SMOKING HOT! Get $100 Off Your First Silvercar Rental! Get Paid $11 To Rent An Audi For 2 Days In Miami And Save Big In Other Cities!

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Update 2. 4:20pm: The $75 off code is dead. See below for other valid codes.

Update: sdd posts a $75 off code in the comments that will actually mean you can get paid for renting an Audi for 2 days after the $75 off code and $25 new customer cash rebate! See the promo codes section below for the details!
Silvercar has started taking reservations at Chicago O’Hare for rentals beginning June 12th! Silvercar has been rapidly expanding and they plan to keep adding a new location every 1-2 months.
They are currently located in:
-Fort Lauderdale/FLL
-Los Angeles/LAX
-San Francisco/SFO

Since I first wrote about Silvercar I’ve received lots of rave reviews from readers thanking me for introducing them to Silvercar. Share your experience in the comments!

About Silvercar:

Silvercar is a new-age car rental company.

The only car they rent is the all-wheel drive Audi A4. It comes with built-in GPS, satellite radio, bluetooth, leather seats, and even a free WiFi hotspot. Unlimited miles are included in every rental.

You can rent from Silvercar as long as you are at least 22 years old with no underage fees.

I rented a car from Avis in Miami earlier this year and got hit with a $17.20 bill for a two 70 cent tolls that I apparently passed on SR112. That’s $1.40 for the tolls and $15.80 for an “eToll Convenience Fee.” Convenient for whom is the question?

Silvercar only passes on the toll itself, no convenience fees.

If you don’t refill the fuel you’ll only be charged a $5 flat rate fee on top of the actual local price of the gas needed to fill up the car. No need to jeopardize missing your flight just to avoid paying $10/gallon for fuel.

At airports where Silvercar is offsite you’ll get picked up and dropped off at the airport in an Audi as well.

Signup offer:

-If you signup via my referral link here you and I will both get $25 after you complete your first rental with my referral code, DELEFF
The $25 will sent to you via Paypal after your rental.

Rentals specials:

-Rates for May rentals are just $59/day.  Rentals in Miami or Phoenix in May are just $39/day with no code required and as long as the rental begins in May you keep the $39 rate until the end of the rental.

Promo codes (Choose one):

First-time renter codes:

1. With this link you can get $75 off your first rental that’s at least 2 days long. 
This is valid for rentals anytime. For example a 2 day rental in Miami from May 31-June 2 would cost $13.91 ($3 plus $10.91 tax) after the $75 off. Plus you’ll get $25 back after the rental, meaning you’ll get paid $11.09 for renting the Audi for 2 days!
Or for example a 2 day rental in Los Angeles from June 14-16 would cost $47.99 ($43 plus $4.99 tax) after the $75 off.  Plus you’ll get $25 back after the rental, dropping the effective cost to just $22.99 for 2 days.

2. With this link you can save $50 off your first rental that’s at least 2 days long.  If it doesn’t take $50 off for you just enter code: AFF-FTD  This is valid for rentals anytime.  For example a 2 day rental in Miami from May 31-June 2 would cost $40.66 ($28 plus $12.66 tax) after the $50 off.  Plus you’ll get $25 back after the rental, dropping the effective cost to just $15.66 for 2 days.

Repeat/existing renter codes:

3. With this link you can get 1 day free on any rental that’s at least 2 days long. If it doesn’t make 1 day free for you just use code: COMEDY
This is valid for rentals anytime. For example a 2 day rental in Los Angeles from May 31-June 2 would cost $65.84 ($59 plus $6.84 tax) after the $50 off. Plus you’ll get $25 back after the rental, dropping the effective cost to just $40.84 for 2 days.

4. With this link you can save $50 off any rental that’s at least 2 days long. You may need to login to your account to use this code. If it doesn’t take $50 off for you just enter code: FTU50

5. With this link you can rent cars in Phoenix for $49 per day in June. If it doesn’t give $49 rates in June just enter code: SILVER49

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What insurance should I use ? Many cards don’t cover expensive cars. I also don’t have amex issued amex cards.
How can i get CDW?


Both AMEX and Chase cover the Audi A4.
Call your bank and check.


When it says “choose coverage” and I have the chase sapphire I should put down my own insurance and then not go through them?




i found a code that is $75 off 75OFF-8C9B48


Do I need the Chase Sapphire Preferred or does basic Sapphire card without the annual fee work as well?


can i use 3 different codes for 3 different rentals??? or 2 different codes??


@Joe: Read the red letters at the top of the list of codes “(Choose one)”


Does Amex premium rental insurance (the one that costs like $25 per rental) cover silvercar?


Can I rent in around 8 moths from now when I sign up with this code?


Guys! Stop your Yom Tov cooking! This is smoking hot!!!



They both work, but only Sapphire Preferred has primary coverage.

1 per rental.

Of course, even the basic one does.



