Daily Getaway For 07/11: Hyatt Points

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Update: DEAD!


Daily Getaway has Hyatt Points for sale today.

These can be bought at 1pm EDT. These deals sell out quickly so be ready to grab it exactly when the clock strikes 1! Be sure to open a Hyatt Gold Passport account beforehand.
So far I’ve had fantastic success buying Avis certificates, Hertz points, IHG points, and Wyndham points during this Daily Getaway run. I’ve yet to miss out on anything I was gunning for. What has your success rate been so far?

Here are today’s packages:
-You can buy 69,000 points for $697.50 after the automatic 10% off AMEX discount. That’s 1.01 cents per point.

-You can buy 36,000 points for $373.50 after the automatic 10% off AMEX discount. That’s 1.04 cents per point.

-You can buy 30,000 points for $297 after the automatic 10% off AMEX discount. That’s 0.99 cents per point.

-You can buy 24,000 points for $234 after the automatic 10% off AMEX discount. That’s 0.975 cents per point.

-22,000 points gets you into category 6 ultra-luxury hotels like Park Hyatts in Paris, Zurich, Tokyo, Sydney, and the Maldives where rooms go for $1,000/night.  That’s a value of 4.55 cents per points.  No other hotel chain offers their finest properties for so few points which is why Hyatt has so many fans.

-15,000 points gets you into category 4 hotels like the Andaz West Hollywood/LA, Hyatt Place Waikiki Beach Honolulu, Park Hyatt Melbourne, Park Hyatt Seoul, or Hyatt Place Midtown NYC. A room rate of $350 means a value of 2.33 cents per point.

Hyatt has no blackout dates or capacity controls.  Plus you can confirm your 3+ night stay in a suite for just 50% more points (33,000/night for a category 6 hotel) which is a bargain compared to other chains.

You can also earn Hyatt points via the Hyatt Visa though you will earn more points per dollar by putting your spend on Chase Ultimate Rewards cards like Freedom, Sapphire Preferred, Ink Cash, Ink Bold, and Ink Plus.

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Can they be converted to miles?


Can they be converted back to chase sapphire points?


do these points ever expire?


chav, Spoketoborders: No.


The T&C for the 24,000 package state “Package includes 24,000 Hyatt Gold Passport bonus points that may be redeemed at participating Hyatt Gold Passport Category 3 hotels.”
Does this mean only for use at Category 3, or just giving me an idea where to use?
(basically i want to know if i’ll be able to use this for the Park Hyatt Zurich)


can the points be used for category 1 hyatt hotels at 5,000 points /night or are you restricted to a category 4 hyatt?


Dan is this a worthwhile value in your opinion?


is there anyway to get the discount if I don’t have an amex


What are the best places to use hyatt points? I already have close to $100k points, so I’m wondering if I shod add


Deal says that “Package includes 24,000 Hyatt Gold Passport bonus points that may be redeemed at participating Hyatt Gold Passport Category 3 hotels.” Does this mean I can only use the points at a Category 3 Hyatt?


I’m going to NYC with the family for a few nights. I have a lot of Starwood points. Is the Hyatt deal still recommended? Thank you


Not at good ratios unless you are gunning for Southwest companion pass.

Currently they don’t enforce an expiration.

You can use any category.
Those are just giving ideas.

I wouldn’t post it otherwise.

Find someone else with an AMEX.

That would depend where you want to go.

The Andaz 5th Avenue kills every SPG NYC hotel.


can you buy more than one of these – like the 69k and 30k?


You can buy 1 of each package if you’ve got really quick fingers.


@Dan HOw long does it take for them to deposit?,
I know they say 10 business days.
Im going to want to use them next week do I have a chance?


can i dign up/register before deal starts in order to be able to buy quickly?


I hit it at 1 on the second , and missed it


how long does it stay in your cart while you complete the order?


I clicked right after my computer clock turned 1 and it was sold out already


Wow that was crazy. I just tried at eexactly one and everything was sold out!


tried too late


What’s up? We all tried at 1:00 and they were sold out. What are we missing? Must be some trick that the average person does not know about.


All completely sold out. People must have been allowed to go on before 100 PM


This thing is a scam…..Anyone get anything?


This is a real let down… I was ready to roll and kept on refreshing the page and the moment I was buy now! I went for it and it gave me that dreadful message…

Oh well, had the vacay all planned out…

I’m just trying to figure out how the lucky ones had a chance to get it?

how does this work? its like a race against milliseconds!


Mind you I went for $700 option… and still sold out the second it came on screen.

Dan, did you manage to get your hands on one? how about any body else – I’m happy for you and I’ll be happier for myself next time I get my hands on one of those… 😉

But yet again, there’s always another deal (just around the corner)


I got the 24,000 points


Some of these deals are not worthwhile unless you create a sniping script. Maybe I’ll do that next year and run it on 4 or 5 computers to actually have a chance at the popular ones.


how? did u do something special?


How often do these things come around?


To everyone yelling ‘scam’ or ‘people were using scripts’, no, you were just too slow. These are the equivalent of black friday doorbusters except waiting in line for 6 hours is replaced by being as fast as possible. Were you clicking refresh with the mouse instead of using a hotkey? No package for you. Did you not have the mouse directly over where the ‘Buy’ button would appear? No package. And so on.


I got the 69K one. The trick is to sync your computer watch for 12:00 PM CST or what ever timezone one is in. As soon the clock changes seconds from 59 to 00 you have to refresh and click on Buy in an instant. All the other numbers should be ready on the side on another monitor.


I was able to score the 24k package, my friend did too. I was refreshing every second. I noticed it went live when my verizon clock hit 1.


I had my mouse hovering right over the buy button and was pressing ctrl r on my computer right before 1


Dan – When I try to book a room online at the Andaz 5th Avenue in NYC, I can’t choose a suite. Is there a way to add points to upgrade to a suite?


One big scam. They did it last year and Hyatt apologized for being part of this attempt to cheat and lie. Avoid that website as its totally a scam!



Did you score any? 🙂 we’d love to know! 😀


It’s sold out long ago. Please update.


When was there a deal on hertz points? How much did they sell them for?


Wasn’t able to get the fairmont deal to Hawaii today. Did anyone get that one ?

Long time follower

I know its not a CC post but… any suggestions on how to have Chase remove $95 Fee for chase sapphire. Or do you have any experience with applying for a Sapphire M/C when you all ready have a Sapphire VISA
Any advise appreciated, Thanks