Air France/KLM Flying Blue Status Matching This Month!


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Flying Blue Offer Linky

You need to scan and send your elite membership card to qualify.  The offer expires on March 31st, so there probably won’t be time for folks who signed up for the BMI status this time around to get their new cards.  Of course if you signed up for the offer last year you’ll have no problems!  You can get matched to bottom-tier Silver, Gold, or even top-tier Platinum.  They will not match status from Skyteam Alliance partners.

This link explains which status you will get depending on the airline that you have status with (IE only)

One nice benefit that all Flying Blue elites get is 2 free 70 pound bags when traveling on Delta for themselves and for all of their travel companions.

Flying Blue Elite Status Benefits Linky

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To dan. I’m platinum by continental do u think its pays off to match with flying blue now or its still once in a life time thing?

Jason Steele

Hey, couldn’t you just print out the BMI page and use that for status matching? No need to wait for the physical card.


What if I got bmi silver last time but I don’t have the card, is there any way for me to do this?


I think it’s important to note that if you can (which I just missed out on cuz I didn’t realize), you should base yourself outside of the USA and Mexico. According to wikipedia, if you are a non-US based FlyingBlue Gold memeber, you get SkyTeam Elite PLUS vs. plain SkyTeam Elite. The extra benefits are:

# Priority baggage handling
# Additional checked luggage allowance
# Airport lounge access
# Guaranteed reservations on sold-out flights
# Express airport security (in some hub airports)

vs. the regular SkyTeam Elite which only has:

* Priority reservations waitlisting
* Priority airport standby
* Priority boarding
* Priority check-in
* Preferred seating

You can see this info here:


how long would the matched status last?


Can you apply for them to match your United Premier if you are also a Delta Silver Medallion?


What status will KLM give me for my BMI Silver? Does it make a difference whether I sign up for KLM in the US or abroad if they’re matching my BMI Silver (or does it only make a difference if I have Gold)?



Can anyone confirm the out of country address? What are the disadvantages of using an Israeli relative’s address?


For those who are enrolling for Flying Blue membership now, there are some promotions for bonus miles with your enrollment.

KLM’s website is offering 1,000 miles.

There is an offer for 5,000 bonus miles here, but it says it’s only for Australia addresses:

Air France’s UK website is offering 3,000 miles:

Does anyone know of any enrollment promotion (for US or Canada) for more than 1,000 bonus miles?


I am not getting the lounge access rules, does it cost money even as a gold member when flying with one of their airlines? If I understand right than I find that weird


Dan can you write how to change from getting the benefits of flying blue elite (2×70, etc.) but earning the miles flown – on delta.
no rush, easy fast.


The benefit of a non-US address is only for matching to Gold.


Hey, couldn’t you just print out the BMI page and use that for status matching? No need to wait for the physical card.


@Yaacov and Jason Steele

If you clink on the link and read the instructions you will see that you need to;
“fill in the form below and enclose a copy of your membership card upon which your current level and the card’s expiry date appear”

Status match

I submitted AA status last night. Any idea how long Flying Blue takes to match? Can people post when they get their status mtached?


In regards to the comment by “Status Match”, does anyone indeed have any idea how long it takes for them to match the status?


I got the following message from KLM:

AIR FRANCE and KLM regret to inform you that we are unable to continue with your request for an Elite Status Match for one of the following reasons:
-your proof of membership with another frequent flyer programme is illegible
-your proof of membership with another frequent flyer programme is no longer valid
-your current Flying Blue membership level is higher than the level you hold with another frequent flyer programme
-you are already a member of a SkyTeam frequent flyer programme(1).
If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Looking forward to welcoming you onboard soon.

If you have a skymiles account, which I am sure most of you do, you are not eligible for the promotion


I received an email from bmi regarding the latest silver offer that it was a by invitation only offer and my silver status will be rescinded in the coming days


Me too!! Dan- you gotta do something about this. It was a farce to get us to sign up. Aargh.


I got matched to silver from AA gold.
2 questions: Can I match back to AA after July to extend my current gold or do I have to match upwards?
When does my status with Flying Blue expire?

Thanks so much!!
Very appreciative of all the deals here!


I got the same email from KLM as Dannyboy…
I am already elite with Delta(Skyteam member) and so I was turned down…
thanks for the great info available on your website.


how long does this take to come through?
i applied on 3/21 and i haven’t heard from them yet! and my account still says ivory and i should be getting gold! (i have united 1p – premier executive/star gold)


i just got an email from them saying it has gone thru and now i have silver. i had used a screenshot of bmis silver to prove it eventhough bmi downgraded me later that week. and i got ddelta silver as well from the bmi silver status match.