HOT! Get 500 Hertz Gold Plus Points For Free, Enough For A Free Weekend Day!

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Update: Ends today!

Originally posted on 06/23:

500 Free Hertz Gold Plus Points Linky

You need to be a #1 Club Gold Member.  If you are not yet a member you can join for free via the link above as well! The $60 membership fee is waived until Sept. 30th.

American Express Platinum cardholders also get a 4 hour return grace period when renting from Hertz!

HT: David, via the DansDeals Forums

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Great rate!!!

Dan, perhaps you can post some of the corporate Hertz CDP’s so that renters can get their 100 points/day for cheaper. Last time you posted the Chabad corporate code 1908469 which was very helpful.

Thank you, and keep it up!


Thanks just did it (the club gold membership takes about 5 minuets to fill out) now i am waiting for the points to show up


Hey Dan, when is the 500 supposed to post to my account? It still only says 45, which I’ve had for a while…
Also, do you have any info one the T&C of this coupon? Is it a stand alone free day, or only part of a longer rental?


I am a gold member for 7 months already. I followed your link, but it didn’t add any points!

Hertz boss

Don’t post Cdp numbers they aren’t entitled too.


Says points will be posted around 4 weeks!!

Deal guy

Is the membership waved till sep 30, and then I get charged, or once I get gold it stays free?


Is the membership free with AMEX platinum cc?



Deal guy

Is it a free weekend day worldwide? (Israel)


Can I get #1 Gold if I don’t have 3 rental in the past year?


Can existing Club Gold members take advantage of the 500 point bonus?


wil i get charged for it after september 30


how do u get it free?


Is it a one time signup fee or an annual fee? (Will I be charged the $60 if I dont cancel before next year?)


@moldyearwax: Sure it doesn’t matter how many rental did you have


The link to sign up does not work anymore


Hertz website is currently down


The website is back up


I’m getting a [DE99] eroor when trying to submit my registration.


Same here getting DE99 Error


thanks – got it!


@ rreddie yes just put in your gold number…


Dani Thanks allot I got it !!!


you can also get it for free if ur american by signing up for, which also gives free underage rentals and free gold member and unlimited miles


do you need to complete a rental to get the 500 points ? cause i signed up 3 days ago already, and no points have posted to my account yet..


hertz cdp# 1909250 great discounts!!!


Any update on the 500 points? I signed up on monday and my account still shows 0 points. Thanks


I think it said to allow 4 weeks.


ok thanks btw any good amex cc deals coming up? looking for 50-100K miles. Thanks for this great service you provide to the community.


@zevy: They still want your credit card though?

Shmuel Boruch

Still good until Dec 15.

You can use this in USA or Europe, don’t think it includes Israel officially. It can be a one day rental which can cost you $0 or some fees if not in NY. It can be part of a longer rental too.

I think the fee is a one time signup fee and not annual. CMIIAW.

The points always seem to come in slowly, at least when I rent in Israel. They are added to my account even when the Hertz location here does not add my Hertz #1 number (I think).

yunger man

Dan thanks so much!!! I just used up my free day I Got a few month ago I took a nice car from jfk (as a gold member you just have to go in and take the car!) And realy enjoied my day for 0$!! (My cc covered cdw)

Shmuel Boruch

It seems that it is an annual fee, from the site; “The annual membership fee of $60 is waived.”


there is no annual fee.


Definitely takes a few weeks. When I signed up for this same promo early in the year, I had to wait about 3 weeks before the 500 points showed up.

Yes, there IS an annual fee for the Gold program. It’s just waived for the first year.



whaat akes you say that


Do you get charged next year after sep 30


how can your credit card cover cdw if you didnt pay anything on your credit card?????

dont want to get charged

If i sign up will i have to pay a fee this year until next year ?


no hertz will email in a year from now and they will tell u b4 they charge u


i would like to be a gold card memeber