Daily Getaway For 4/13: One Avis Deal Worth Considering And One You Should Definitely Avoid

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Avis has 2 packages for sale today:

1. One day premium car rental vouchers for $30.

2. President’s Club status for $750

-The vouchers are a mixed bag. I’ve used them in the past on trips to Vancouver and Banff when paid rates would have been $100 per day. However I’ve also run into tons of blackout dates which are made worse because Avis refuses to publish their blackout dates. You need to call to make a reservation with the coupon to find out if your dates are blacked out for your desired location. Sometimes the blackout periods for a city can last longer than an entire month. The vouchers are valid in the US and Canada for rentals through 5/15/19, however they are not valid in the NYC metro area. One-way rentals are not allowed. You won’t pay percentage based taxes, but you do pay daily rental car surcharges that vary at airport locations. You can reserve up to a premium (group G car). Using a voucher could forfeit your credit card’s CDW insurance, therefore I only hand in the voucher at the end of the rental assuming no damage was done. That process requires that you allow extra time when returning a car. You can use up to 7 vouchers on a rental and you can buy up to 7 vouchers per order/credit card from Daily Getaways. In summary, buy these with your eyes wide open, you may get an incredible value or you may get burned if you can’t use them before they expire due to unpublished restrictions.

-Avis used to sell top-tier Chairman’s status with Daily Getaways. Chairman’s status is truly amazing, it’s one of the best elite statuses that exist anywhere. However this year they are selling 1 year of mid-tier President’s Club status for $750. President’s Club status officially gets you a double upgrade, though often times you won’t get much of an upgrade at all. They typically won’t upgrade President’s Club members to luxury cars, even if they reserve a premium car. This status used to come free with some of United’s premium credit cards. I don’t see how there’s any way this mid-tier status is worth anywhere near $750, it’s ridiculously overpriced for the very minimal (if any) benefits received.

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Ed Travel

I got 5 vouchers last year I used them with my family. We pick up in Chicago and we drove to KY to watch the total eclipse. I did saved quite a bit as we got a SUV that would have been much more expensive in August.

Joe S

These vouchers don’t include minivans, correct? Need one in Hawaii next year and right now rates are very high.

Mendel ny

What type of cars are considered premium?
Any model exemple

reb yid

” therefore I only hand in the voucher at the end of the rental assuming no damage was done”
Logical, but isn’t there a risk that they’d magically find damage after you left?


Are the vouchers in the purchasers name or can anyone use them?


am i correct that if using csp/csr there is no risk that “Using a voucher could forfeit your credit card’s CDW insurance” because “you do pay daily rental car surcharges” ?


“however they are not valid in the NYC metro area.” Does that include airports like jfk,ewr?


I think so


is group g included? or “ad v’loi ad b’chlal”?


Trying to see what cars are what group and can’t seem to find it on their website. Does anyone know what cars fall into what groups?


Thanks Dan. I bought 5 of them to use over the next year. Much appreciated for your review.


What’s the story with under age fees by Avis?


Hi Dan,

Regarding ”therefore I only hand in the voucher at the end of the rental assuming no damage was done”, can you give me more details on how the rental process is for using the certificates as in do you specify that you are using the certificates at the time of rental and do you assume the actual cost if you decide not to use the certificates at the end? Thanks.

Ed Travel

I came too late to the page but was able to snatch 3 at three different transactions…Now sold out…


On the redemption page at daily getaways it says “you must make advance reservation either by calling….OR ONLINE”.. are you still saying that if you enter the voucher code online at time of reservation, it won’t tell you if it’s a blackout date?? I would assume it does, then once I see my dates are valid, I can make the reservation without the voucher in order to be safe with cc insurance. Am I incorrect?


already sold out


These $30 coupons (maybe they were a little less then) were just misery for me when I bought them a few years ago. Almost everytime I wanted to use them, there was a blackout. I wound up selling them on ebay just to get my money back.

Just find a code and use National. So much easier, and better service, too.


Any possible way to status match from Hertz president circle to any agency that will offer car pickup/drop off? That is huge when kids involved.

Robert W

I have some coupons left from the deal I bought last year. Any suggestions where can I sell it? It is just 1 month left, but I am ready to sell them for $15 each.


Dan – you stated in the comment below ”therefore I only hand in the voucher at the end of the rental assuming no damage was done.” However, the certificate states that it must be turned in at time of rental and cannot be turned in at rental completion. How do you get around this?


what is the code for triple aaa and whats the code for under age by avis/hertz car rentals