Marriott Promotional Elite Qualifying Nights Have Posted, Check To See If You Now Have Choice Benefits To Select

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Last month I wrote that Marriott announced that if you qualified for status in 2019, they will give you bonus elite qualifying nights for this year based on the status you earned last year:

  • Silver: 5 bonus elite nights
  • Gold: 13 bonus elite nights
  • Platinum: 25 bonus elite nights
  • Titanium: 38 bonus elite nights
  • Ambassador: 50 bonus elite nights

In my case, I have lifetime gold status, had Titanium status last year due to the SPG merger, dropped down to gold this year, and was bumped up to Platinum, so I had no idea how many night I would get.

Those nights have now posted to member’s accounts, ahead of the late July promise. You can check how many nights you have in your activity section:


Clicking on details gets you a breakdown of your elite qualifying nights:


Lifetime elites got half of the nights required for their current status, so I got 25 nights.

Marriott has already extended elite status, but the nights will help members reach the 50 and 75 night thresholds for choice benefits and they’ll count towards lifetime status. Plus they combine with up to 30 elite nights for having Marriott cards so that you can more easily reach a higher elite status level.

If you hit the 50 or 75 night tiers you can now choose a choice benefit:


You can select choice benefits until 1/8/21. Suite night awards will expire 12/31/21.

Status earned now will be valid through 2/28/22.

Did you gain a status level through the promotional elite qualifying nights?

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Was gold the last 6 years through CC spend on the SPG card and got 5 nights. Not sure what the reasoning for that is.


I have the personal and business card on Amex and I had 30 elite nights. I have gold status and was give an additional 13 nights. I now have 43.

I need 50 to get to platinum status.

Would my 7 night certificate count towards these 7 nights?



Can you use suite night awards when using a free night certificate?


Just got titanium for first time


Hi Dan, is there a way to see how many “years” I’ve been within Marriot?


Do the beds ever go for cheaper than 40% off?


What do you suggest I should select as a choice benefit? I am not sure what’s best?


don’t know if it was ment to be seen but wow you have a lot of marriott points and free nights 😉

the big x

can i transfer the 15 nights from my wife? I have 30 and she has 15. I would be very close to platinum then. thanks


I just earned Gold status with this. does that mean my status will last until 2/28/22? or is that only for platinum status? thanks


Does the travel package count as 7 nights?


how long does it take for the 15 nights to post from credit card sign up?

is there a difference for chase/amex/personal or business? in terms of posting time frame.

I am assuming that the nights post regardless if the spend requirement is met


Stayed seven 7 nites this year just checked and got plat elite. Is it worth trying to get 75 nites to be titanium?

David D

So im at 46 nights now whats the easiest way to hit 50 nights to reach platinum?(i dont plan on traveling anytime soon)

Judah Bergman

Wow this is amazing stuff maybe ill book a few mights for my brother david

Eric in Memphis

Hi Dan!
I had paid for 6 stays between Jan 20 – Feb 20. I got 15 bonus nights for having the AMEX Bonvoy credit card, and just picked up 5 more bonus nights since I was Silver last year. This got me to 26 nights which makes me Gold until Feb 22. I’ll take it! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Cheers!


this bumped me up to 48 for the year. worth using 2 certs at local hotel to get to 50?


My status updated in the last day or two.


I got gold status from the platinum card the last few yrs but seems to me they only look at how much nights u had the previous yr so only got 5 elites


Is there a way to exchange the 3 free night as I got for welcome bonus for point ?


Dan – does the date I make the selection have any impact on when the SNA would expire? I.e if i waited until the last day to make a selection, would that have a longer expiration date?


Just got bumped to platinum by stacking these promos but not letting me choose choice benefits. Says im ineligible