Avis/Budget: One-Way 12 Hour Rentals Between Select Airports And City Locations For $9.99 Or Less With Free Gas

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Avis: One-Way 12 Hour Rentals Between Select Airports And City Centers For $9.99 Or Less With Free Gas

Budget: One-Way 12 Hour Rentals Between Select Airports And City Centers For $9.99 Or Less With Free Gas

Avis/Budget is offering cheap one-way rentals between city locations and airport locations.

You can rent the car for up to 12 hours and 150 miles of driving. A full tank of gas is included for free. If you drive more than 150 miles you’ll be charged 10 cents per mile.

  • These rates are available from airport locations to city locations on Thursdays or Fridays only.
  • These rates are available from city locations to airport locations on Sundays or Mondays only.
  • Economy through Full size cars are $9.99 ($8.49 in select locations with prepay)
  • Premium cars or an Intermediate SUV is $14.99 ($12.74 in select locations with prepay)
  • Standard SUV is $17.99 ($15.29 in select locations with prepay)
  • Minivan is $19.99 ($16.99 in select locations with prepay)

Click on the link above and click on “Participating cities” for valid locations.

For example it’s valid between JFK, LaGuardia, or Newark and Brooklyn or Manhattan. Or between Akron or Cleveland and Beachwood. Or between Detroit and Southfield. Or between Pittsburgh and Oakland. Etc.

No code is required, just search for a one-way rental within the allowed timeframe.

Will you use this option on your next trip to or from the airport?

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Well you know those guys who land in jfk and need to take their next flight from lga? ;p


Trying to figure out a way to make it work for this…


Is this only valid within its own city? Can I do NYC airport to Providence drop off??




There is no restriction on cities in the terms, the only limitation is you only get 150 miles. But even there, going over that limit doesn’t preclude you from getting the $9.99 rate, you just have to pay 10 cents per extra mile. Looks like Providence is about 180 miles from JFK, so you would just need to pay an extra $3.00 and you’re all set.

That would really be a fantastic use of this deal.


Avis has a specific list of airports and locations once you click on DD link. However, I was able to drop off at a different location but not sure if I will get the free gas, no big deal for me on this rental.


Pickup and drop off in different cities doesn’t seem to work


What a smart idea to get the cars where you need it.

joel katz

Avis had it a couple of months ago I loved it but then the Avis location a half a mile from my house closed down


Flying to FLL tonight, but they’re both sold out!
Returning early Monday morning, but they both close at 2pm on Sunday!
Of course I can’t use this to get TO EWR tonight, or FROM EWR on Monday!
So yeah, sure ain’t helping me!


Doesn’t include taxes and fees. Anyone know how expensive the taxes typically are?


This is a great concept in theory, well-done The problem is, the 12-hour limitation doesn’t allow for enough flexibility, and rules out using it for a significant number of flights. For example, I have an upcoming flight landing at 6 PM, and there’s no way you can return the car within 12 hours, because city locations will be closed for the entirety of the next 12 hours! At least the ones near me in Cleveland, close at 6 and don’t open until the next day at 9. Really, this problem comes into play for any flight landing between 430-10 PM, which is quite a lot of flights.

I understand that they didn’t want to make it 24 hours since they didn’t want people to use this as a way to rent a car for a day for cheap, but they could have at least extended it to let’s say noon the next day for those landing after 5 to avoid that problem. A significant oversight in my mind.


Some locations allow drop off during the night (surveillance cameras).


When does this promotion expire?


This is not new at all …iirc this has been at Avis for months already….I remember getting an email about it a few months ago… @dan can you add to the post how to avoid the underage fee which basically kills the deal for -25 ? Usaa etc. whatever still works ?


Got it, and it was good for MCI to drop off at a suburban location in a nearby state too! Avis was good for it, Budget was slightly higher. Thanks!


What about tolls?


Not a single location in California!


From Chicago, how do you know what drop-off locations would qualify?


There is a list of qualifying airports and downtown locations on the link above.
Avis has more locations then Budget.


Does it work between NY and Montreal?


says it’s only in atlanta…


Thanks for this Dan! Just reserved from Manhattan to JFK on the 25th for my Pesach flight to Israel !
Better than taking a $60 uber 😉


was anyone able to book from LAX?

Liam K. Nuj

So for $9.99 you get a full tank of gas?
Anyone thinking what I’m thinking?


Other than running around and doing all my errands before dropping off the car, No, because anything else wouldn’t be right.

Liam K. Nuj

So using up a full tank of gas while putting on all that wear and tear on the vehicle is more “right” than just using the full tank of gas? Seems like the companies will actually come out ahead without all that wear and tear.
Also, do these companies state anywhere that their intention of renting the vehicle to you is for you to “run around and do all your errands”? Or drive from NYC to Providence, or to Montreal, or Orlando to NYC?
Seems like whatever (legally) satisfies your whims is fine.


You can also rent a car in Orlando and drop off next day at JFK for $18


Does this still work?