Earn 5.30% APY On A 12 Month CD From Quontic Bank!

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Earn 5.30% APY On A 12 Month CD From Quontic Bank!

Minimum $500 deposit required.

1 Year CD Features:

  • An APY that’s over 3x higher than the national average
  • Guaranteed returns – Once your CD is opened, the rate is locked in for the full year
  • Interest compounded daily
  • No monthly service fee
  • FDIC insured to the maximum legal limits

You may not make a partial withdrawal of principal. You cannot withdraw principal from this account prior to the maturity date without our consent. If we consent to the redemption of the certificate of deposit prior to the maturity date, we will close the certificate deposit and impose an early withdrawal penalty. For time deposits up to 12 months, the penalty will be equal to the interest for the full length of the stated term. For time deposits 12 months to under 24 months, the penalty equals one year interest. For time deposits 24 months and over, the penalty equals two years interest. If the accrued interest exceeds the penalty amount, the excess accrued interest over the penalty amount will be paid to you. If the accrued interest is less than the penalty amount, a reduction of the principal balance may result.

There is a 10-day grace period during which you may withdraw principal without penalty or renew your CD with the same term. You may also close your CD and open a new one with a different term. The grace period begins on the day after the CD maturity date and runs for ten days (maturity date plus 10 days). To make changes or close your CD, please call us at 1-800-908-6600 during the 10-day grace period. If you do not contact us by the end of the 10-day grace period (and we do not send you a notice of non-renewal), your CD will automatically renew for another term.

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