Final Thoughts On The BMI Silver Status Deal…


Update-03/25: BMI has already downgraded people to Blue status. If you have been downgraded it’s now too late to call for a Silver card!

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BMI sent out a mass email today telling people who signed up for the instant BMI Silver status that they would be downgraded to blue status.   Thanks to the 253 of you who forwarded me that email 😉

It’s a shame but after the deal was posted here it was reposted all over the internet, so the sheer amount of people who signed up forced BMI to do something.  Can’t have everyone being elite for free!  You win some and you lose some.  No harm, no foul, except for the waste of a couple minutes of your time. There’s no need to send me nasty emails or comments.  I knew as much as you did about the deal and there was no information on the BMI link that said it was targeted to a specific group or people.

Some thoughts:

1.  I posted a similar BMI Silver offer in April 2010. After that deal as well they emailed everyone that they would be downgrading them to blue status.  Ultimately they decided to just leave everyone who did last year’s deal at the Silver level.  My hunch is that this time they will actually downgrade people.

2. You can still call up BMI at +44 (0)1332 648768 and ask for your Silver membership card while you are still Silver. You should still be able to use that card for free luggage on partner airlines like Air Canada, Continental, United, and USAirways until the card’s expiration date.  Just be sure to bring a copy of the Star Alliance Silver baggage policies from the website of the airline that you are flying to show at check-in if you don’t get the free baggage automatically.

3. You can request a status match from airlines like Delta. Just send them a screenshot of your Silver status and ask to be matched. From Delta you can match other airlines as well, such as AA, or do a challenge with Continental or United. Just remember that most status matches are officially just a once in a lifetime deal.

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dan i cant believe ppl are angry at you! tell them gei kok in yam!!


Thank You Dan for deal. You were quoted all over the internet so it’s not big surprise. Should be a lesson for all us fans of Dan to keep this page a close held secret 🙂


Dan only screen I can find to use for status match is very small and shows 0 miles. Is that the screen (1st one you see when you login)? Or is there a better screen to print?


Points taken. Well done Dan.


thanks dan!


sorry people are sending you nasty letters. Its not your fault they should be mad at bmi


Thanks Dan


Whats with the atrocious spelling on the mass email, i thought it was spam..


I thank you for all your continued posts. Please dont listen to the idiots that vent any anger towards you. I’m a follower for life.. Thanks Again.



Done, how do I get the card? I applied about two weeks ago. Is it gonna come in the mail or should contact them? Thanks


How do I get a screen shot of my card? I got the email but as of now my account still states silver status. I would love to be able to switch it ti Delta before I get downgraded.

Chany Mo

Star alliance gold gets you extra baggage on partner airlines, not silver. I just checked the star alliance website. Am I missing something?


I am mad at you for trying to help me and make my life better! Just kidding! 😉

Shmuel Boruch

I tried reserving a car from Europcar. I got a free upgrade voucher but it didn’t say anywhere that I have Silver status. Got any other idea?

@Anonymous: what was misspelled? In England they spell programme..


Should I be upset that they haven’t bothered to email me? Seriously, I think one can cry foul. BMI made an offer that I responded to and they awarded me the status offered. To cancel it retroactively is surely the definition of “foul”.


Dan, Chazak, keep on your great wonderful work,


Thanks for the kind words guys.

People can definitely email them to express their dissatisfaction, no reason not to.
I just wouldn’t expect much.


Dan,how do I get the card? I applied about two weeks ago. Is it gonna come in the mail or should contact them? Thanks

Avi C

Hi Dan,

Its a shame that they are not honoring the status, that said, i am still happy you posted and i tried.

Thanks Mate.


Thanks Dan. Just the fact that you posted this deal makes me feel grateful


I booked a United flight, and I called up just now united and told them I am a Star alliance diamond club member with BMI and I gave them my number from the email BMI send me, and it totally worked, they found my account and they put it in my flight that I get 2 free 50 pound bags.
So It might still work…


I just called and asked them to send me my card and he said that it shows BLUE!
I checked afterwards and yes it is BLUE!!


I have already been downgraded. Hopefully the request for my card in the mail was put in before the downgrade. Delta wants a “legible photocopy” of my card in order to match.


Sent in my status match request yesterday to Delta while it was still Silver and just checked today and it’s Blue. Hope it works 🙂


Perhaps update this post that people are blue already and cant call and request the silver card


no one has the decency to say thank you no hakoras hatov they have tanis yet let them not follow your advise and they wont have anything to complain about

Shmuel Boruch

@Dan: Hi, is it a good program to keep anyways? From their email “On a positive note though, our frequent flyer programme is one of the most generous programmes around, and you only need to earn 16,000 membership status miles to earn a Silver membership. When you fly with us, or any of the Star Alliance airlines, you’ll reach Silver status in no time at all.” Is that a good way to reach silver?

Also, they should at least give us 1000 miles which was what they were offering for signing up to Blue. I just spoke to “Eidil” in BMI, +44-133-264-8768, and after 10 minutes on the phone she said that they will give me the 1000 miles, within 10 business days. About the Silver status, she said the link was a mistake, it was not sent out by bmi etc. At first she claimed I am ineligible for the 1000 miles too because I did not sign up for Blue. In the end, she saw the light 🙂 I should’ve asked for a supervisor and attempted for something more substantial but I don’t have time now. ll the best!


@Shmuel Boruch:
If you’re just going for Star Alliance elite status then you’ll want to look into Aegean.

They give 1,000 status miles for enrolling. 3,000 more miles gets you Silver and 19,000 miles gets you the awesome Star Alliance Gold status!


is it worth putting miles with aegean, are they useable?




On aegean to get gold status is it actual miles flown


I tried to switch my status and this is what Delta sent me:

Thank you for your additional e-mail to Delta Air Lines providing us with a copy of your BMI statement.

Only Select other airline elite members have the opportunity to receive Medallion status with Delta’s SkyMiles program. Unfortunately, BMI does not participate in our program.

We realize this is a disappointment and appreciate your interest in Delta Air Lines.


It worked for me!

Faxed in a BMI Silver screenshot to Delta and logged in to Delta today (to get a screenshot for the Cap1 match!) and noticed I’m Silver Medallion!

Thanks Dan… we’re going to try for AA status match.


Silver Medallion on Delta… shkoyach


I’m aware that this comment is coming 3 Montserrat after the post. I am traveling *A to Israel for a year of Yeshiva and it’s my only planned trip with *A since pesach. I didn’t need *S then cause I was on same reservation as my dad who has *G. But I would appreciated the extra bags fr


I signed up for the Silver promo but didn’t care about being downgraded to Blue as I didn’t think I’d be traveling on *A this year at a time Silver would really help. But I recently booked flights to Yeshiva in Israel on Swiss. I figure that Silver would get me extra bags so I would need the Silver status. I just emailed DC customer service and asked them to reinstate my Silver. Should I ask them to upgrade it to Gold for the chutzpah of downgrading me in first place? 🙂