Roundup Of Airline And Hotel Elite Status Match And Challenge Offers

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Update, 6/29: Tomorrow is the final day to apply for a JetBlue status match.

It was originally supposed to expire on 5/31, but on June 1st they extended it through 6/30. Of course it’s always possible that it will be extended again.

Originally posted on 5/4/16:

American Express is a advertiser.

If you have elite status in an airline or hotel program you can often leverage that for an outright match or a challenge that can give status for a short period of time that can be extended if you meet a flight or stay requirement. Some airlines only allow this once in a lifetime, while others allow it every year.

Will match to Silver (OneWorld Ruby) or Gold (OneWorld Sapphire). Status lasts for 12 months days and will be extended if you meet a flight challenge requirement within those 12 months.

Will match AeroMexico, Air Canada, American, Delta, Frontier, Hawaiian, Jet Blue, Southwest, United, and Virgin
America to MVP, MVP Gold, or MVP Gold 75K, all of which also have flight benefits when flying American or Delta. Email proof of competing status and a driver’s licence to

-American offers a paid challenge for Gold and Platinum status that you enroll in by calling 888-697-5636. The price for the Gold challenge varies between $100-$140 and the price of the Platinum challenge varies between $180-$200 depending on when you sign up. Status may start right away or may only start after you complete a flight challenge requirement within 3 months. If you have status on another airline that may help with getting status right away, but you don’t need status to enroll in the challenge. If you enroll by 6/15/16 and complete the flight challenge the status will expire 2/28/17. If you enroll after 6/15/16 and complete the flight challenge the status will expire 1/31/18.

Will match Alaska, American, or United status to Silver, Gold or Platinum. Status lasts for 90 days and will be extended if you meet a flight challenge requirement within those 90 days.

Will match Alaska MVP/MVP Gold, American Plat/EXP, Delta Gold/Plat/Diamond, Emirates Silver/Gold/Plat, Southwest A-List/CP, United Gold/Plat/1K, or Virgin Silver/Gold to Mosaic. Status lasts for 2016 and will be extended for 2017 if you meet a flight challenge requirement within 90 days.

Will match or challenge to Elite (Star Alliance Gold) or Gold (OneWorld Sapphire). Challenges last for 4 months and can be extended to a year with a Turkish flight, matches last for 2 years. Contact via this form and click on new feedback>Miles & Smiles>Request>Membership Processing and send a copy of your elite status card and statement or account history.

Will match American or Delta status to Silver, Gold or Platinum. Status lasts for 90 days and will be extended if you meet a flight challenge requirement within those 90 days.

Virgin America
Will match American, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, or United to Silver or Gold. Status lasts for 90 days and will be extended if you meet a flight challenge requirement within those 90 days.

Will match status from other hotels up to top-tier Diamond. Status lasts until 3/31/18.

Will match Starwood Platinum to Hyatt Diamond and may match other status. Email with proof of status and your Hyatt number.

Will offer a challenge to obtain Gold or Platinum status, email

Cards like The Platinum Card and the The Business Platinum Card offer free Gold status in Hilton and Starwood without any match required.

In the past there have been opportunities to get status instantly and use it to match to another airline or to get car rental status instantly and match that as well. So it’s always worth looking for the next opportunity to get status the easy way.

Then you have programs like El Al. They won’t match American status, but will be happy to match Continental or USAirways status 😉

What programs have you matched to?

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Shaul Yaakov

I got Hilton Diamond from my IHG credit card that gives Spire Elite (top level) .



What do you mean offer a challenge for status under starwood? Thanks


Out of curiosity… Say your Platinum Status was about to expire… Could you do a Air Berlin Status match and then be able to use the OneWorld Sapphire Benefits for an additional 12 months?


@Shaul Yaakov:

They will give you a shortcut to Platinum status if you make a number of stays within 90 days.

If they match your status, sure. I matched to their Gold status, gets free lounge access, etc.


Thanks Dan!
Any roundup of rental car company’s that will match status and from where?


Alaska 75k used to be so easy. 🙁 If only people could’ve kept quiet.

fan of dan

What does the flight challenge for AA platinum look like typically?


