Roundup Of Silvercar Promo Codes, 2 Day Audi Rental For $15 In Miami Or $40 In Los Angeles

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Since I first wrote about Silvercar I’ve received lots of rave reviews from readers thanking me for introducing them to Silvercar. Share your experience in the comments!

One of my few critiques of Silvercar was that they required drivers to be 25, but as I wrote last week, they have lowered that age to 22 without any additional fees.  They’re opening in Fort Lauderdale tomorrow and in Chicago in June with more locations to follow!

About Silvercar:

Silvercar is a new-age car rental company.

The only car they rent is the all-wheel drive Audi A4. It comes with built-in GPS, satellite radio, bluetooth, leather seats, and even a free WiFi hotspot. Unlimited miles are included in every rental.

I rented a car from Avis in Miami earlier this year and got hit with a $17.20 bill for a two 70 cent tolls that I apparently passed on SR112. That’s $1.40 for the tolls and $15.80 for an “eToll Convenience Fee.” Convenient for whom is the question?

Silvercar only passes on the toll itself, no convenience fees.

If you don’t refill the fuel you’ll only be charged a $5 flat rate fee on top of the actual local price of the gas needed to fill up the car. No need to jeopardize missing your flight just to avoid paying $10/gallon for fuel.

At airports where Silvercar is offsite you’ll get picked up and dropped off at the airport in an Audi as well.

Signup offer:

-If you signup via my referral link here you and I will both get $25 after you complete your first rental with my referral code, DELEFF  
The $25 will sent to you via Paypal after your rental.

Rentals specials:

-Rates for May rentals are just $59/day.  Rentals in Miami or Phoenix in May are just $39/day with no code required.

Promo codes (Choose one):

1. With this link you can get 1 day free on any rental that’s at least 2 days long. If it doesn’t make 1 day free for you just use code: COMEDY
This is valid for rentals anytime. For example a 2 day rental in Los Angeles from May 17-19 would cost $65.84 ($59 plus $6.84 tax) after the $50 off. Plus you’ll get $25 back after the rental, dropping the effective cost to just $40.84 for 2 days.

2. With this link you can save $50 off your first rental that’s at least 2 days long.  If it doesn’t take $50 off for you just enter code: AFF-FTD  This is valid for rentals anytime.  For example a 2 day rental in Miami from May 17-19 would cost $40.66 ($28 plus $12.66 tax) after the $50 off.  Plus you’ll get $25 back after the rental, dropping the effective cost to just $15.66 for 2 days.

3. With this link you can save $50 off any rental that’s at least 2 days long. You may need to login to your account to use this code. If it doesn’t take $50 off for you just enter code: FTU50

Silvercar is currently located in:
Chicago/ORD (Reservations begin 05/27, Rentals begin 06/15)
Fort Lauderdale/FLL (Rentals begin 05/15)
Los Angeles/LAX
San Francisco/SFO

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If u sign up now can I rent the car I whenever I want or I have to choose the date now? TIA


Dan I just got back from Miami and did this thru your link. Thank you so much!! The Audi that they give you is awesome very cheap with gas. One bad note there is no rear view camera so be careful when you back up into spots

Tibor Klein

I am looking for a discounted car rental in west palm beach,florida


Used Silvercar in LA last week.

They met me with my car at the terminal and dropped me off at the terminal as well.

Just for skipping the shuttle both ways it was worth it, never mind the awesome Audi and the fairly priced gas so that I was able to skip the fillup!



Gary B

@Tibor Klein: Cool Story


Can you do a one way (e.g. lax to sfo)?


Correct me if im wrong but it seems like these codes are not stackable


Which credit card insurance would cover this car?


I can’t seem to get the link working, but you can enter a referral code in the “profile” page. Dan, want to give me your referral code? or anyone I guess.


“Promo codes (Choose one):”

AMEX and Chase both cover it.




Thanks Dan! (and also, your welcome)

“Silvercar friends get benefits! We’ll sling both you and Daniel E. [DELEFF] $25 if you complete this reservation as booked. Just like that. Is there anything sweeter than good friends and free money? Maybe. But you can give them to the birds and bees…

Share Silvercar with your friends! We’ll pay you $25 for every friend that signs up with your code and drives a Silvercar for the first time. Just like that. And we’ll pay them $25 too. Just like that.

Remember, friends don’t let friends do bad car rental. So spread the word. And get paid for being awesome.


Dan one major problem I experienced in Phoenix after starting the rental with my chase sapphire they did not allow me to change cc to barclay’s arrival when i returned car even though via email they said I would be allowed to change cc at the end of the rental. I plan on disputing the charge on the chase cc card?


Why the hell will you dispute the charge just because they wouldn’t let you switch method of payments?!

Did they provide you a service? Then pay for it!



because they said I could in writing after and I relied on that; I don’t think I would have booked with them them had they said no. their email even said she spoke to management


Can you apply a promo to a reservation already?


Does anyone know if they would allow as a seconds driver, a 21 year old?


Is there any way to rent under 22?


I used them and loved it, however, they also did not let me change the CC even when returning the vehicle. But still, I would always use them!