Sidenote on Silvercar: Even though they announced launching in Chicago on June 15th, it looks like they’re actually taking reservations for Chicago starting on June 12th, which means that anyone coming in for the BBQ Cookoff would in fact be able to get a car from them!


it only starts on june 12


What if I don’t need to rent a car now. Can I use these deals at a later date without signing up or reserving a car now?


@Dan I really appreciate everything you do, but this is not “smoking hot” IMHO. It’s a 2 day free rental in about 10 cities, where a lot of us don’t even live.


Anyway to save the 75 off code to my account if i have no reservations to make now?


I wrote June 12th in the post…

Only Chicago starts June 12.

You can signup now and get $25 once you rent, but the promo codes have to be used for a reservation now.

And I beg to differ.

But reservations are cancellable if you have any future trip ideas.


Are reservations refundable?


Because otherwise I can’t afford to rent this silver car (don’t have enough money in the bank to cover the costs of damage 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁


Do I need to make a reservation now to get the $100 credit? What if I wake up in 6 months that I will go on vacation and need a car?


im trying to book in denver in may, and its coming up 79/day. anyone know why it isnt 59?


Too bad they aren’t 24 hours at LAX 🙁


Those Audis leak; they leak the blood of 6 million Jews killed by the same Nazis that owned and ran the company during the Holocaust and have finally admitted they used concentration camp slaves at that time. No thank you; I’ll rent something else, pay more, and be able to think about my great grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who perished, with a clear conscience.


I disagree, lots of us either live in these cities or travel there (they’re fairly popular vaca destinations)
Just because a deal isn’t based out of the tri state area doesn’t mean it’s not a smoking/sizzling/boiling deal


Does a reservation need to be paid upfront?


same here


@Alex: Look at the car you’re getting for the price…


There are no fees to cancel a rental.



i would like to use the code but not sure on what date to book. is there any way to save the code on file and use it later?


No. But you can cancel for free.


And I will take their money to drive their cars. Free country!


Dan I used your referral link, enjoy!


by time you’re done with taxes and fees, I don’t see how anyone is “getting paid”


Thanks, enjoy!

Did you read the example? It’s not complicated.


$75 code not working


Still working for me, are you renting for at least 2 days?


When do all those promo codes expire?


When they feel like expiring them.




Is it possible to rent and return to different locations (like from MIA to FLL)?


anyone know about denver? Im going this weekend and it would be greatly appreciatied

PayPal q.

My silver car email is different than my PayPal email…. Is it an issue for the $25 referal money?


Call and ask?

Not sure why DEN isn’t pricing at $59, sorry.

@PayPal q.:
I’d open a Silvercar account with the email you use for paypal.


Hey dan thanks a million for the posts (this one and other ones as well) Even though they dont always work fully like the lowes dewalt tools on delivery orders, i still enjoy the suspense. Will these codes work for a reservation in june ?


“This is valid for rentals anytime.”


What i am asking is can i rent with the $75 code from June 17-19 than the $50 code from June 19-21?


I don’t see why not. I’ve clarified in the post which codes are only good for first-time renters.

If you’re traveling with someone else you can both rent with a $75 code.


Can I switch this code for a prior code on a reservation I already made? Or do I have to cancel that reservation and make a new one w this new code?


You should cancel online and rebook.


Thank you!


Anyone know how many car seats you can put in the back?




About couple hours back I was seeing 22/day rate in Phx and DAL. I procrastinated and now it shows 59/day at both locations 🙁


Dead 🙁


I’d assume 2.

Post updated with a new code!
Grab it while it lasts!


I’m also looking to rent in Denver. The reason it’s so expensive is because of taxes.


New code is dead


New code is dead too.


Ty but dead again…


Dan, do you consider $191 for 5 day MIA rental a good deal or not? thx


Which credit card is the best to use for full coverage on insurance chase British airways, citi American airways, or amex cash

avid dans deals follower

i just signed up, but the 75 off isint working on a 5 day rental in chicago in august? it says “promo code not found”


for a place like Denver where taxes make it more than 75 a day, a free day is your best code.


I put in the $75 off code twice and it is not working. Renting from lax. The error says ‘couldn’t find promo code’


The promo code for a free day is only working on my first rental . Any ideas?


I’m currently in Miami and rented an audi with’s really an amazing experience. Thanks Dan!


Thanx dan!
I got a sweet deal


Booked an Audi for the weekend going from lax to Las Vegas it came out to a little less than $50 a day for 5 days


Is it for 22 year olds and older period? Or just that under 22 you’re just charged an underage fee?


Thanks dan but I would like an answer to the question about the credit cards


HI Dan,
I just made a reservation through one your your promo codes “COMEDY.” But How would I get the extra $25 back? Is there something else I need to do?


You need to signup with the referral link in the post.


@Dan hey Dan if I’m 23 will there be an issue renting from silvercar


No issues.