Marriott Off-Peak Pricing Worldwide And Bonus Elite Qualifying Nights

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Marriott introduced peak and off-peak pricing last year, with the caveat that it would change dynamically every month, so that you keep having to check if rates for your dates have changed.

Curiously, pricing at many hotels has remained at standard or peak levels throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Marriott announced today that most of their hotels can be booked between today and 6/30/20 for travel between today and 7/31/20 at off-peak rates. That’s logical, though I’d have hoped they would just make all of 2020 at off-peak rates.

That means a night at the category 8 S. Regis or Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour in July will run 70K points per night or 56K points per night on a 5 night stay.

Some hotels will be even less, such as the category 8 Blue Palace Crete, thanks to off-peak PointSavers:


You can see the Marriott award chart here:

Hotel CategoryAward ChartCash + Points ChartPointsavers Chart
Category 15,000 off-peak
7,500 standard
10,000 peak
$55+1,500 (1.57 cpp) off-peak
$55+3,500 (1.38 cpp) standard
$55+4,500 (1 cpp) peak
4,000 off-peak
6,000 standard
8,500 peak
Category 210,000 off-peak
12,500 standard
15,000 peak
$65+4,000 (1.08 cpp) off-peak
$65+6,000 (1 cpp) standard
$65+7,000 (0.81 cpp) peak
8,000 off-peak
11,000 standard
13,000 peak
Category 315,000 off-peak
17,500 standard
20,000 peak
$80+6,000 (0.89 cpp) off-peak
$80+8,500 (0.89 cpp) standard
$80+9,500 (0.76 cpp) peak
12,000 off-peak
16,000 standard
18,000 peak
Category 420,000 off-peak
25,000 standard
30,000 peak
$105+8,000 (0.88 cpp) off-peak
$105+12,000 (0.8 cpp)
$105+15,000 (0.7 cpp) peak
17,500 off-peak
22,500 standard
27,500 peak
Category 530,000 off-peak
35,000 standard
40,000 peak
$140+13,500 (0.85 cpp) off-peak
$140+17,000 (0.78 cpp)
$140+21,000 (0.74 cpp) peak
27,500 off-peak
32,500 standard
37,500 peak
Category 640,000 off-peak
50,000 standard
60,000 peak
$190+19,000 (0.9 cpp) off-peak
$190+25,000 (0.76 cpp)
$190+30,000 (0.63 cpp) peak
35,000 off-peak
45,000 standard
55,000 peak
Category 750,000 off-peak
60,000 standard
70,000 peak
$250+25,000 (1 cpp) off-peak
$250+30,000 (0.83 cpp)
$250+40,000 (0.83 cpp) peak
45,000 off-peak
55,000 standard
65,000 peak
Category 870,000 off-peak
85,000 standard
100,000 peak
$440+27,500 (1.04 cpp) off-peak
$440+42,500 (1.04 cpp)
$440+57,500 (1.04 cpp) peak
65,000 off-peak
80,000 standard
90,000 peak

Marriott also announced that if you qualified for status in 2019, in late July they will give you bonus elite qualifying nights for this year:

  • Silver: 5 bonus elite nights
  • Gold: 13 bonus elite nights
  • Platinum: 25 bonus elite nights
  • Titanium: 38 bonus elite nights
  • Ambassador: 50 bonus elite nights

Marriott has already extended elite status for those members, but the nights will help them reach the 50 and 75 night thresholds for choice benefits and they’ll count towards lifetime status. Plus they combine with up to 30 elite nights for having Marriott cards so that you can more easily reach a higher elite status level.

Ambassador elites with 100 night this year will also be given the ability to nominate someone for Platinum status.

Those are all nice givebacks for elites, but it’s hard to get too excited about Marriott status given that it pales in comparison to what Starwood status once offered and to what Hyatt status still offers.

Marriott previously announced other givebacks, like extensions on certificate expiration dates and a suspension of points expiration.

Will these givebacks keep you loyal to Marriott?

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Who would consider staying in a hotel now?
They couldn’t give me a room for free considering all the contact I’d be forced to make there.


“can be booked by 6/30/20 for travel by 7/31/20 at off-peak rates.”
Dan I’m confused, are you saying hotel stays between 6/30 – 7/31 can be booked NOW at off peak rates ?


No, Marriott lost me 3-4 years ago


Same here! Bonvoy’s disregard to their customers is mind boggling!


What happened? Brainwashed from Dan?


What Is point savers?


I have both Amex business Bonvoy and consumer Amex Bonvoy but the two have never been linked. Is there a way to link them so I can take advantage of the 30 nights per year?


Call marriot and ask them to merge your two accounts.


The cards themselves aren’t linked; rather they should both be linked to the same Bonvoy number. If they linked to separate Bonvoy numbers, then that means you have 2 Bonvoy accounts. Call Marriott Bonvoy to merge them, this has nothing to do with AMEX.


So if i currently have a consumer amex with 15 nights credit plus 4 nights stayed and i open the business card now will i get another 15 nights upon approval and then 13 in july which will bring me to 49 total? Just one more to get platinum?


Sorry 47 total so 3 to go =)


Any chance that booking window will be extended ?


Bonus elite nights posted for me.