Hertz Daily Getaway Deal Is Much Better Than It Looks…Though Good Luck Buying One


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Daily Getaways started yesterday though today is the first decent deal.

It’s actually a much better deal than it looks like at first glance.
Here is the Hertz award chart.

There are 3 packages available:

1. 5,500 Hertz points (marketed as a “1-Week Hertz Standard Vehicle”) is $252 (4.58 cents per point) with the automatic 10% off for using an AMEX.  (45 packages for sale)

Now here’s the thing, they’re actually giving an example using Hertz’s anytime award chart which comes out to $36 per day on a weekly rental.
The truth is that the regular award chart has very few blackout dates and a week rental using that chart is just 2,750 points, so your cost with this package will be just $18 per day.
Additionally they give the example of a standard vehicle, when it’s the same amount of points for a premium vehicle!
Note that taxes are extra, and they can add up at some highly taxed airport locations.

You can also use 4,400 points for a weekly rental of a specialty vehicle like a minivan or convertible.

2. 13,200 Hertz points (marketed as a “Hertz Prestige Collection Weekend”) is $427.50 (3.24 cents per point) with the 10% off. (35 packages for sale)

Again, that’s the anytime rate for a 4 day weekend for a prestige car which comes out to $106.88 per day on a 4 day weekend rental. The standard 4 day weekend weekend rate with a few blackout dates is:
-6,600 points for Prestige (Mercedes, Infiniti, Cadillac, etc) which would be $53.44 per day.
-3,300 points for specialty (Minivan, convertible, etc) which would be $26.72 per day.
-2,200 points for premium which would be $17.81 per day.

Of course you can also use the 13,200 points for a weekly rental.  It’s enough for 3 weeks of a Minivan or Convertible at $20.38 per day.

3. 16,500 Hertz points (marketed as a “1-Week Hertz Prestige Collection”) is $697.50 (4.23 cents per point) with the 10% off. (50 packages for sale)

Once again, that’s the anytime rate for a week which would be $99.64 per day. The standard rate for a weekly prestige rental is 8,250 points which would be $49.82 per day.

Of course you can also use the 16,500 points for a premium car.  It’s enough for 6 weeks at $16.61 per day. Or use it for anything else on the Hertz award chart.

You’ll need to be waiting on the page wearing out your F5 key to be able to grab one of these as soon as the buy now button appears at 1pm.
And don’t forget to have your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards number handy.

Many will try, few will get get, though I did get successfully purchase a Hertz package last year.  Package #2 will probably be the hardest to get as it has the lowest cost per point and it has the fewest available packages for sale.

Will you try to buy?  Or are these packages too much effort for too little reward?  The truth is for many locations you’ll probably be better off spending the time figuring out the lowest Priceline bid for your rental.

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What’s the deal when only part of a week is during a blackout period? Do you need to redeem for the entire week at the anytime level?


If one is between 21 and 25 is this still a good deal? Will USAA work in addition to this to remove the underage fee?


Definitely trying although not sure if to try for #2 or #3 ?


When looking at the offer #2 and you hit f5 it takes you back to offer #1 anyway to get it to take you to the 2nd offer ?


I just rented a car at LAX for a week for $9 a day from carrentals.com. Total was $55 for 4 days with all taxes and airport fees. They were much cheaper than any other site. It was at enterprise. Even the desk agent remarked about the low rate. I booked originally for $12 but rebooked when prices went down.
Not as good for last minute rentals but great when booking a few weeks in advance.


Does an underage fee apply to rentals booked with points ?


So basically the points deposited I can use how I like and can be used multiple trips as long as there is a balance?


Hi Dan,
regarding the 10% off with Amex.
As per conversation with Amex, it is only after you reach a threshhold do you get the 10% off.
… just saying.


I’d imagine that’s the case.

You can use USAA with points.

Doesn’t do that with the links in the post.

No need to post the same comment 10 times. You just need to wait for me to approve comments.

Same as with paid rates.


