Last Day To Status Match To Hilton; What Airline, Hotel, And Car Statuses Have You Matched?


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Hilton doesn’t normally match status that you hold at competing hotel chains, but until today they will via this form.

If you do have airline or hotel status, then status matching is a nice way to maintain status in another program. SPG Platinum is easy to achieve with the help of Starwood Consumer AMEX and the Starwood Business AMEX and I matched that to Hilton Diamond and Hyatt Diamond. One DDFer got SPG Platinum without any stays after I pointed the way for him to do it via the elite nights awarded by the SPG cards. is a good resource for recent reports on successful matches. Many programs only offer a challenge rather than an outright match so you have to actually make a certain amount of stays or flights to get status. United will offer you this challenge depending on your status in another program.

I first wrote about the AA Challenge a decade ago (!) and you can still call AA to join that even if you don’t have any status. Alas AA Gold and Platinum status aren’t worth very much these days and it costs $120 (plus you’ll need to fly 7.5K elite qualifying miles within 90 days) to join the Gold challenge and $200 (plus you’ll need to fly 12.5K elite qualifying miles) to join the Platinum challenge. But if you have some flights booked anyway it can make sense to take the challenge. For example if you got in on the incredible London deal and have much better luck than I did, you’d have 10,355 EQMs for a flight from JFK, 11,859 from Chicago, or 16,367 from Los Angeles. (Then again there are times when they do outright match, so it’s worth asking when you call.)

But some programs, like Alaska and AirBerlin, will match you outright without needing to pay or fly. Mid-tier status on a program like AirBerlin is more valuable than mid-tier status on a program like American as American won’t give lounge access to its own mid-tier elites on domestic itineraries, but they will to mid-tier elites of partner airlines like AirBerlin.

Cards like The Platinum Card and the The Business Platinum Card offer free Gold status in Hilton and Starwood without any match required.

In the past there have been opportunities to get status instantly and use it to match to another airline or to get car rental status instantly and match that as well. So it’s always worth looking for the next opportunity to get status the easy way.

Then you have programs like El Al. They won’t match American status, but will be happy to match Continental or USAirways status…

What have you been successful at matching? Hit the comments!

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I status matched a while ago to Hilton I got the confirmation email that I’ve been matched to Diamond. However it only shows me blue when I login online. Anyone else seeing this?


How do you get platinum without any stays? I thought you could only have one consumer and one business version of the card for a total of 10 nights? Am I wrong about that or missing something?

Tom Brady

Yes, I get that on the mobile site.


What status will I get for marriot silver? Would it be worth doing now because I’ve read that it’s allowed only once a lifetime?


According to it seems that sw companion pass will match to Alaska’s MVP. Gold 75k. With sign up bonuses around, sw companian pass is quiet easy. From there you might be able to move onwards…


What would IHG Gold match to?


I got matched to Hilton Diamond (up from Gold) from IHG Platinum Elite


Shut up, please


I applied for match using my IHG platinum online membership card screenshot, after I saved it as a jpg, then after submitting I noticed the jpg saved version is a blank IHG card without my name and account number, when I tried again it refused saying this Is a duplicate. Now I’m stuck. Any suggestions plz?? Time is running out. Thanks.


I got my worthless El AL Silver matmid matched by British Airways to THEIR Silver…was a great move! And I haven’t flown LY since!


How long does status obtained by Status matching last? Forever or from then on I have to stay 85 nights a year, fly X amount of miles, rent a car X amount of times in a year etc?


Will SPG gold get me anything?


What matches can I get with ElAl Silver Status? Anything worthwhile?
And, how do I do it?



Someone on DDF said he got BA Silver

Miles Geek

IHG Platinum did it for me

Marriott/Ritz Carlton?

Anyone know if Marriott/Ritz Carlton ever do a status match?


@Naf: there is a request number did you try emailing, I had an issue where I sent the wrong jpg file I emailed them and now waiting on a response



Scared of something…


@Anonymous: Not nough info given on how to move forward.. Nothing to get too uptight about.


I got diamond status using accor hotels with no stays

Yitz Goldman

I just got hhonors diamond with ihg platinum elite that I have from my ihg chase card.


I have Amex Platinum so I have SPG Gold, how do I get it up to Platinum w/o credited stays?
Thank you