Hyatt’s “The Next Big Thing” Promotion!!!

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Update: Registration is now open!

Originally posted on 09/15:

Hyatt has just announced a new promotion called “The Next Big Thing” (formerly known as faster free nights)

Earlier this year my wife and I stayed for a week at the Grand Hyatt in Kauai and a week at the Hyatt Regency in Maui.  The regular rates at the hotels were between $400-$500/night, but with the faster free nights we were able to book $55 rooms at the local Hyatt Place and effectively stay at those incredible Hyatt resort properties for just $110/night.

You can choose between:

-A free night at any Hyatt worldwide after 2 stays at any Hyatt worldwide. (It’s back!!!!!!)


-3,000 points for each stay, starting with your 2nd stay.

With either option you also earn double elite qualifying stays during the entire promo period.

The promo runs from 10/01/09-01/31/10.

If you select free stays you can use the free stays between 10/15/09-03/31/10.

Registration will open on 09/25/09 (At which point I will bump this post back to the top)

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I signed up for hyatt diamond promo. and i got upgraded to a 2 floor 2 bedroom suite on the house thanks dan


Dan, what’s up with your site recetly. It’s extremely slow these days


Nice! Where was that at?

Tell me about it…It happened when I upgraded the site to the latest software version (WordPress 2.8.4)

I’ve been searching for a fix, but no luck so far.


Whoa you stayed in Hawaii over Shabbos??

I usually will fly in on Sun and out Thurs night. Too many problems with the DateLine and dont want to hold 2 days while there. Besides Ive been in Hotels where when you open either the balcony door or the main door the a/c will shut off till the door is closed.


great starpoint usage: Got 12 tickets to the Deutsche Bank Golf Tourney off of spgmoments for 3,000 points total. sold all of them for a net total of $450 on stubhub. 15 cents a point ain’t bad eh?


Dan, how do you get it for 55? there isn’t anything near NY all the way to Pittsburgh for anywhere near that rate?!


dan. newport RI it was the nicest room nice there and i got 1000 hyatt points as a promo


Dan and i got enough points out of that 1 stay i know have 5500 hyatt points enough for a free night stay


Dan, do you think booking a hyatt through priceline would work for this?


I’m no expert, but as I understand it the chabad consensus is that only one day of shabbos is kept in hawaii.
And yes, it does mean you have to turn off the A/C on shabbos if you want to open the balcony.

Not bad at all!

-It was $55 last year
-That was after a 21% prepaid discount rate.
-The $55 rate was in Kansas. The Cleveland hotel was $60 after the 21% off.
-The lowest Cleveland rate that I found now was $80…here’s hoping for a quick return 21% off promo!



Im no Posak but if a person follows Chabad for everything then no prtoblem. but I dont think a person can simply pull 1 from Column A and something from Column B when its Convient for them, = if you dont follow Chabad about Everything then 1 shouldnt follow them about Hawaii or whatever when its Convient for them to do so

Its not only Hawaii but Japan and parts of Austrailia as well. Ive heard that if you live in Sydney everything is OK , if visiting then swimming is off limits for those not living there on Sundays.

Best thing is to ask ones LOR ( Local Orthodox Rabbi, where they live) what they should do , IMO


How do i get myself a good rate at the hyatt (or any other hotel) in israel for the end of december?


Just as someone else said in the comments if you missed the
diamond trail you can still get it if you call up and ask nicely
I’ve done it for a few people allready, of course not garanteed but it won’t hurt


As always thanks dan for your hard work… I found a Hyatt in CT for 89$ a night.. I can’t be sure if its worth it at the moment…

I should also add that starting October 1st, every stay at the Hyatt are counted are doubled.. so 8 stays will be as if you stayed 16, giving you diamond till 2011 + you get 4 free nights.

I have a little problem though, they said they wont upgrade me to Diamond unless I show a competitors statement of equal status. PLEASE HELP



the last I knew Hyatt had 3 levels Gold – entry

Platinum – 5 stays or 15 nights

Diamond – 25 Stays or 50 nights

so with Double stays 13 Stays will be needed to be Diamond and not 8

unless things have changed by Hyatt recently = Today


You could be right steve… I just wanted the world to know about the stay one night have it counted as 2…

With 8 you’ll have platinum through 2011


@steve2: not if you have the diamond trial, then all you need is 15 regular stays instead of 15.


i mean instead of 25


dan do you know o have experiance from last year if i can have someone else stay at the hotel for the free nights, if i can add another name on the reservation without having “problems” at the property?