@Mr. SPG:
Stop having conversations with uninformed phone reps and start using DDF.

We call that DROPR,


Do these points expire ?


Got it thanks.

Any input on to try for package #2 or #3 ?


And where will the buy button be ?


@sruly: NM I found it on yesterdays deal


Any activity extends all points for 2 years.

3 may be easier to get but 2 is a much better deal.

Just under the “Use any American Express® Card to get an extra 10% off.”


@Dan: Thanks, wish me luck on #2


If one were to hop on this deal, how would you then handle the insurance coverage upon rental? Since you’re not using a CC for the rental, you’d be ineligible for any of the primary or secondary CDW coverages that may be offered via a CC. Would you just rely on your auto insurance coverage if the worst happened?


Why do people take car rentals so serios .its such gashmius !!theres nothing ruchnias in it can you explain it to me dan ??


Good Point


@jay: You can use amex premium protection and if you need to file a claim have them charge you for 1 gallon of gas when you bring back the car.


can you use a amax not on your name?


Got one. + used my spg. no threshold needed 🙂


Got the 5500 package and still seems to be available


I got one. Option 2! Thanks Dan


If you add one day more than you intend to use and return it a day early


i attempted unsuccesfully


Got package 1. Thanks Dan!


Dan, is there anyway of getting primary insurance from my CC even if I book with points?


got # 2. thanks


Unable to get it on my desktop – BUT got it on my Ipad!!!!
Thanks Dan!


Either that or try to have them charge you the regular rate instead of points in case something happens.

Wow, congrats guys!





Thanks Dan, wouldn’t of noticed this at all if not for the text i got a few min ago




I have 5 min for #3 should i go for it


got it but was unable to buy it they saiid the addres didnt match my cc why was that?


dan did you get it?


Still have all the points from Package 3 from last year that I haven’t used yet.


you can transfer these to someone else??


Can I reserve a car for a friend with my points?


@mark: Not sure you can transfer but im willing to pay cash before the rental to anybody that is willing to put me on as additional driver. (of course with all insurance coverage)


I also saw the what the rep. mentioned to me in a SPG statement…
I only called Amex when I saw that I did not get the 10% discount on my statement after renting from Hertz.


@Mr. SPG:
The 10% discount in this deal has nothing to do with OPEN savings.


I snatched pkg #2 at 1 PM !!


Don’t Chase points convert to Hertz points? Why is 3+ cents per point a good deal?


Great job!



problem with hertz point you still pay crazy inflated taxes and fees. The cheapest part of rental is usually cost of car unless holiday


Tried so hard to get this. Clicked at exactly the right time and it failed. Really need 5,500 points or more.

IMHO, this was the only great deal of the entire month-long Daily Getaways.

yeshiva renter

as long as your a usaa member then you will be fine above 18 y/o for most cars in the fleet as per insurance you have to make sure they are at least charging you 1 dollar otherwise the cc will not cover and per giving these points to someone else you have to be a domestic partner and then you can transfer it in to his gold account and with regard to using someone elses cc they will not allow that p.s. they are requesting proof of usaa these days so keep that in mind and again to avoid crazy airport fees go to a location right outside the airport some times you can get a free rental with just points that way btw i did rent 50 cars this year so i do know a bit. good luck


its sold out


@Yeshiva renter
Is taxes charged on the cc considerd like a rental and Im covered ?

Also, what kind of proof do I need that Im a usaa memeber ?


@Dan: Sorry dan, I just kept getting an error message each time

yeshiva renter

hey gabi i think it is good to just have taxes alone, and with regard to usaa proof the best would be a debit card from them but otherwise some sort of email print out from them with your name on it. btw in hertz anything can be done dont let a manager tell you they cant do this or that its all dependant on their mood and your attitude.. att all renters, with usaa and hertz the most hertz can charge you in a accident c’v is 5000 dollars and your insurance will cover the rest.


if you rent your car with points check out if you are covered with insurance from credit card.