Book One Flight And Get 90 Days Of USAirways And Star Alliance Silver Elite Status!


USAirways Silver Trial Status Linky

You need to book a non-refundable flight for the Silver status to take effect.  I found a one-way flight from PIT to LGA on 07/14 for $43+tax=$54.  Can you find cheaper?

With Star Alliance Silver you and all companions booked on your itinerary will get 2 free bags when you fly on Star Alliance carriers like Continental, United, or USAirways. You may also get upgrades on USAirways and people have reported being able to get Economy Plus seating at the airport when flying United.
With bag fees as high as they are these days it can be worth doing this just for the free bags for an upcoming trip!

-Allow one to seven days for Silver Preferred trial status to take effect following ticket purchase date.
-Silver Preferred trial status will be valid for 90 days
-Only tickets purchased at will qualify
-The last date to register and purchase a qualifying ticket is August 15, 2010; travel must begin by Sept 15, 2010.
-If you’ve done an elite match or trial elite status with USAirways within the last 24 months you will not qualify for this program.

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can we use this to status match with continental?


Hey dan I was wanting to ask u. Remeber that bmi deal u posted about free silver elite status… not too long ago I got the whole package in the mail…. Does that mean I’m a qulifeid silver member even though I didn’t apply for that womens group membership or whatever it was….. I got a card with my name and # on it


do you have to fly on usairways or just book a ticket?

Also Bmi

hey does anyone have a answer, if i have the BMI card does it still work on United please let me know as i have a flight in 2 weeks with 5 people and luggage and if it doesnt then i will buy a ticket here.

Eli K.

What are the benefits with this if I’m flying CO to TLV?


priority baggage and boarding


@Eli K.: priority baggage and boarding


I read the T&Cs..
It seems that you need to book it only on USair and their shuttle service; booking on US’s site and flying United metal will not qualify.
Also, the 90 days start from when your purchase the ticket (or ~7 days after), not from the date on the ticket.
I’m assuming that because the status is 90 days from when you book, you don’t actually have to fly, because if I fly on Sept. 15, that is over 90 days away.

Eli K.

@yoel: Is that worth $54?


I got the same thing a few weeks back a couple days before going from CLE-SNA and had 2 bags checked for free. I flew Continental but it still worked. I hope this helps. It should work for United.


People have been reporting that their account and silver status are still active even without signing up for the women’s club. Log on to your account and check.


i sent an email to united showing my silver status on bmi and asking them to match (i forgot the email – s/t like or something) they did match me and my husband. i get free baggage and a free upgrade to economy plus (for 4 out of 5 passengers) for the premiere member and one more person on the ticket

Avid Reader


How long does the upgrade on united last?

Lou bob

@ Avid Reader
90 days i think


Unbelievable! I am flying with a family of five and I got the silver status which will give all of us free checked bags and we got preffered seating for evenyone. Thanks Dan!!!

Deal Guy

Dan, does that mean you wll be coming back to the tri-state area on July 14?


Does the status get me anything for an intercontinental flight?


Does anyone know if BMI silver gets me any thing on 5 ticket from jfk to zurich that I got using continental miles getting swiss air tickets
Please advise


are then any cheap flights to isreal my parents are taking my family isreal for my younger brother and he is speashel needs and the tickets are very expensive so if any one knows of a cheap flight? email me at


do you know if bmi silver gets me anything on mileage tickets that i have with swiss air thru continental


Dan, I am interested in doing a roundtrip within the next three weeks or one way in driving distance if it is cheaper so that I can get the silver elite status for two different trips. What is the best way to find the cheapest ticket on US Airway and cheapest city partners?



Son of a….!!! I just booked a flight online today through Expedia b/c the US Airways site was being glitchy, and now I find this and discover I could have gotten a free Silver Preferred Trial for 90 days! Dang it! I’m going to Vegas for 3 days and bringing my golf clubs so I’ll be paying $50 R/T in bag fees, so maybe it’d be worth it to book a cheap one-way ticket for like $50 to get the Silver Preferred status on my flight which is in 30 days. That way I’ll be paying the same and I’ll get preferred boarding and me & my wife will also be able to bring along a second checked bag rather than having to worry about cramming everything into a carry-on. Hmmm….