k:
What dates?

Commenter above said it posted within a few minutes.


@Jackie read the post. Instantly



Isn’t it better to buy the 10k points for the $40 option instead of the $70 option for 5k points?


You’re not buying 10K for $40, you are using 10K of your points and buying the remaining 5K for $40.

The other option is using 5K of your points and buying the remaining 10K for $70.


@Dan, worth noting by the way that UR points to IHG transfer will take a whole day to post.


Never did a transfer to IHG, thanks for the data point.


are only standard rooms available for points? (any options for a family traveling with little kids? the standard room says max 2 ppl)


Book 2 rooms?


Thanks Dan. I actually posted about the transfer above, but for some reason it didn’t include my name.

I ended up buying 5k IHG points outright for 67 and then did the other 10k for 70 trick. Probably still better than wasting 5k UR points and then also waiting a day during which it might sell out.




still too many kids 😉 kids are too young to stay alone in the room. they only let you book 2 ppl per room so even if they have rooms attached that would still only allow for max of 2 kids if getting 2 rooms attached.


dec 3-5 showing as 20k points does that mean it’s sold out for those nights?


Just don’t checkin with all of them standing there 😉

Read the bold print in the post.


Bought the 5k for 67 about 10 minutes ago, has not posted yet. The account was brand new, maybe that’s the reason for delay.


As my points were taking time to transfer, I called and asked to have that expedited. They explained that they could not, but said it would be fine book it at the discounted rate, and when I have the points I can call and change it to a rewards points reservation. It can also be cancelled at any time. Little data point for any of you concerned about losing availability while scrambling for points.

Also, I asked to be matched to starwoods gold, but agent said their status match program was closed.


Any1 have experience booking for someone else. I want to book a room for a friend. I called IHG they said put him under additional guest. The main name is still mine and when I got the emailed confirmation it doesn’t even list his name. Any1 have experience with this at IHG? They say on the phone I can do it but I’m afraid when he goes to check in there might be a problem.


My points did not either post right away so I spoke to a phone rep who told me it can take up to 72 hours. After 15 min of haggling and speaking to a supervisor I got them to issue a 5000 point credit wich will be deducted from my account once the points post


@el: only available until end of November.


Thank you Dan!

Booked 5 days plus 2 days weekend for kids in Jerusalem.
Now we need to get glatt food!

Started with 3,000 points., Bought 2,000 for $27. Bought the rest through $70 for 10,000.

Thank you again.
Have a great year!


Does reward night include breakfast? taxes?


is this the best way for hotel in israell


Thanks Dan! Booked 4 nights in Jerusalem during November for 20,000 points total and cancelled the prior reservation I already had for 20,000 points per night!

BTW, points I have purchased in the past (including in the 100% bonus sale that recently expired) have taken 24+ hours to post, but I called IHG by phone and they “loaned” me the points (my account had a negative balance for a day) once they located the point purchase confirmation so that I could secure my booking.


if i make reservation for sometime in nov. will i be able to chg it for dec?


@Dan Is there anything I can do if I want to book 4 nights and one of them is unavailable? Will calling them on the phone help at all or is it a waste of time?


Does these nights qualify for the “into the nights” promotion?


Thanks Dan
Booked 4 nights at 5k each


re: Crown Plaza Jerusalem
#1 if i have IHG platinum, are there benefits.
#2 what time do you make you checkout if i book friday night?

Motzai Shabbos/No Breakfast

Thanks Dan – worked wonderfully for us.

I called the hotel’s main reservations line and was also transferred to the Jerusalem hotel itself to confirm. Breakfast is not included, but can be purchased for $25. For Friday night/Shabbos stay, Motzai Shabbos check-out is available at no extra charge.


I am platinum and stayed at crowne plaza tel-aviv on points + cash. had to fight for free wifi and tried for breakfast, they said no free breakfast. i explained I paid points + cash but ihg converts the cash to points, I don’t think the hotels sees that.
It appears all paid rates included breakfast


Good job everyone! do u think there are still some nights left for me?


For us newbies – how do u get ihg points w/o buying points, only by opening ihg cc?When is next point break list come out? Please no snarky comments yk is coming ? I’m brand new to this point ‘game’


You can open the IHG credit card through Dans link or through
You will get 60k points after spending 1k on the card.
Every hotel in the IHG chain has a standerd redemption rate from 10k to 50k points per night.
A few times a year IHG runs a promotion where they put together a list of hotels that can be had for only 5000 points a night.


Oct-Nov, We are sorry, there are No Rooms Available. The hotel may be completely sold out or may not have any rooms that meet your travel requirements.


What happens if you submit a BRG form on IHG, and before they get back to you the price increases?