A lot of them will match, just email and ask 🙂

The internets can’t be kept quiet.

@fan of dan:
AA Gold challenge should be 7K EQM and Platinum should be 12.5K EQM in 3 months. Sometimes they even have an EXP challenge.


Can I match SPG Gold to anything?


Should be good for Hilton Gold or Hyatt Platinum, etc.


Does the Hyatt match to starwoods require proof of a paid stay?


Can air berlin silver be matched anywhere?


Anyway to obtain Marriott status w/o staying at the hotel?


Copa Airlines matched my United 1k. Offered ConnectMiles Platinum for 12 months without having to complete a challenge. Included with ConnectMiles Platinum status are 3 Regional Upgrade certificates that can be redeemed on United US domestic flights.


Will Jetblue & alaska match CP that was earned thru credit cards or only from flights ?

buenas naches

@Shaul Yaakov: Just for housekeeping, IHG credit card comes with Platinum status, not Spire Elite.

Sam Finkelstein

Will my status match with Hilton last until 2018 if I did it earlier this year?


What does Starwood require to retain the status?


@Anonymous: @Anonymous: How do they know how you got your Companion Pass?

The Who

What benefits does AirBerlin Silver/ oneWorld ruby have?


I have southwest companion pass, thanks to you Dan, for the great signup bonuses.

What is the full list of Airlines or programs, that I can match my status to?


Can I match my advantage platinum status to any star alliance non us partner that will then give me access to united club lounges when flying United domestic?



Thank you for your interest in Hyatt Gold Passport and our limited time tier match offer.

At this time, we are no longer offering a tier match with other programs. You can still achieve elite status with Hyatt Gold Passport through your eligible stays and nights during your travels with Hyatt. For details visit

We look forward to having you as our guest soon.

Warm regards,
Hyatt Gold Passport Customer Service


I emailed the Starwood email address you posted but it bounced back. Is there another way to find out about this?


is there any reason/incentive to register for the American challenge BEFORE 6/15/16?


El Al was good enough to match United Gold with Matmid Silver today. I fly 5 times a year on full business fare. They must REALLY want my business.


thanks for the list!

How do you status match to Jetblue? I don’t see any email/phone numbers and can’t find anything online.


There was a typo at first, try again.

If you have flights before then.

Click the link.


Anyone I can status match Aegean Gold to?


@Syd: +1



Thanks! For some reason this wasn’t working for me yesterday.


What matching British Bronze to United?


Just tried to status match 1k to Turkish, will keep you posted


If I have southwest companion pass and match to Alaska, which one would it be matched to in their tier? And how long would the status be good for?



United can match to a lot of other airlines as well, use the link provided by Dan.

deal woman

Hi. anyone have the link to for hilton to match spg status? thanks


@deal woman:
This post does…


Update #1: Turkish sent me the following email:
“In order to evaluate your request, we would like you to send the copy of your ID/Passport, the picture or copy of your Gold membership card’s front and back side together with card statement that shows flight activities up to last two months to Customer Contact Center”


anyone know if the hyatt status match is still open and what do i need in order to match if i have top tier IHG?


Southwest companion to Alaska they are saying will only match a list or a list preferred and must show flights flown


I have platinum American Airlines. How do I get a Delta status match ? I’m taking delta next week cross country and there is only middle seats !!!


Dan, what about Marriott? Will they match starwood gold?


Looks like B6 pushed it off until 6/30/16 now per the T&C.


If I make the spg transfer now….will I make it?




Sorry got confused this is not for the 75k jet blue.

There’s still time for that. Correct?

Ezra Debbah

I have 15k SPG, 15k Jetblue and 70k AMX points. What would you recommend I do to maximize this match from Jetblue?


I have Hilton Diamond. What are all of my match options?


Btw- As far Car Rental Matching – Avis, National and Hertz will all match each other. Not sure what good it really does besides for getting you self a nicer car…..


@Dan … do you know if it is true that I cannot see the amount of EQMs or redeemable miles for an reservation online anymore? A CS agent just told me that I can’t see it myself on and must call them to confirm how much I will earn for each flight nowadays…


I have Avianca Gold star alliance expiring in two months…Anyone I can get a status match with?