[Update: Available For A 2nd Time!] Contact CLEAR For A Free 3 Month Service Extension!

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Update: I was able to chat with CLEAR and get another 3 month extension! Officially this is called a “pause” though the membership continues to work. The agent told me that this is my 2nd and final pause available.

Originally posted on 4/8:

CLEAR is amazing.

It allows you to skip to the front of the security line when you fly. If you also have PreCheck you can skip to the front of the PreCheck line and if you don’t have PreCheck you can skip to the front of the regular line.

It’s just not so amazing when you’re grounded.

I contacted CLEAR via the chat link that popped up in the bottom right of this page and they were happy to extend my membership, which also includes my wife’s membership on my family plan, by 3 months.

If you don’t see a chat link pop up you can also call, email or Tweet them.

I logged in and the new membership expiration date is already showing.

If you have an AMEX Consumer Green Card you can get $100 in annual CLEAR statement credits.

Post your results in the comments!

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If you click the cancel membership button, it gives you an option to extend also, without having to call or chat.


This will pause your membership for 3 month – not extend.


But no one is flying


i have flown for business many times since Covid. Regardless, that is exactly why they are offering free extensions, they really want you to try it and get hooked, i will not work if you don’t get to try it a few times.

M k

Tried cancel membership. It gave me an option to pause it for 3 months.


If I pause it means I won’t have it for 3 months?


Chatted and got a 3 month extension. Thanks!


Thanks Dan! Waited a few minutes for an agent via chat. Requested 3 month extension and confirmed!


Why did you request 3? Why would you limit it to 3?


Thank you. Chatted and got it posted instantly… The 12 month free trial turned into 15, so double thanks I really enjoy clear..


Wonder if Global Entry is (or will be) showing same good will


Anyone know about tsa pre check?

Voice of Reason

Got a 3 month extension via chat. Thank you Dan


Free 12 months extended to 15 months. Be aware that they also turn on the auto renew feature. This can be turned off. Good luck all.

Voice of Reason

So on the chat they told me the membership was extended For 3 months. A day later I received an email the membership was merely paused for 3 months. I don’t think it’s the same.


Is the free membership for family members too?


If you have a chase reserve card does it pay for it?

Joe Kay

Got a 3 month extension for me and my wife!


Awesome, thank you very much. It worked with no issues, nor was i told this would be my last extension or anything of the sort. Still going from the free year trial i began on August 2019. For the free price i have really been enjoying skipping large line and being treated nicely. They do really tempt you to join once you tried it, but the $179 price in not great


The email follow-up i just received did say on the bottom that this is the final extension


worked for me. thank you


Does your new Delta diamond status get you free Clear?


Thank you. Just got a three-month ext.


I missed doing this the 2nd time. I have auto renew off but my credit card was just charged 179. Anyone else experience this?


Update: emailed and got a refund. Reply quoted below.

“It looks like the 3 month extension that was requested in April over rode the do not renew request.

I can confirm that your membership is canceled. The full amount of $179.00 of your annual membership will be refunded to your card on file (you should see it in 3-5 business days).”