The Targeted Hertz Summer Bonus Is Even More Lucrative Than Expected

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Earlier this month I got an email from Hertz inviting me to enroll in their summer bonus. I’d get 550 Hertz points if I made a rental and another 550 points if the rental was from a non-airport location:

1,100 points is enough for 2 free rental days, so this seemed like a pretty sweet promotion.

My brother Gavriel graduated from high school in Pittsburgh last week. Instead of putting 260 miles on my own car I went to check rates from Hertz. My local location said that it was sold out of cars, but when I signed in with my Hertz President’s Circle account (which I have from having a United Club card) it quoted me a rate of $33 with tax. Not bad for a car rental day and 1,100 Hertz points!

Unfortunately the location called me to tell me they were sold out and I complained to @Hertz on Twitter as well as the President’s Club line (These pretzels are making me thirsty!) As I was about to drive my own car to Pittsburgh I got a call that they had secured a car for me and would be able to honor my reservation.

I used the after-hours drop off to return the car that night (The hybrid Ford Fusion only needed 5.5 gallons of gas for the round-trip!) and was surprised to see on the following day that the $33 rental had earned 1,683 points, enough for more than 3 free rental days:


But sure enough, the points made it to my account:


Were you targeted for the Hertz summer promo? How many points did you receive?

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Lucky you!
There are a few different offers out there many people got one to get 1100 points back when using points for a week rental.


Is there another way to see if you are targeted?


How can i see if i can get this offer?


Not seeing an email in my inbox. Any other way to check if I’m targeted?


How to get targeted for Hertz promotions 101:
If you have a a Hertz account and never get these targeted promotions (like I had for almost 6 months when I was a presidents Circle member, and rented nearly 30 cars that year). Go into your profile and change the email address to any other email address of your, and boom enjoy your extra points!


I see 1100 from the bonus mentioned plus 33 for the 1 pt/$ spent. Where did the extra 550 come from to get you 1683? Thanks.


That’s hertz. Nothing has to make sense


You probably were also targeted with a “return to hertz for 550 points” email


U can see that it’s 2 separate bonus. I’ve gotten 550 for no reason before


Change your email address on your Hertz profile, I wasn’t getting emails for a while, so I changed my email and now I receive promotions.


SWEET DEAL! And the hybrid is a bonus.

I’m going to check my email now!


I got the promo offering 1100 points, but have no use for a rental car for a day. I have to figure out if 2 free days are worth $30 or if I can have someone else rent it on my account.


Thanks! I’m targeted. Could I use my current points to pay for this rental?


mine said it had to be a paid rental


I used points on a 1-day 1-way rental (airport to airport), and got the 550 bonus the next day! I think any taxes paid triggers it.


Zalman Jacobson

I was targeted and just from clicking on the link i got 550 points in my account with out renting.




I wonder if that’s a welcome back bonus, you can check ur account to c a points history what its for


Im also a Hertz President Circle, but couldnt find anything in my email for this promo 🙁


Dan, how do you handle rental car insurance for rentals paid by points? Will the credit cards’ coverage work if you pay the taxes only with one? Thanks.


Seems everyone else only got 1100


I just upgraded to the United Club Card and am trying to enroll for the Hertz Presidents Circle and I am getting the following message “Sorry, you are not eligible for complimentary Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® elite status. You can view the eligibility requirements at If your status changes, please visit to submit a new request.”
I am currently a Hertz Five Star.
Does anyone know why that would be happening?


I wasn’t getting any promotion emails from hertz, so I followed the advice mentioned here in the comments and logged into my account swtiched email addresses on the account and i just received the promo email

Thanks Dan


I booked a car and chose the prepay option to save a buck, but now i see in the t and c on the promo that its not eligable for pre pay. “This offer has no cash value and cannot be used with Pre-Pay Rates, Tour Rates, Insurance Replacement Rates or any other promotion other than your CDP number.”

Anyone else have this issue?


It also says you have to be 21. Im Not 21 and always got the bonus, so it’s possible that those t&c might not make a diff, but ymmv


dan interesting you got a hybird? did you request it or did you luck out?

can you maybe do post on suggestions to secure a hybird car? Thanks!


i just got the 1100 – no bonus on the bonus


The extra 550 is another promo, no registration was required. I received email on 6/6, titled: Drive off with a Free Weekend Day.

Terms and Conditions
Only select Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® members are eligible for this offer. Residency in the U.S. or Canada is required. Select members receiving this offer are eligible to participate and earn 550 Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points. Discount applies to base rates only. Taxes, fees and options are excluded. Member must elect to receive Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points on the reservation.

The qualifying rental requires a full-day, paid rental of at least $25 picked up by 7/5/18, at a participating Hertz location. Bonus points will not be awarded on rentals accruing other frequent travel program points. It may take up to four weeks from the end of the promotion period before bonus points will be added to member’s account. Standard rental qualifications and return restrictions apply. Advance reservations required. Modifying your reservation may result in a change in your rate and/or invalidate this offer. This offer has no cash value and cannot be used with Pre-Pay Rates, Tour Rates, Insurance Replacement Rates or any other promotion other than your CDP number. The minimum age for this offer is 21 and age differential charges may apply. All Hertz Gold Plus Rewards rules apply. Go to for Gold Plus Rewards Program Terms and Conditions.